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Mainland Chinese Girls Vs. ABC GIRLS (American Born Chinese)

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Mainland Chinese Girls Vs. ABC GIRLS (American Born Chinese) Which girl are you? Directed by : Leenda instagram.com/leendadavenue facebook.com/leendadproductions Videographer/Editor instagram.com/victorlpham Big Thanks! Guys Mainland Guy instagram.com/jasondchen ABC boy instagram.com/mikebowshow Mainland Girl Emily instagram.com/emily.ghoul Weibo : emilyghoul youtube.com/EmilyGhoul Kiirsten instagram.com/kiirstinleigh Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKM6J18CniKXTbpQ4uDv6Ng Michelle instagram.com/truongmichi ABC GIRLS Megan Lee instagram.com/hellomeganlee Priska instagram.com/priskamusik Leenda instagram.com/leendadavenue facebook.com/leendadproductions Club Guy Hau MA instagram.com/littleasianman
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Spicy Ramen (2 hours ago)
This is like saying that all chinese women are rich. If you travel overseas you probably are rich. So those who aren't, you're probably not gonna see
Spongebob_ (3 hours ago)
*this is way to stereotypical*
Flash Gaming (9 hours ago)
Lol did i saw Mobile Legend?
Connie E. (10 hours ago)
Mainland Chinese are rude and arrogant. I know if they are from the mainland is when they cut in line.
Ruipeng Han (14 hours ago)
come on, not all Chinese international students are rich. We have to pay full tuition, which can easily exceeds 50,000USD a year. Most Chinese students like me bear so much financial pressure.
Tradex Thailand (17 hours ago)
I definitely prefer ABC girls better. Personal preference due to how I struggle with life.
X's Basement (21 hours ago)
ABC girl 👋
Dsantos 1234 (23 hours ago)
Is that the girl from Make it pop?
believe dudududu (1 day ago)
Bat Man (1 day ago)
at the end you should have showed "using restroom" and the abc girls using porta potties, and the the mainland girls squatting and shitting on the floor. lol
万明灏 (1 day ago)
Does he is a singer?
Henry Thoreau (1 day ago)
This is not my experience with American Chinese girls. But then I'm a man, so going Dutch and dating uneducated jobless women isn't my area of expertise.
Unicorn 🦄 slime (1 day ago)
never heard of a cambodian rock band before... 2:00
Hey There (2 days ago)
Is this just rich vs poor, anime mode
Andy Cheung (2 days ago)
Mainland Chinese : rude, loud, expensive clothes with no style, horrible tourists and ugly.
Whatsitallabaaat (2 days ago)
I know quite a few mainlanders. They really aren't into flaunting money. You've really got to know your haute couture to know the shoes they're wearing cost $25,000 (not even kidding). They would never be seen dead wearing low tier, off the shelf Gucci or Louis Vuitton. The only way you'd know it was Gucci haute couture is by the label inside. No glaring company logos, that's shit that blacks do. Also, the cars they drive are often understated. I've known mainlanders to drive weird shit like Kia's. They are quite generous though. If you go for a meal they'll quietly pay for it without telling you. If you see something you like, they'll buy it for you.... Even to the point of you say "no no it's too expensive". They'll go back, buy it and mail it to you. It's all very new money. They are all fully aware that their parents were beyond poverty stricken. So, they don't have that greed thing that Americans or Brits have. They are also not 'entitled' in their attitude. However, they will never help each other. Nor do they believe in queues, they'll walk to the front of any line and push in. The Chinese believe there are winners and losers in life. They don't want to be a loser. It's as black and white as that. So the kids won't help each other in class, because they know it's a throw of a dice. If you cut someone a break they might take your place and push you out. They literally don't give an inch for anyone.
Verona Pizza (2 days ago)
I’m a Japanese Kazakh and I don’t know what I’m doing in here😂
Lock&Load 77 (2 days ago)
Why is a grown man carrying a doll in the first scene?
Susan J (2 days ago)
Interesting thing is that one of the actress in this video is actually not Chines or ABC.
Nella (2 days ago)
It's not like only super-rich Chinese go to the US for studying... A typical normal family from China can afford universities in the US nowadays
I’m literally like German wtf am I doing here
Stella Long (2 days ago)
hmmmm in mandarin we don't call bubble tea "BOBA"...
English Muffin (2 days ago)
Wow, it's making mainland chinese girls look like snobby rich girls in this video xD but whatever, I'm not even Asian, so i don't really know why I'm here
ronch550 (3 days ago)
Woah that chick in the middle in the thumbnail is seriously cute.
ErikA gabrielle (3 days ago)
Lol make me laugh
Alicia Wu (4 days ago)
Boba Tea is a popular drink in Taiwan,Asian,and maybe america?
ItzJoanna (4 days ago)
omg that game they were playing in the sports one for mainland was it 王者荣耀? I dont play it but all the chinese ppl i know play it...
Karen Zhu (4 days ago)
Stereotype. Shame on u
Sam Shan (4 days ago)
好傻逼的电影 我们中国人 不是你们说的这样
KATHERINE HUANG (4 days ago)
Anyone remember Megan Lee from “Make it pop”?
gomichu (4 days ago)
this literally is my school sfkjfkj
Crystal Chen (4 days ago)
I’m an ABC girl
Tin Muffin (5 days ago)
Mainland Asian usually date asian guys
why am i here as a white european
OctoPie (5 days ago)
I'm mainland korean. Just this but like, way more jackets, sunglasses, hats, and gucci
angelica Hu (6 days ago)
We have 2 types of mainlanders at my collage. The ones like in the vid and the ones the poor ones. 😂
Frank Marshall (6 days ago)
Edan twi (6 days ago)
One thing that I think it's a huge different is the makeup style.
Sereni Jom (6 days ago)
This is so accurate im a abc chinese girl lol
ayeitsisabelle (6 days ago)
You should do ABGs (asian baby girls) vs Normal Asians lol
Min H. OO (7 days ago)
Awesome! It’s realistic.
starlitblckjck (7 days ago)
my friend came from china to cali and no one even knew she had money like that until prom when she took us in a tesla then we ate at benihana after 💀💀💀
Xinman Liu (7 days ago)
could u at least find some real Chinese to play the role?
Sierra Mckenzie (7 days ago)
So basically mailanders are rich chicks while abcs are just broke??
t m (7 days ago)
I literally came here from watching Ikon's Beautiful Hidden Vocals...don't know how that happened but this video was interesting. 谢谢你。
캄ahn (8 days ago)
lmao thats so true about asian splitting the bills hahahah
Liiz Pem (8 days ago)
ABC girls ‘ewww you look too much like my brother’ 😂
starcrafter13terran (8 days ago)
Pretty sure most mainland girls are poor af.
No One (8 days ago)
ABC = lame
J M (8 days ago)
I don't think Mainlanders are like this at all.
Edward Kimani (8 days ago)
maaan, youre so fire its crazy. youre such a creative person i wanna marry you
Edward Kimani (8 days ago)
then lest just buy this whole store
TheMorbidAsshole (8 days ago)
I'm abc but not chinese but poor
XIAO NII (9 days ago)
im a mainland chinese oh shit
Master Potato (9 days ago)
I live for Emily and Kiiristin lol they're so funny.... (On their own channels)
Cadence Liang (9 days ago)
Ayeeee MLBB💕
Elizabeth • (9 days ago)
What if you were born in China but adopted at a young age, bought to America and grew up in America? What would you be considered? *Asking bc that's what I am 😂🤔
paseey (10 days ago)
nice...beat guts
cc ll (10 days ago)
Damien Wayne (10 days ago)
Hahahahhahaha so basically "abc"girls are broke and "mainlanders" are rich af omg comedic genius hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah in FUCKING DYING
Christ 26 (10 days ago)
So this is saying mainland girls are fashionable materialistic type and this American born Chinese girls are more simple practical type of girls
Brianna Tran (10 days ago)
I like mainland better
03:08 my parents ain't even mainland chinese but they are like this when we shopping with relatives xD
piano girl (10 days ago)
ummmmmmm. I am chinese, and I'm not American born. But my thoughts on this video are that most of these things aren't true. How did you even come up with this stuff?
American-born or more exciting 😍
Poking Smot (11 days ago)
This video made me realize that America is building its own economical demise by teaching their competitors - China.
OMG!!! Lol 🤪🤪🤪😂🤣🍧🌟💫🤣🍬
Torii Carville (11 days ago)
Weird flex buT okAY...
Celin Sky (11 days ago)
I want to say something but I don’t know what to say cause I’m Canadian
glenn alberto (11 days ago)
Ok that's all but the biggest difference is American born Chinese can speak will English while Chinese mainlanders don't 😂😂😂
slingshot87 (11 days ago)
this video should be the official standard
I was born in China but I basically lived in America my whole life so I'm an abc and all the mainland girls are so pretty *crys in potato*
Joe Ballze (11 days ago)
Asians are the Masters for creating the illusion that they are very rich lol
+Joe Ballze Firstly you are just generalizing them all Asians as the same which is plainly stupid. And I already told you, there are some Asians who are not rich but try to fake being rich hence end up broke, that is wrong. But majority of "rich Asians" are not like that. Majority of "rich Asians" are not "poor ones going broke by debts". They don't "fake illusion like $7 doesn't hurt wallet", that $7 REALLY doesn't hurt the rich Asians' wallet. I mean they own million dollar cars, fashion bags, billion dollar houses, etc. How does a smoothie hurt such people's wallet? Those rich Asians were born in families which have billion dollars of net worth, how are they gonna go broke any time soon? If you think "older generation Asians carried rice bags on head" u are just generalizing them again. "Older generation" Asians didn't do that. Only poor Asians did that and a lot of poor Asians are still doing that. In Asia, since 100+ years ago, those "filthy rich families" existed just like "poor Asians carrying rice bags". So since that long ago, those rich Asians were flaunting their goods not just now. It's just you who thinks "ALL older generation Asians were poor ones carrying rice bags" cuz nope. Only POOR + OLDER generation did that, not RICH + OLDER generation. So stop generalizing them like "all Asians are actually poor trying to act rich so they go broke" like NOPE. There are so many Asians with net worth in billions and nope they are not going broke any time soon. "We respected Asians being themselves not trying to be someone they are not" But they ARE being themselves, they ARE who they are. No one here is trying to be someone they are not. Those rich Asians ARE rich, no one is acting here, so who are u even talking about? These are some of the "real life rich Asians" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g01YnqH-2ek None of them are "Acting" for your information. They ARE rich. Filthy rich in the flesh. Not trying to be someone they are not.
Joe Ballze (10 days ago)
Hanging out in Starbucks creating the illusion that sippin on that $7 smoothie doesn't hurt your wallet trying so desperately hard to be accepted into a higher status when in fact status doesn't mean a thing in a shallow Society status world we live in nobody really cares because we all know your credit cards are maxed. We really liked the older generation of Asians in America when they Carried bags of rice on their heads we respected them more for being themselves and not trying to be someone they are not.
+Joe Ballze You saying I'm writing a book about myself, funny thing is I never told you about ME. I only talked about the TOPIC never about me. So you just assumed on your own that I'm talking about me? That shows how much PREJUDICE you got. Guess you forgot something. I didn't start the topic you did. I was only replying like you did. I should be writing about myself if I wanted to validate myself. That's how "validation" works. So check what you are writing again next time? You weren't talking about yourself this whole time when you spoke about this topic right? Same thing here. I wasn't even explaining about myself. I was explaining about the stereotypes YOU talked about. Read your own previous comments, it's YOU who brought those stereotypes up not ME. It's funny that YOU started and kept this conversation going, but now you are telling I'm the one did that? What did you think u were doing then?
Joe Ballze (10 days ago)
+Lighter In Park Jung Yeon's Hand The fact that you feel the need to write a book to explain yourself clearly shows how insecure you really are . If you are so right then no need to validate yourself.
+Joe BallzeFirstly you are dumb af if you generalize the world's biggest population to be same. Secondly I am an Asian and trust me, if u see any of my Indian relatives flexing their "pure silk outfits" in your face (per outfit costs nearly a fortune), none of them are doing it out of insecurity. They flex their riches in others' faces for fun. It is entertainment not insecurity. I'm not saying it is a nice thing. That is not a good behavior to make others feel bad about being poor. But saying it is their insecurity is just stupid af. You seriously thought the "small percent of population who can afford the wealthiest things in the world" care about other people's approval/opinion? Majority of rich people don't give a shit about others, which is why they don't help the poor people in the first place. So, let alone them getting others' approval out of insecurity. Like I've already said before, you are just talking about stereotypes. You are talking about the small number of poor and insecure people, who get into debt while trying to act like they are rich. Don't ever think the majority of "Rich Asians" community is insecure. They are mostly full of themselves, nowhere near insecurity.
Adele D (11 days ago)
Abc are kinda sad to watch
Arturo Stojanoff (12 days ago)
So basically poor and rich?
Alexa10110 (12 days ago)
Hey~ Megan Lee
Joyce 0811 (12 days ago)
Zaher Ahmadi (12 days ago)
It's sun hi
24yrukdesigner (13 days ago)
Basically the American ones you're saying turn into chip eating , bird brained bimbos who lose all femininity. True those things, but in this clip, even your mainlanders dont act like traditional Chinese ladies. Both parties act like some weird cast from the film Meangirls.
pOtAtOEJAMS (13 days ago)
More like rich vs broke af like me .-.
luftomia (14 days ago)
the paying one is for every single asian ever omgg😂😂I could SEE my family doing this omfg 😂😭😭💜💜
lam thanh (14 days ago)
Mainland chingchongs vs america born chingchongs
Daniel Lincoln (14 days ago)
#2 differences
Dat Roy (14 days ago)
Idk I feel like all the mainland Chinese girls I meet are a lot like stereotypical preppy white girls.
Rachel Shen (14 days ago)
A video full of stereotypes, which is very disappointing. Most of the Chinese students come from the middle class families, AKA bourgeois families. I wanna tell you guys do not let this kind of video, which is full of scornful discriminations, affect our feeling towards most of the Chinese students study abroad.
Rachel Shen (14 days ago)
A video full of stereotypes, which is very disappointing. Most of the Chinese students come from the middle class families, AKA bourgeois families. I wanna tell you guys do not let this kind of video, which is full of scornful discriminations, affect our feeling towards most of the Chinese students study abroad.
yuankoh _ (14 days ago)
idk bout abcs but bbcs are NOTHING alike
yuankoh _ (14 days ago)
i guess it this is accurate, bbc (british born chinese) girls are similar to both, we have both traits coz we normally get a cool bmw and drive it to show off at the mall, or (for broke people) we get bus, BUT never walk, bcoz we too lazyyyy
isabella adams (14 days ago)
kara kim (15 days ago)
what about mainland chinese tourist and abc tourist?
Farjana hdshow (15 days ago)
2 of the mainlander chinese are korean i think????
Rachel Shen (15 days ago)
Are you kidding me?its fake,not all mainland chinese girl like this.
Hirmvlen (15 days ago)
3:00 Kiirsten love this girl ㅋㅋㅋ
imnotgaybut20is20 (15 days ago)
So pretty much American compared to Chinese. I swear to god everything needs to be racial in the US. Why can’t Americans just be called Americans, like ow Chinese are considered Chinese.we don’t say han- Chinese to describe a Chinese person of han decent.
B.P - B.T.S Gamer (16 days ago)
I bet they bought all those clothing and them returned it XD *ME*
Archie Andrews (16 days ago)
FOBS aka me :) or BOBA (Brought off by airplane lmao)
Vivian Gomez (16 days ago)
what am i doing here im hispanic?
Sehuns_wifeu_yehet (16 days ago)
1:13 Lmao MOBILE LEGENDS!!! 💞
David Hu (16 days ago)
I was laughing the whole way
bunny1 (16 days ago)
Stop the hate on Chinese. We are not bad people!

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