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By the way, Can You Guess That Anime? [QUIZ]

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Subscribe for royal weddings: https://goo.gl/v7WxhE Today we played an anime knowledge quiz! We tested each other's with vague descriptions of anime and made a little anime quiz challenge out of it. The anime we watched and tested each other on was pretty basic so please forgive us ^0^ Anime test, anime knowledge quiz, anime quiz challenge, a rip off of every other anime guessing challenge out there - we couldn't figure out what to call this video. If you guys really like these types of anime quiz shows, we would love to do more. After we finish quizzing each other, we make some important announcements about PO box and charity so stick around! Also, I heard the Anime man did a ft.pewdiepie video called "real vs fake anime challenge"... Since he posted first, it's his idea and we copied him right? Still the anime king title is MINE. I love you all~ except Timmy, hate that trash. Dan Plan ♪ ~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Our Discord: https://discord.gg/ZA2vYyS Our Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/planbeta Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DanPlanB/ Our Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/DanPlanB
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Text Comments (5778)
DanPlan (6 months ago)
Try these ones: 1.VR gone wrong 2. death= black ball 3. Animal abuse 4. All I want to be is normal 5. I want to be a hero but I cry every episode.
Gummi Bunni (14 days ago)
Fambot (2 months ago)
Sword art online
Fox Otaku (2 months ago)
Idk 500th
Ltct Ng (3 months ago)
Good vids
NinjaLucarioBish A (3 months ago)
+shouting ducks 5 is Tokyo ghoul I'm pretty sure it's a bout a teenager becoming a ghoul but really just want to be like every human beings instead of being hunted
Derpy Turtle (59 minutes ago)
I thought the bleach one was Tokyo ghoul
BillyGoat 594 (2 hours ago)
The first awnser is narato
Sasha JPP (3 hours ago)
Aiden Allison (4 hours ago)
It’s called bleach because of the cleansing of the soul in ghosts
Lucyheartfilia/ Art (5 hours ago)
I laove inuyasha
Lucyheartfilia/ Art (5 hours ago)
2 is inuyasha
Ecko Shatter (7 hours ago)
Luffy was vegan when he ate thd gum gum fruit
XXpain.slot (10 hours ago)
Guess this anime A kid is in a organization and collects demons and they hold a sword in shape of a key
the best around is here (11 hours ago)
Swore the first one was hunterxhunter
Wookie Cross (13 hours ago)
3:20 ITS INUYASHA!!!!!!
pidgiarto (14 hours ago)
Hossa Not noses
pidgiarto (14 hours ago)
Stephen and Dan and noses are cool
Quadir Muldor (18 hours ago)
Anime king Dan nice video
Davedov DD (23 hours ago)
try this one ot has dragonballidus snd two guys who combindes without combinding the tittle hase no names but it’s the name of a creture.
Davedov DD (23 hours ago)
it’s pokemon
Forenhel Drimt (1 day ago)
Was the 2nd one Inuyasha? Edit: It's gotta be Inuyasha Edit 2: INUYASHA!!! I LOVE INUYASHA!
Yo boi (1 day ago)
A ginger loses his soul and fights monsters
star the potato (1 day ago)
Is 2 dangerompa? Idfk im not educated-
As soon as he said a bunch of kids i thought the terrible anime digimon
Corbin Boney (1 day ago)
Cyantrooper 8 (1 day ago)
Why is Tokyo ghoul so unpopular
Leo (1 day ago)
A man that watches anime lol
frans gaming (1 day ago)
Houseki no kuni
ShadeeIsATrashBox (1 day ago)
The kiwi King (1 day ago)
Goes vegan for one day and gets more powerful hmm that Avacado episode
CutieKitty (1 day ago)
all the anima i know is strike the blood, and naruto .-.
Ksawer 404 (2 days ago)
Mr. Anime King daniel can i get ur Instagram
Julie LikesUnicorns (2 days ago)
3:23 I havebg Finished the video but is it in inuyasha?
Hunter Scarborough (2 days ago)
Bleach is called bleach because everyone around ichigo thinks he bleachs his hair
Flower Lilly (2 days ago)
I agree I love land lustrous THE SECOND ONE IS INYUASHA YES
S&J Animates (2 days ago)
I thought the thumbnail was Medusa from Soul Eater but now I relived it was Stephen
Josiy Gary (2 days ago)
You inyashu my ba
Just Splash (2 days ago)
Hey how can DM anime king Daniel
Cheese (2 days ago)
I know this video was uploaded a long time ago, but me JUST NOW finding out Housha(don't know if I spelled it right) is from Korea(I said from instead of is to be racist) made freak the hell out. . .
Daniel Bouchard (2 days ago)
hey anime king daniel do you now yuh gio
Patricia Bruwelheide (2 days ago)
Kitty Fridge (2 days ago)
1. Idk 2. Idk 3. Bleach 4.what? 5.hm? 6. ? 7. All of these guesses were before the answer
batmon and Chloe (2 days ago)
I love digimon patamon
Lucario-Flash gaming (2 days ago)
i feel useless
Triggered Boy (2 days ago)
I like how housah said no
For Hosa's last anime I thought it was soul eater, that also has 7 teens fighting evil ppl called the kieshins. Hehehuhueheheheheheuhehheh. So do I get a point???
Cardcaptor sakura my fav!
Zuk Dragonic (2 days ago)
When he said 6 or 7 people I thought it's The Seven Deadly Sins and then they're all kids which r sucked into another world (computer) then I'm like DIGIMOOONNNNN DIGIMONN DIGIMONNNNNN!!!!!!!
Demetry Pedroza (3 days ago)
Guys why didn't you guys do one punch man it was a good anime and all you guys shows all the weird ones I haven't watched please do another one of this and this time do one punch man or saitama.
gundam umbra (3 days ago)
Yay weeb shit I love this stuff
Diana's Animations (3 days ago)
Ok anime king Daniel u should make another of these
Cheezits ;0 (3 days ago)
When ever he said rocks I knew what it was
Rinii (3 days ago)
what anime is this? The wolf MC gets super powers from hair, also the antagonist is a goat.
Marianna Gloriani (3 days ago)
Thumb nail is madusa from soul eater
What about my show...hmph😡
simone meme (3 days ago)
MR. HIT (3 days ago)
Have you heard of the seven deadly sins
Victoria Viloria (4 days ago)
nuber one i have seen it
Kate Linn (4 days ago)
I was hoping shimoneta was going to be on the list that’s like my all time favorite anime it’s the best
Ktfinns t (4 days ago)
I said Nico do anglo XD
Angel Bagares (4 days ago)
you can get htis anime with this hint ............Smartphone
Aaron Waters (4 days ago)
Fuck it...I dont give two shits if one peice is main stream it's still fuckin good
ArskaVlogs (4 days ago)
Have you seen anime called Zodiac war ?
Aleik animations (5 days ago)
Goku is black to white
Shrimp Chavez (5 days ago)
i love digi
Kira Hoshi (5 days ago)
Im so happy Hosuh was talking about Inuyasha
Angel fajardo (6 days ago)
From the moment I heard dog I'm like INUYASHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Kloverzzz_chan (6 days ago)
Number one is sao and number 5 is bnha danplan
Thomas Allan (6 days ago)
hey anime king daniel could you do "could you survive Dinosaur times"
aidan sucks at life (6 days ago)
I am sad there isnt SAO
Ecko Shatter (7 days ago)
I used to love digimon
Velvet Fox (7 days ago)
*king of anime, Daniel-chan*
Marvin's World (8 days ago)
CrashTestRocket N (8 days ago)
I ony got aot and digimon
cat_ queen_yt (10 days ago)
3:25 inuyasha!!!! yaaaaas
cat_ queen_yt (10 days ago)
yay there inuyasha!
cat_ queen_yt (10 days ago)
cat_ queen_yt (10 days ago)
is there inuyasha?
Default Gamer (10 days ago)
Dude Steven it’s called bleach because his hair is bleached
DJ Space Invaders (10 days ago)
THEpotatoduck boi (10 days ago)
I got bleach right
vicgames (11 days ago)
Chichi Chan (11 days ago)
3:08 No I’m sorry I mean *WHAT IS THIS?*
Chichi Chan (11 days ago)
1:30 what the hell is that?
Chichi Chan (11 days ago)
1:23 Pokémon?
Chichi Chan (11 days ago)
0:43 Naruto
PixelPlayz (11 days ago)
Mirai nikki is my favorite anime
Gb (12 days ago)
i only didnt know 1
Gb (12 days ago)
was the thumnail soul eater
Kyler Jaden (12 days ago)
Guess this Really dark 9 people. 4 die. Killer is a kid. Lots of ghosts 3 you HAVE to help. 6 girls 3 boys
Sir Nils Olav (12 days ago)
It is about an orphan who is taken in by a very rich old man. The orphan is raised to become one of the smartest people in the world. He is so smart that when the some mysterious murders start occuring he is the only one who can solve it. He then befriends the one he thinks is the murderer but cannot prove is the murderer.
grant mcdonald (13 days ago)
Mia Loves Herself (14 days ago)
Ok uh i have one if u want to answer: So there are many assasin students from high school,The other is sadistic,theres a nerdy,theres 2 pervert,a robot that was emotionless then became a fun,cheering robot,And the main character is a kinda like a writer,There is a 1 alien teacher,The students is missioned to kill the teacher,to get a million yen,Its very sad at the end,And the students killed the teacher. i dont really know yet how to explain every anime that i watched. Choose 1pls: A:Aoyama-Kun B:Assasination Classroom C:Attack On Titan (Just comment whats the anime that i explained)
mariana briceño (14 days ago)
i need to be vegan to have powers XD
Coatninja25 (14 days ago)
Also kinda surprised bakugan wasn't on here
Coatninja25 (14 days ago)
2:44 I thought it was Highschool of the Dead too
demigodtrash (14 days ago)
Dan: Its really dar- Stephen:ATTACK ON TITAN Dan:Motherfu-
musi’s milk stand (14 days ago)
I was hoping one of you would do death note I’m content anyway
Jeonghans Lover (14 days ago)
ok but... is it noragami
Jin Ann Siah (14 days ago)
Do u know the anime with a yellow. “octopus”?
Nathan Yang (14 days ago)
Is it Sword art online?
Sheri Reeves (15 days ago)
Ha there was a inuyasha add just before the video what a coincidence
BaoHuan Tran (15 days ago)
Bruh i thought number 1 was Tokyo Ghoul
Eevee Love (15 days ago)
Glitter force Doki Doki!!!!!!!!
I thought number 3 was bleach

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