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cartoon Pluto tickle sneeze

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This was found by Christian Altellini. Thank you much for this find!
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Luigi Fabio Altellini (9 months ago)
In the "courage the cowardly dog" episode. "Mondo Magic" near the end courage makes himself sneeze by tickling his own nose. Just trying to help. :)
minco2 apart from another Pluto tickle sneeze I'll have to sit down and think of there's any other normal tickle scenes. I really hope you can upload those Pokemon one's soon because no ones uploaded them.
minco2 (9 months ago)
Ah yes, I remember that scene, thanks for reminding! I checked and it's already uploaded by another channel so I won't upload that one. Still thank you!
minco2 anytime Glad I can help. I really hope you can find and upload them soon. Oh And if you Just want a tickle and laugh scene try the the Pluto episode "bone bandit" :)
minco2 (9 months ago)
In that sense that's true. I appreciate your help.^^
minco2 there still tickle scenes lol I just thought it'll be a little different you know. :)
SnakeStaffMagic (9 months ago)
Wondered when this scene would finally show up
Shelby’s Movie Corner (9 months ago)
Hey Minco2 What Episode is this?
minco2 (9 months ago)
episode: Pluto Junior
Cartoon Crazy007 (9 months ago)
Poor Pluto :)
Thanks, Minco2. Thanks.

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