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By the way, Can You Guess That Anime? [QUIZ]

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Subscribe for royal weddings: https://goo.gl/v7WxhE Today we played an anime knowledge quiz! We tested each other's with vague descriptions of anime and made a little anime quiz challenge out of it. The anime we watched and tested each other on was pretty basic so please forgive us ^0^ Anime test, anime knowledge quiz, anime quiz challenge, a rip off of every other anime guessing challenge out there - we couldn't figure out what to call this video. If you guys really like these types of anime quiz shows, we would love to do more. After we finish quizzing each other, we make some important announcements about PO box and charity so stick around! Also, I heard the Anime man did a ft.pewdiepie video called "real vs fake anime challenge"... Since he posted first, it's his idea and we copied him right? Still the anime king title is MINE. I love you all~ except Timmy, hate that trash. Dan Plan ♪ ~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Our Discord: https://discord.gg/ZA2vYyS Our Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/planbeta Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DanPlanB/ Our Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/DanPlanB
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Text Comments (6417)
DanPlan (9 months ago)
Try these ones: 1.VR gone wrong 2. death= black ball 3. Animal abuse 4. All I want to be is normal 5. I want to be a hero but I cry every episode.
Gummi Bunni (2 months ago)
Fambot (4 months ago)
Sword art online
Hec KuTe (5 months ago)
Idk 500th
Ltct Ng (5 months ago)
Good vids
NinjaLucarioBish A (5 months ago)
+shouting ducks 5 is Tokyo ghoul I'm pretty sure it's a bout a teenager becoming a ghoul but really just want to be like every human beings instead of being hunted
Thecool games101 (2 hours ago)
oreo Lover (7 hours ago)
I love how your videos just feel like im hanging out with you guys😂❤
shadow night (21 hours ago)
THE SECOND ONE IS INU YAASHAA (i siad this in the first clue)
Toasty Bunz (22 hours ago)
Stephen says one punch man when Dan says shiny hair, but one punch man has no hair. Good job, Stephen.
There’s a teddy bear. Who wants high school student that are prisoners kill each other to see the outside of the “high school” And if you don’t get caught you can see the outside but if you do you will have to face death.
T Conger (1 day ago)
My turn. So there's a short guy, and his taller younger brother. The military is also involved. His brother it the only person smart enough to wear armor
SriFoo (1 day ago)
Avatar the last airbender
Nikita Onyscuk (2 days ago)
OH rip
Nikita Onyscuk (2 days ago)
Stephen Is cool because He watches Tokyo ghoul
RoCky gaming (2 days ago)
Bungou stray dogs.
Olive Bleamfly (2 days ago)
Good video! Except I do wish you did Fairy Tail 😭
Meh :3 (3 days ago)
It's truly amazing how I've never watched Bleach but I got it right through the first hint about getting stronger by changing from black to white or whatever
Panda Productions (3 days ago)
You guys should watch beyond the boundary
Gacha Potato Pluss (3 days ago)
Me just seing the title:HELL YAS ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!! reading comments before video:F WHY NO NARUTO OR ONE PIECE >:C
Gacha Potato Pluss (3 days ago)
wait....... :I
Kumu Noir (3 days ago)
n o (4 days ago)
Um I watch some different animes So guess these 3 1: •main character find out he's a demon •blue •has a sword that gives him flames 2: • two main characters both insane • one has a Scythe other has purse with a gun and a knife •they go through a tall building and defeat other insanes that think they are wholly 3: •girl in sentient sailor suit •fights with half a pair of scissors •special thread that is extremely powerful 1: blue exorsis 2:angles of death 3: kill la kill
3 and 4 by the pinned comment I think Saiki K for 4 and Pokemon for 3
The thumbnail one was Yugioh Zexal, my icon tells it all.
Olivia H (4 days ago)
Thought power Puff girls for the first one 😂
Olivia H (4 days ago)
I don’t watch anime
Sapphire Girl (4 days ago)
That was so clearly inuyasha from the 2nd clue....
m! Neptune (4 days ago)
In the thumbnail is soul eater
Victor Heiser (5 days ago)
I knew it was one piece
Alyssa Joy (5 days ago)
I knew right away it was inuyasha
Uriel Vega (5 days ago)
Is Daniel dark
NedMemes (5 days ago)
Okay that one is really easy : that boy lives in a world of superheroes but he's the only one that doesn't have powers. He gets his power by eating hair.
Yuri_hikaru (5 days ago)
No joke I said digimon at the same time as dan when Housha said in a world of monsters XD
mini_spice 8 (5 days ago)
I got everyone right...is that bad?
Jimmy Santos (5 days ago)
Bow Down To The Greatest The best The Strongest Anime king bumbllbum
THE Reaper sans (5 days ago)
Part 2
Morriez Manglo (5 days ago)
Here i have a question danplan when he was a child he fell in love now he lost who he loved now they were three girls that he suspected as his childhood love
Bumblebee !! (6 days ago)
I guessed Digimon
kaaat (6 days ago)
0:39 me: *STEPHEN*
FreeHopes (6 days ago)
Anime: *spongebob*
test buddys (6 days ago)
3:05 said every parent ever
A sleepy wommpa (6 days ago)
I got one right and it was the dig I’m on one the second I saw to coding around the characters
Ryuu Rekka (7 days ago)
oui (7 days ago)
Not enough JoJo
dark demon (8 days ago)
7 deadly sins
Pretty lil' PSYCHO (8 days ago)
Ok Anime King Daniel Sama ~(•w• ~)
Hailey Horton (8 days ago)
its funny bc i haven't watched any of these :/
TheGamerAzka 28 (8 days ago)
Dan : the anime is something to do with rock. Me : HOUSEKI NO KUNI!1!1!!1!1!1!1!!!!
Some Thing (8 days ago)
As soon as he said his brother was his rivel and a dog I knew
jack aboi (8 days ago)
all hail anime king daniel
NessaOfDorthonion (9 days ago)
Please do another one I seriously enjoyed this
OmniBoy Gaming (9 days ago)
He goes vegan and then becomes super powerful and one punches stuff Me: It's 100% Popeye, ez
Wait, the first one sounded so much like RWBY tho.... 😥
MyName IsVincent (9 days ago)
Highschool of the dead something like that? Yeah you would say that
MyName IsVincent (9 days ago)
MyName IsVincent (9 days ago)
Bleach my fa
Legand Morrissey (9 days ago)
You should describe one piece more it is th best anime now with a 9th crewmember
Legand Morrissey (9 days ago)
One piece?
mahnoor ahsan (9 days ago)
Daniel is such a weeb
j milan00 (9 days ago)
Main character eats hair and gets super powers
nutter * (10 days ago)
Why in the bleach one when u put ''not these" u put ichigo in the people
a_bad_ potato (10 days ago)
7:17 AH
Roblox is my favorite anime
Anime prince
Andrew Pruitt (10 days ago)
2nd one inuyasha
8R14N NoLastName (10 days ago)
No joke today in school I started weeb running in the hallway and some kid said “Hey, no weebs in the hallway!”
Stitch And Lilo (10 days ago)
Hello Anime king Danplan.
Laura Gallivan (11 days ago)
Dragon ball is life!
srortgaming (11 days ago)
"Who is more of a weeb"
Ace Trainer Dia Angel (11 days ago)
Did anyone else get Inuyasha right away? Like all Hosuh did was describe the main characters and I was like "bish that's Inuyasha"
Beanie G (11 days ago)
Anime king
Deku 123 (11 days ago)
I love my hero academia!
AnimePhantoM (11 days ago)
Your the Anime king but im the Anime God bow to me hahaha!!
MSP ROLLY (11 days ago)
"Sit boy" is one word?😂
Jakira Long (11 days ago)
Yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaasssssssss 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Richard doez stuff (11 days ago)
All hail the anime king
noah the person (12 days ago)
I wish they did death note
Exotic Squid (12 days ago)
Yes my lord
everything adventure (12 days ago)
Why not citrus
Sebastian Reeves (12 days ago)
Try to guess this anime. 1. 7 people, all girls 2. Their mission is to revive a Japanese city 3. 2 of the girls are experienced in the show biz 4. 1 of the girls is an old biker gang leader 5. 1 of the girls used to be a guy 6. 1 of the girls has the same name as the female senpai in Yandere Simulator if you remove k and o from the female senpai's name 7. They all died, but are somehow alive after death I gave you guys and girls 7 clues for 7 girls. Good Luck, and may the memes be with you.
Zong Zilla (12 days ago)
I am part Korea
Pedro Varunca (12 days ago)
I never thought about hearing "im a man" and "I watch anime" in the same phrase
Patato Nugget (12 days ago)
These were my guesses: 1.full metal alchemist 2.inyuasha 3.101 dalmatians 4.couldn't actually guess 5.i gave up 6.sao I'm a huge weeb and the fact that I got only one correct makes me feel depressed😢
Ajamu Lomini (12 days ago)
Carl Heffner (12 days ago)
The one thing I say during this: the 7 deadly sins.
tom bob (12 days ago)
i am watching one piece
Christina .B (12 days ago)
Daniel feels like he could be my older brother. I know, I actually don't know him but... yeah I don't know :D
Unsubscribed Animation (12 days ago)
Inu Yasha was obvious!
Yare Yare Daze. No JoJo?
Dead Memes (12 days ago)
I was hoping shrek would be on there
Mr.iguanas (13 days ago)
I only know DDLC which is not even a movie but still.....JUST MOINIKA!
cyber chick (13 days ago)
Once I heard, the female orders around the main character with one word i thought inyasha
cyber chick (13 days ago)
Inkiles Animations (13 days ago)
5 = MHA for the top comment (can't reply lol)
Yeoh Wey keat (13 days ago)
Guess that a anime is about a virus that was purple and is crystalist
BowlingBall (14 days ago)
what was the Bleach clip from i dont remember anything like that?
BowlingBall (14 days ago)
oooohhh never mind it was the fullbring form.
Cuba Jafa (14 days ago)
So there is this guy named Cory and he’s in a house
R00KIda Bear (14 days ago)
Tokyo ghoul!!!!!!
Iceicle X Levy (14 days ago)
Thought it was Tokyo ghoul
Japleen Kaur Saini (14 days ago)
Hosah ..inuyasha...omg I was right
Chronic Pride (15 days ago)
Clouded Pelt (15 days ago)
I love this channel.
Primus Maximus (15 days ago)
👏🏻anima King Daniel 👏🏻
Gaming Raps (15 days ago)
Johnny Wu (15 days ago)
Hosu is a furry
Metro Cheyenne (15 days ago)
I hoped there would be one on hunterxhunter
Spidermanpal 123 (15 days ago)
weebs gather up

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