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By the way, Can You Guess That Anime? [QUIZ]

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Subscribe for royal weddings: https://goo.gl/v7WxhE Today we played an anime knowledge quiz! We tested each other's with vague descriptions of anime and made a little anime quiz challenge out of it. The anime we watched and tested each other on was pretty basic so please forgive us ^0^ Anime test, anime knowledge quiz, anime quiz challenge, a rip off of every other anime guessing challenge out there - we couldn't figure out what to call this video. If you guys really like these types of anime quiz shows, we would love to do more. After we finish quizzing each other, we make some important announcements about PO box and charity so stick around! Also, I heard the Anime man did a ft.pewdiepie video called "real vs fake anime challenge"... Since he posted first, it's his idea and we copied him right? Still the anime king title is MINE. I love you all~ except Timmy, hate that trash. Dan Plan ♪ ~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Our Discord: https://discord.gg/ZA2vYyS Our Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/planbeta Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DanPlanB/ Our Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/DanPlanB
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Text Comments (8768)
DanPlan (1 year ago)
Try these ones: 1.VR gone wrong 2. death= black ball 3. Animal abuse 4. All I want to be is normal 5. I want to be a hero but I cry every episode.
Evelyn Gale (25 days ago)
you can fight me tho be the anime king
Aiden Potato (1 month ago)
luka šimunić (2 months ago)
SAO my favorite anime
gummii bunnii (5 months ago)
Fambot (7 months ago)
Sword art online
Mariam Shehab (7 minutes ago)
!!!!!!!!!ALL HAIL ANIME KING DANIEL!!!!!!!!!
Sean Stevenson (48 minutes ago)
This anime is about a man who is transported to another world, has to obey the orders of this tsundere character, and he’s considered a peasant.
when they were talking about the title and names i saw akame ga kill >^<
Dat_Gurl_Rachael ?? (3 hours ago)
Stephen- he gets more powerful turning white Me instantly- Tokyo ghoul
Hakane Hikarunn (4 hours ago)
Me: is it houseki? Dan: its land of the lustrous Me: PHOOOOOSSSSS
That Weird Kid (10 hours ago)
3. Is Pokemon
That Weird Kid (10 hours ago)
1. is sword art online
That Weird Kid (11 hours ago)
5 is my hero academia
Beowulf Games (11 hours ago)
Bleach is extremely edgy, pretty much everybody uses swords which have an edge. Ha Ha Ha funny joke stephen
Catherine Huang (12 hours ago)
2:36 lmao that single word gave it away i'm actually proud of myself for guessing correctly
Zacchaeus Wimberly (13 hours ago)
I got one. A man who goes to get different jobs. He quit law school to become a job wonderer He teaches females different lessons It only had about 6 ep but was a great anime He rides a bicycle and says study Has a slight fetish with female toilets Ans: Golden Boy
Jay Lynn (15 hours ago)
The animes
Jay Lynn (15 hours ago)
I now half
Jay Lynn (15 hours ago)
I love the ANIME series inuyshu
C Willard (15 hours ago)
You guys should collab with the Anime Man 😂
Night Storm (15 hours ago)
where can I find Land of the Lustrous?
IssZ (15 hours ago)
were is osomatsu san
Green Venom (16 hours ago)
1. Land of the Lustress 2. Ereacha (Can't spell it) 3. Bleach 4. Attack On Titan 5. One Peice 6. I'ma do this in the morning
Nikki.the.rainbow.pizza (18 hours ago)
For the second one I knew it was inuyasha the minute he said the stundere bosses the main character with one word
James Byers (19 hours ago)
He also could be talking about Tokyo ghoul
Tristan Gay (21 hours ago)
I disapprove this well... am not going to unsubscribe or unlike no.
QNCY (21 hours ago)
I actually got inuyasha immediately
Quilahn Mena (23 hours ago)
I want more
Night Storm (1 day ago)
Rylyn Junek (1 day ago)
Of coarse ur highness anime king here is a armor Titan plush
stephanie leyva (1 day ago)
Even though I watched the first anime Daniel mentioned I couldn't get it😅😅😅
50% nice 50% tasty (1 day ago)
It’s a lot more dark Attack on titan
Derpy Boy (1 day ago)
comment if you know this anime in my anime there is a world diferent from ours and 4 teenager and adults get sucked up in this world and they are the heros of the world they have magic weapons 3 of them are getting teammates and all but the othere one gets tricked for rapping he never did ok so wahts the anime
Kevin Setiawan (1 day ago)
my first anime : *VERRRY SAAAD* D:
shaggy (1 day ago)
I deadass thought the second one was scooby doo
kl company (1 day ago)
6:23 theodds1sout
SkippyChanOwO (1 day ago)
Guess this anime, and you will have my respect This anime has many parts, most the characters have the first two letters of their names with the same first letters The first two parts are about magic sunlight punches and vampires That’s all, please try to find the answer
Tsunaris gaming (1 day ago)
just at 4:53 where did you see the name ''Simon'' in ''Tengen toppa Gurren Laguann'' ?
Andreja Afanaskevja (1 day ago)
My dad is the anime king he has soo meny
BRØ TÄTÖ (1 day ago)
Dan I'm teaming up with you with Houseki No Kuni Land Of The Lustrus!! It's an amazing anime I recommend watching it too!
Jacob Barry (1 day ago)
i literally guessed digimon at the same time daniel did omg
Izuri Stormtracer (1 day ago)
when you were talking about bleach i was screaming bc im not at that part yetttttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm dyingggggg
The Void (1 day ago)
“The become powerful when there hair turns white” Me: Tokyo ghoul
Jeslyn Bong (1 day ago)
*where can i buy the hosuh body pillow*
Eevee (1 day ago)
Anime kingu, please make another one of these!
Rene Fajardo (1 day ago)
Where is my jojoba bizarre adventure
Rade the Engihere (1 day ago)
dang. No JoJo
pencil Dsaster (1 day ago)
"Anime king" XD here we call them "freaking weebs" lol Mbn qww
pencil Dsaster (1 day ago)
Is freaking inuyasha! I've been scteaming it hoping someone would hear me!!! XD
Haru Cinyaga (1 day ago)
Hi daddy king dan :3
Laiuw Osami (1 day ago)
7:33 YOOOOO I LOVED DIGIMON AS A KIIIIIIID digimon! Digital monsters! >:000000
Laiuw Osami (1 day ago)
Khuslen Buyanbat (1 day ago)
Isn’t that medusa the witch from soul eater but Stephan style
le derp (1 day ago)
me watching at 4:18 +- : michael jackson?
Milkshake (1 day ago)
benny fatcakes (1 day ago)
Who else wants an anime were Stephen is the antagonist and hosuh and Daniel are protagonists?
WEIRDO-WITH- AN-S (1 day ago)
at first i thought the first one was danplan lol 1. by the way, can you SURVIVE 2. stephen
app1e pi3 (1 day ago)
Guess the anime- The characters go to a high school and end up getting trapped. The principal pins them against each other by having them kill each other to escape. If you get away with the murder, you can leave, but if not, you will be punished.
ღ Sweet Peachღ (1 day ago)
Me: *Goes on Netflix to see What episode I’m on in Bleach* *Comes back to video* *Stephen Says bleach* Me: *OMFG HDHDHSJDBDHSH*
Sean Ferguson (1 day ago)
Ha as if I know any of these *Guesses them all right on the first clue* Well shit
Katsuki (1 day ago)
Attack on Titan?😂
YeBoi Cazer (2 days ago)
Thought hoasa was gonna say hentai xD
Beacon Blaster (2 days ago)
Maybe late but can you guess this? Have 3 movies but no episode
chase holt (2 days ago)
I always thought bleach was called bleach because they purify souls lol
logan scott (2 days ago)
i wanted one to be sao
Asper Gale (2 days ago)
Well, I wouldn't call them ROCKS.
Lloyd Hajoon Yoo (2 days ago)
Wait you're Korean!? 안녕하세요 저도 이누야샤좋아해요
Jean Yeo (2 days ago)
Once Hosuh's say the first description i straight away think "INUYASHA!!" Lol
Bluerfire Flame (2 days ago)
I haven't finished watching the vid but I'm gonna guess what Anime #2 is because I am sure it is this *SPOILER* Anime #2 is Inuyasha😤
William So (2 days ago)
I have only guessed one right, Digimon. Cuz that's the only anime I had watched from the anime given by the questions in the videos.
8:45 oooOoO Body pillow
King Vyizi (2 days ago)
Bubblegun Sai (2 days ago)
The only anime I watched from this video is Attack on Titan
Angelcake101 (2 days ago)
Ni na (2 days ago)
Inuyasha is not a dog he is a son of a dog demon and a human making him half dog and half human, besides he doesnt have a tail
FluffyBoi (2 days ago)
Anime king you’re amazing please make more videos
art or whatever (2 days ago)
"Main character goes from black to white and gets more powerful" Me: * *hee hee INTENSIFIES* *
lonne roth (2 days ago)
hell yeah i got the first one
Isabel Martin (2 days ago)
Daniel: They have shiny hair and the anime has something to do with rocks Me: HOUSEKI NO KUNI (land of the lustrous) Daniel: *a few moments later* It's called "Land of the Lustrous" Me: *screams in joy*
Alex Saavedra (2 days ago)
...... BARK
RaiTheGuy EatThePie (2 days ago)
And the main character is a dog Me: SCOOBY DOO
Korryn the Jackal (2 days ago)
HOW DID I NOT GET INUYASHA?! I like that anime!
ruki 26 (2 days ago)
Someone tells Stephen to never describe animes like EVER
Cheneewee (2 days ago)
Anyone else guess Inuyasha right away?...
Sarai Pulido (2 days ago)
What about fairytail :'/
Yuna Hito (2 days ago)
The Bleach description about black to white is so wrong. Man
Bff Animations (2 days ago)
Hosuh hosuh Hosuh When describing Inuyasha{I think that's wow You spell it} The main character Is sorta Inuyasha But sorta not And Inuyasha's brother is A Wolf-demon And the second rival Is Naruku{Don't even think i spelled that right} And Naruku is made up of Demons so when saying spider....XD he was only a spider for so long....
Skylon Moss (2 days ago)
Thumbnail: Soul Eater Video: Yes, but actually no
It's called bleach because the creator / author favorite song was called bleach and he didn't know what to call his manga so he called it bleach
Genesis McTwist (2 days ago)
“The anime has something to do with rocks” Ive never speven seen the anime but I guessed Houseki no Kuni because it has to do with rocks. “This character can order the mc around” Me: Sit, boy.
Jayden (2 days ago)
its called bleach because of his clothes changing colour?!?! that can't be right...wasn't it because Rukia got "bleached" from their memories in the Soul Society arc?
dinkieminkie roblox (2 days ago)
Please do another one of these
Chong Yin Chia (3 days ago)
It never came back to daniel
João P. Santos (3 days ago)
Kilava1231 (3 days ago)
I was screaming inuyasha with the first hint
MeloncholyWitch (3 days ago)
This needs to be done again, so freaking hilarious cx
jazmine nelson (3 days ago)
2:33 I was so confused til he started to describe kagome
ZETH _27 (3 days ago)
Exactly 1 year after (20 may 2019)
Diana Z ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (3 days ago)
WE NEED PART 2!!!!!!!!!
CYX Z (3 days ago)
Can you do this guess the anime again! I really like it.
ixkaols (3 days ago)
im here a year later
Emily Zurita (3 days ago)
Kira (3 days ago)
Just got hooked in your channel recently and became a fan. I love watching you guys on a sad day cuz it cheers me right up, especially Hosuh and Stephen's antics. And of course the funny hosting of Anime King Daniel XDD

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