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Why Guys Like Asian Girls // Anna Akana

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Franz Loeschner (4 days ago)
wow 10 k dislike clean
Wandering Stars (6 days ago)
Men are slow
Lmao how bout these guns..... Pulls REAL guns!!
lee crawford (6 days ago)
Think you need to chill out a bit
Organized Entropy (10 days ago)
Lol I honestly find Asian girls talking in a high pitch voice trying to act young and cute utterly repulsive.
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne (12 days ago)
I get so mad am oposite I'm. EuroAmerican , that is mix race and they think i will allow to say horrible racism things out loud
Jordan Reynolds (19 days ago)
I'm not a racist, you will all get my heavy flamer in due time children.
Emil Gaye (19 days ago)
I don’t I just like Asian because or the art
Aniruddha Sharma (20 days ago)
Honestly, I just have trouble with Asian women for some reason. I am a sophomore in college and I still find it difficult to talk to Asian women and this annoys me a lot. Well I did have one friend but she said no to the friendship. Am I doing something wrong? Also How do I know if I have yellow fever? I mean I can say I have a preference of dating an Asian but can't figure out where I am going wrong.
Asian girls are more cute, submissive and cultured. Love do change every aspect of a human being.
Noel (21 days ago)
I'm very much attracted to Asian and Latina women. It's not a skin tone thing, it's the fact that overall I find their appearance and culture attractive.
Greg Stephens (23 days ago)
Because some one has an interest in another race does not make them an [email protected]@le. It's actually very natural. I love brunettes. Doesn't make me a racist.
Nick Mullinix (24 days ago)
I bet this girl only dates black guys.
Lambo Llama (26 days ago)
Guys like Asians girls... that don’t have 5 cats.
Kenneth Goforth (27 days ago)
I believe most Asian women have higher and better morals than the American women of today and want a higher quality of life, not necessarily meaning rich etc but partner who will treat them like a lady deserves.
Spartacus War (28 days ago)
Darklordabc (29 days ago)
Asians are the most feminine race. Great for Asian women, because feminity is valued in women Terrible for Asian men, because feminity is NOT valued in men It's not complicated.
sunny green (1 month ago)
Weebs Lol
Ben Fucrin (1 month ago)
You should do foot videos.
David Harrison (1 month ago)
Sorry, but you're not any more yellow than a black person is black. Pretty is pretty regardless of race.
TheJewishHeart (1 month ago)
We don't have to explain why we love Asian chicks to some fucktard on YouTube.
Delton Kimmey (1 month ago)
Because they enjoy pants down spankings
BrotherTree1 (1 month ago)
I despise superficiality as a way to ultimately be the be-all-end-all definition of who we are, be it race, gender, name, appearance, wealth, material possessions, certain personality traits, etc. That to me is a Narcissistic tendency and it is not only terribly unassuming, unattractive and shallow, but it's down right incorrect and therefore rude and very prejudiced and condemning. Absolutely infuriating indeed. And yet what we need to remember is that such assumptions are made from those that are either uneducated on the impact and responsibility of actions and/or their egos are damaged and ungenuine and they're incredibly insecure mentally (which they deny and therefore blame or project it unto others with it).
Sigma Nayo (1 month ago)
I don't get the problem? I like asian chicks, because they're asian. Is this like that feminist kantian dichotomy bullsh*t, don't love me because I'm a beautiful woman, love me for me? Lol!
Alex Roque (1 month ago)
Rococo Kitchen (1 month ago)
I don't know that guys like Asian girls - it's just a propaganda that Asian girls want to spread around as they are so desperate to get white guys, so they have to do some hard and extensive brain washing...something is very wrong with you girl, you have some serious problems if you believe in this...so sad...
Big Meech (1 month ago)
As long as a woman can hold an intelligent conversation. I don't care what race she is.
Cj Armour (1 month ago)
Vinny Bologna (1 month ago)
I gotta say that when I 1st saw one of your videos, I didn't realise you were asian...
NintendoFanBoy07 (1 month ago)
How is that racist that a white guy or a guy likes Asians?
Mike Spector (1 month ago)
Im here because she's hot and yes I'm shallow. 😚😊
Bronze (1 month ago)
What? But thats usually how it goes. I hated Japanese women who looked for black guys and I didn't neccessarily have a preference for Japanese. Eh, but it happened anyway......
Teekayhuey TK (1 month ago)
Well not really at all your all just hot looking people and those people your talking to is weebs. School girl outfits look bad but teacher outfits is my kryptonite.
FlyLice (1 month ago)
An Asian woman with the worse attitude ever seen trying to get some views on youtube, now you know why people hate asians and wtf ya doing in da US with dat issues, go back asap!!! btw Sukebe dayo, bakka desu !
Kevin McCallister (1 month ago)
M. Bison (1 month ago)
Get lost, you can't compare with my powers!
Ken Masters (1 month ago)
Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!
Nick Angelo (1 month ago)
I had to unsub because of this. I think Asian women are gorgeous. Call it yellow fever or something racist, I don't care. THEY ARE HOT! I would rather be with an old, fat Asian lady with a deep voice and acne than a young, blonde, blue-eyed white girl who is a model. Fellow white males call me weird for that. I can't find blonde hair and blue eyes attractive because my mom and my sister have those (me too). Any thought of my mother turns me off instantly so I date outside of my race. My daughter is half black and I have had a few black girlfriends as well. Black girls are sexy. Also, I have had three Native American girls. It would be cool to have a red-head if I could find one. My sister dates black men and her two children are half Mexican, born in the USA. A white girl once told me she does not like Asian men because they have small weiners. Most of my white friends refuse to date outside of their race. Probably don't try any other position except missionary. Boring, closed-minded fools. I don't know what my point is here. I wanted to like this channel. [email protected]%k!
Greg Piskos (1 month ago)
it sounds like some incest family issues you have and quite unhealthy. Dates black men kids are Mexican lol, what a family of sad self loathers
Kevin McCallister (1 month ago)
I had to unsub because of this. I think asian women are gorgeous. Call it yellow fever or something racist, I don't care. THEY ARE HOT! I would rather be with an old, fat Asian lady with a deep voice and acne than a young, blonde, blue-eyed white girl who is a model. Fellow white males call me weird for that. I can't find blonde hair and blue eyes attractive because my mom and my sister have those (me too). Any thought of my mother turns me off instantly so I date outside of my race. My daughter is half black and I have had a few black girlfriends as well. Black girls are sexy. Also, I have had three Native American girls. It would be cool to have a red-head if I could find one. My sister dates black men and her two children are half Mexican, born in the USA. A white girl once told me she does not like Asian men because they have small weiners. Most of my white friends refuse to date outside of their race. Probably don't try any other position except missionary. Boring, closed-minded fools. I don't know what my point is here. I wanted to like this channel. [email protected]%#k! Also, my comments are not posting from my regular channel. I don't know why that is. I had to use one of my troll channels to get this to work. I am Nick Angelo
Nick Angelo (1 month ago)
Darn it. I re-subbed (is that an actual word?) I like her videos too much. DARN YOU, AKANA!
Okay, I see I had to remove the cursing to get comments to work. Wow
lfod1982 (1 month ago)
LOL. I get accused of having “yellow fever“ all of the time by my friends because I had a (one) Chinese girlfriend out of all of the white girls and other ethnicities… To this day if I’m out in public with them God for bid they spot an Asian woman. They point her out to me with the fervor of someone who just saw Brad Pitt in real life.
Lumiere Kali (1 month ago)
Hi I see this clip on Chinese weibo. Your opinion on yellow fever is recontextualized by hundreds of Chinese men to attack Chinese women. They don't see Asian women are victims here, instead they believe all men outside China, predominant Caucasian men see Chinese women as "easy girls" for foreign men can easily get laid with Chinese women. I am not blaming you for that I just want you to know how malicious Chinese men are towards women. They believe women are just their country's reproduction resources and if they are 'used' by foreign men then the men of that country all suffer loss and humiliation. Asian women are really oppressed. They are fetishized by non-Asian men and exploited by their compatriot men.
yuxiang wang (1 month ago)
Great fightback!somenoe need be tought that the aisan girl is not EASY!!!!!
BsT Darksider (1 month ago)
asians are sluts...
Josh the Gamer (1 month ago)
David Mason (1 month ago)
*Cause most of asian women are super cute and lovely*
timid nice guy (1 month ago)
Because they are the best, they are cool and sassy, i feel really good with an asian girl.
Max Lysenko (1 month ago)
Idc what race you are because I think everyone is beautiful. Some people just have preferences with their type.
Cory (1 month ago)
Foul mouthed, bitter, conceited, and contentious. This chick is not Asian. She's American, and she perfectly illustrates why so many men prefer Asian women.
Elisha (2 months ago)
She'll probably die lonely ...
Brendan Matelan (2 months ago)
I’ll probably get Flak for this I think Asian girls are prettier and a little more interesting than Western or American women. By interesting I mean the culture, history (whatever country the come from), etc. That’s just me.
Anxo Fernandez (2 months ago)
I think I have multiple fevers, yellow fever, white fever, brown fever, black fever,... I'm not the kinda idiot that says he doesn't see color, I'm the kinda idiot that may like any color, shape and size if the girl is cool and there is a connection. However, I dated two Asian girls, born and raised in Taiwan and Japan respectively, for some time (not at the same time) and I found them a little too docile and sexist, to the point of not letting me cook or wash dishes because "that's not a man's job". It was very uncomfortable.
Bruce Leroy (2 months ago)
It's funny how these whitewashed Asian women never mention their white fever.
Bruce Leroy (2 months ago)
All American Asian women want are white men. The self hate is real in them.
SALAM JIHAD (2 months ago)
STFU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PUT A SKIRT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!
1984chupacabra (2 months ago)
What if I just like the way attractive Asian women look? What if I happen to find more Asian women the most physically attractive, on average? Is that also yellow fever? I get it, there are weirdos that are only into Asian girls. Unfortunately, people like me who find Asian women attractive, perhaps more often than women from.other ethnic backgrounds, tend to get lumped in with the rest. #nobukkake#notentacleporn
Flora_idk •_•k (2 months ago)
The reminds me of how sometimes my crush may have been switched across with a racist demon but also a nice racist demon😅
Joze Butinar (2 months ago)
woman you forget your place you are beneath the men deal with it males are superiors then you females man words is law women shut up and go do the diner
Cosmic Rift (2 months ago)
White fever is a creepy and real thing unlike this BS. Stop it pls...
MrQuan2u (1 month ago)
+Greg Piskos true, it's still the best model of society in the world. that's why I'm here.
Greg Piskos (1 month ago)
+MrQuan2u nah that's because you live in a society built by white men and if we lived in your society you would be the standard too
MrQuan2u (2 months ago)
thats because white men are represented as the hero/romantic/stoic savers of humanity. So of course as we live in a country where people act like what they see in the media/movies.
GICking (2 months ago)
Why does Asian Anna only date white guys?
You Take The Moon (2 months ago)
Ived been told... "I like black girls" "Wow you're cute for a black girl" "You make a cute little asian black girl!" "I wanna bang that cute little Asian black kitty cat😉" And I wanna shoot you after what you said to me :)
Fury 3250 (2 months ago)
Average Japanese male height: 170.8 cm. Average Japanese female height: 158.3 cm. Average SK male height: 174.9 cm. Average SK female height: 162.3 cm. Average Chinese male height: 171.8 cm. Average Chinese female height: 159.7 cm.
Cristian Castillo (2 months ago)
I like Asian Girls
Japan o (2 months ago)
Pretty Japanese and other East Asian girls into Black men are hot.
D J (2 months ago)
Whitemen in Japan: *it's free real estate*
Enrico Sanchez (2 months ago)
I'm thinking the white guy wants the tightness of the Nether Region that only an Asian lady can provide, and the Asian lady wants a bigger (but not Manute Bowl sized) tool than the average Asian dude can provide.
Labinzel 3712 (2 months ago)
Damn way to flex on us Anna!
Brenton Budd (2 months ago)
Arigato, Ana-san!
channing bloom (2 months ago)
Ummmm. Asians are kool
Steven Jacks (2 months ago)
What an idiotic position to hold. That all men that like Asian women have ‘yellow fever’. Don’t flatter yourself. Most people have preferences for certain physical traits. Some men like tall blondes, some like Latinas, and some like Asians. And their attraction to Asians usually is to specific features which means not all Asians. Also, most foreign born Asians have different values and behaviors, and aren’t usually obnoxious like you. Just like looks, different men like different character traits. Yes, there are some people, men and women, that objectify people to the point of not really caring who the person is. But most people aren’t like that, even men that have s preference for easy Asians.
Ramiro Nova (2 months ago)
I don’t care, I looooove Asian girls!!!!!
Drunkspiracies ! (2 months ago)
Some dudes like red heads...
havyrl (2 months ago)
I can understand why other guys like Asian girls. They are look exotic for us Europeans (and i assume for Americans too). But this learning a language and culture should be a personal thing. Mostly it shows interests if a guy learn your language and culture. But you're an American (i assume?) and you're language is englisch. You're right, that's not charmant, that's creepy.
Joe mama (3 months ago)
It goes all sorts of ways now. I know Asian girls that will only date white guys and the ones they pick always cheat on them. Yet stick to your resolve eventually one won’t.
Joseph Diveley (3 months ago)
As a white man who married Asian it's less about looks and more about culture. American men long for women who are actually loyal to their men and aren't looking for alimony and everything they took their lives to earn as payment for a few years of marriage. It also helps if the woman can count on one hand the men she has slept with. Most asian women who have not been westernised act more demure, shy(at least at first), and care more about being cute rather than being sexy. I find that most men that prefer asian women think of them as being more innocent and pure and in my experience they usually are. I just love that shy cuteness of genuine asian women vs feminist westerners who expect men to be their dogs and atms and be grateful for the privilege. Before getting married I dated women of all races. I married asian because I fell in love at first sight and never looked again =) I think yellow fever is more men hating the american woman mentality rather than anything racial. They just identify asians as having that behavior they want.
Mountainn Deww (3 months ago)
Nea fam we like your eyes not your yellow skin.
Babygirl (3 months ago)
Ugly white guys like Asian girls because they get a lot of attention from white worshipping asian sluts.
Greg Piskos (1 month ago)
jealous white women hate it because they are bitter and angry while Asian women have retained their femininity. its all good you have all those cats to yell at
Ellerz (3 months ago)
I think that bashing someone for having a sexual taste is wrong. Let's be honest, we all have sexual taste. I'm not going to call someone out for only dating brown hair guys for example.
Victoria Anaya (3 months ago)
I want to drink myself...bleach
Matthew Whiting (3 months ago)
I feel like Asian culture made the stereotype of Asian women being timid and weak don’t forget about foot binding and all that stuff
Someone Else (3 months ago)
Only 7% of white guys prefer Asian girls vs 34% of Asian girls prefer white guys... So looks like white fever is more prevalent than yellow fever.
MMGeri (3 months ago)
so if im white and im not attracted to black/yellow/pruple/green... colored women im racist?
Shadow Pico (3 months ago)
OH MY GOOOOOD so true! I am Korean and it just pisses me off when I hear something like "ooooh, u're Korean? my ex was Korean. I love Korean girls". Like wtf? That's not my problem ur ex was Korean, what do you expect me to do with that kind of information?
Stifinho (3 months ago)
I like Asians
Why do we need to analyze why people like anything
Butchman (3 months ago)
I love Asian women because I've found them to be sweet, stay in good shape,like to laugh, treat you great and are very sensual and passionate.
Kiya Vas (3 months ago)
All women are queens or are they??
Marc Cormier (3 months ago)
Damn I didn't know you were Asian I just thought you were a hot girl on YouTube
Cookie Gaming (3 months ago)
1:17 That is legit me!!! Lol 😂
Paul Lo (3 months ago)
Oof but what if u Asian and u prefer Asians? 😬
Darren Skjoelsvold (3 months ago)
I sorta didn't realize that you were Asian. Sorry.. But you have a great point. If a guy is into women just because of their ethnicity then it is a kind of racism. Also if the guy is bragging that his exgirlfriends are all Asian then is he declaring you an intended exgirlfriend and thus pre breaking up with you or at the very least putting an expiration date on your relationship? Why would that approach be appealing to you? "I'm going to dump you later but I like your ethnicity." Ick... Anyway your vids are funny, subscribing.
JadeFalcon One (3 months ago)
Me so honey 🍯
Craig Whitaker (3 months ago)
As a guy with an interest in eastern cultures, history, people and Yes...the ladies. Sorry darling, but your own words stand out here. Racist. Also, those ain't no guns.
matthias66 (3 months ago)
Lol, your videos crack me up! I think you're right- the whole Asian fetish thing has to do with animes, hentai, and this depiction of Asian women being these quiet, submissive, syrupy sweet mindless dolls in the media that is very unrealistic. I'll give you my theory. My theory is that a lot of nerdy guys who are not successful with women, in various nationalities, and have a thing for anime or Japanese culture, in particular, (and let's be honest, that's where the large majority of cutesy anime and cartoons come from- not China, South Korea, or other Asian countries), think that Asian women are not going to reject them as much, and are going to be a lot more shy but kind and polite than girls from their countries. That they think they may actually have a shot at an Asian girl. As for me, I don't care. There are beautiful women from all different races, although I could care less about submitting myself to their romantic approval. It is just a matter of who you are physically attracted to. We may have our "type" but this isn't a Disney Princess movie, and we rarely get everything we want. We have to settle, compromise, and be realistic.
Mossstar 109 (3 months ago)
I ahd a biyfriend, my ONLY boyfriend who was a total di*k. When i was with him I was not me and i was weak and submissive and dumb. So i broke up with him. His friends, who i still talk to say that now his rype is asian girls. Im not sating that all guys who like zsian girls or prefer any kind of ethnicitie are rascist assholes, but most are. Stereotypes are wrong and they generalize the world so that instead of seeing people, you see a generalized version that someone else has put into your brain.
Jrh007 (3 months ago)
I am addicted to watching your videos now. Does that mean I have yellow fever? A girl at the supermarket checkout had a nametag that said "I love K-Pop". Wish it said cherry-pop, then I'd be interested.
Vladislav Shokcun (3 months ago)
Well girl. I go for asian women cuz i just find them more attractive. P.s. never spoken japanese or any other asian languages. Lol.
cuz they have tight pussies duh
Austrian Economics (3 months ago)
Maybe Asian women are just attractive?
vottoduder (3 months ago)
I like Hispanic/Latina women. Why? I dont know, my brain and hormones tell me what I prefer and I just go with it.
Andrew M (3 months ago)
Hey babe, I'm racist, wanna go to my place? Just kidding, I'm broke and sleep under the bridge. Let's go to yours instead.
Robert Ramos (3 months ago)
Maybe take a step back a bit. I think you might be going off on your past relationships, and not the people who actually want to be with you (as a person)
Onion Frog (3 months ago)
Blame anime.

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