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Top 10 Most Brutal Methods of Execution in History

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Throughout history, people have been punished for the crimes they've committed by horrific methods of torture and executions. Today, these punishments seem so cruel it's hard to believe they were used for centuries. Check out 10 of the most brutal methods of execution in history.
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Dillatory Plays (1 hour ago)
this aint worth knowing
Meme Ster (1 hour ago)
I think number 4 would be the most painful but still all of these sound pretty brutal
S Dee (5 hours ago)
Who else clenched their butt while listening to the impalement one
Albino Terror (5 hours ago)
*EnGlAnD iS mY cItY*
lucy amaral (6 hours ago)
the way he said 'la violencia' hurt
Annalisa Seibert (7 hours ago)
hang on a fucking second 0:20 that is bdsm
Annalisa Seibert (7 hours ago)
also, iron maidens weren't real.
CookingQuest Somov (9 hours ago)
Why did they tourter the rats that’s sad
Assata Horne (10 hours ago)
MURTAZA BASHARAT (14 hours ago)
What ever crime u do, no one should be dealt with these methods. I mean carrying out these acts is pure devil like and to do this even to punish is way out of your mind . If they committed a minor crime then prison them or for the worser ones just Hang them and they dead. Theyll pay for their sins in the grave
Dunebuggie Jones (8 hours ago)
MURTAZA BASHARAT Well they did say it was back then so.....get over it. Today's world isn't much like this besides if you don't like the way they did it back then why the hell are you even watching the video? 😧😧
Aj W (15 hours ago)
we could be so kind, we could be so brutal
Mike Hernandez (16 hours ago)
#6 is the worst
Snich Trolliana (1 day ago)
This is all old news... I learned about this when i was 8
Xtreme_killz735 (1 day ago)
In Saudi Arabia if you steal from a store they let you live but they cut both of your arms off
Levi Alexander (1 day ago)
This makes deathrow inmates look like saints
Satanic DevilMan (1 day ago)
Of course blind people can dream. Theyre blind, not dead.
TheShadowGamer TSG (1 day ago)
Jaws Xensroid (2 days ago)
This is definitely why all kind of Aliens out there is scared and ran away from us..
Hunter Gilbert (2 days ago)
Medieval Times: "Let's roast this person alive cause no reason lmao" 2018: "Yo this officer arrested me because I killed a man, this is police brutality"
Alexander Ghanem (2 days ago)
I disliked the video when this retard was like, " did you know.. that blind people can dream?" Oh really, I didn't know that, I thought that being physically blind makes you unable to think of images in your sleep
Wolf Man (2 days ago)
The Iron Maiden is not real.Nobody used it.
dodi ahmadi (2 days ago)
I wish I was never a human I dnt wanna die loking like a human humans did so many bad things I am scared but I rlly wanna change how I look (cat) but I am to scared to even do it I don't wanna be consedred as a human cuz I aid it be fore :,(
Erika Syrowatka (2 days ago)
I hate China
Farah Saulat (3 days ago)
This is how poor animals feel...
In Saudi Arab, long time ago they would put you inside a metal suit and dry you up in the sun, since the metal is a good conductor of heat the sun will get hot and that person will die.
great now I got an anal phobia
Dennis Olsson (3 days ago)
Dumbass (3 days ago)
Category: Entertainment
Marie Joseph (3 days ago)
how did did stretch their butt back in the day?
Ninepines (3 days ago)
Do your research. Iron Maidens being used as a torture device are entirely fictitious
2 fat 2 carry (3 days ago)
most painfull torture is to force the victim to step on lego block.
Favorite part when he blew shitted all over wall
Luke DeLeon (4 days ago)
The sawing one made me clench my vagina and I don't even have one
Money Talks (4 days ago)
Humans are the worst thing to happen to this earth... and I want no part of them
Brandon Sant (4 days ago)
Where the fuck is "Columbia"? It's called Colombia.
Landen HD (4 days ago)
11. Watch ali a dance... This is a joke so dont get salty
Phew thank Lord I was born in this century
Jin Kazama (4 days ago)
so cruel and unusual
Petunia Wigglebottom (5 days ago)
Go to Reddit's 'badcopnodonut.com', and you'll find things just as bad. Different, but the victims still end up viciously tortured and just as dead.
The Awesome Potato (5 days ago)
Alex_ 09 (5 days ago)
Im Lucky im Born in the Right Generation and Right Country "Philippines" cuz there is no torture in philippines
Bournemouth07 (5 days ago)
The Iron Maiden was actually made up in the 19th century and was never used as a torture device! What a load of bs!!
Funk Faster Dietrich (5 days ago)
Gonna rock my Columbian Necktie at the office tomorrow..
Nelo Novosel (5 days ago)
The columbian necktie was inspired by the croat necktie
Gunvolt (5 days ago)
Remember when video games caused all this?
Balaji Raj (5 days ago)
In south india we hace a method....we use to spread salt in cows skin and patch it on human naked body and leave him in hot place to dry after a day the pick it ...his skin also comes and put salt on his skinless body
grazer770 (5 days ago)
Dabasaurus J.C (5 days ago)
This is like an Imax intro
Harry Potter (5 days ago)
Why am i even watching this
Janis Berzins (5 days ago)
We are very "intelectual" species.
Nevor yard (5 days ago)
Meanwhile people are still praying to god for shit. If there was even a god, why would he/she allow this shit?! You folks kill me with the stupidity.
Ahmed Fox (5 days ago)
How curler humans can be? A rock once told "be human", it replied "I can't be, with all this cruelty"
10D T3CHN0 A5Y1UM (5 days ago)
Id rather that my gf makes me cum and she still suck
Bonney Dahlquist (6 days ago)
Did he say you can kill a thot with a crossbow?
Plebian Media (6 days ago)
What I don’t understand is how the victims allowed it to happen. Like if somebody was pushing me in that bull I would just try my hardest to not go in and eventuallly they would just have to kill me in a much less painless way. Maybe I’m just simplifying it too much but that’s just what I would do
Jameson Vi (6 days ago)
The picture at 3:54 is a Korean Military Policeman with Korean people not Chinese.
Nexus Randy (6 days ago)
Sound like fun
Jorge Garcia (6 days ago)
None of these compare to the worst in all human history Forcefully stepping on legos
Ok I'm creeper out now :-(((((
Mia Nel (6 days ago)
Damn. #10 genuinely made me cry. No jokes
Food4u (6 days ago)
7:10 what is that pic in the background where its happen.
Aliens are better than humans
Disposable Gadget (6 days ago)
I'll never complain about splinters again...
Ashley Rossiter (7 days ago)
Brooo the one where they cut you in half and the one where the shoved a stick up ur ass till it comes out your mouth fuck all of them made me feel sick
Berkeclor92 (7 days ago)
I prefer a gas chamber
Biyson (7 days ago)
The box with horny immature individuals called school is still tort.... **sees blood eagle** Schools great. Not one complaint.
While performing the blood eagal the victim couldn't make a noise or they would not be welcomed into Valhalla
Sha Gojō (7 days ago)
Those who did this will be punished as such in hell. Curse them
Al Cappuccino (7 days ago)
The Iron Maiden is a myth, erroneously “reconstructed” by historians in the 1800s investigating medieval dungeons.
Barakudaa (7 days ago)
What am I doing here? Again???
Javado21 (7 days ago)
Good job vlad. Remove kebab master
honeybunny8 (7 days ago)
Um going to go watch happy things now🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
itzsteph ★ (7 days ago)
I keep moving around watching this video 💀
Fanatic _YT (7 days ago)
I regret watching this
G. Reilly (7 days ago)
marco solis (7 days ago)
if you think about a gun dosent sounds bad
Vicente Remo (7 days ago)
They need to bring these back and implement on today's hardcore criminals.
Dalion Heart (7 days ago)
I lost interest by number 2. The Iron maiden was never used at any point in history. It is a 19th century myth designed to elaborate on how uncivilized the 18th century was. It was made popular by Hollywood.
Kanal Kanal (7 days ago)
This generation is the most least brutal than the past gen. Because we have human rights.
kishan kitoo (7 days ago)
One of those instances where I'd rather listen to JB
Marc6ix (8 days ago)
That brazen sounds nightmarish💀
Newbie Vlogger (8 days ago)
Still scared of ghost?
DeathStar Alex (8 days ago)
im a kid
chronicstamped (8 days ago)
The creators and users of these machines are in hell now
Aimee Ross (8 days ago)
Before watching this: 12-15 needles in my neck isnt bad for a deadly virus. After: I think ill stick with my monocleuosis with a weak immune system
Rob Boss (8 days ago)
There's some things in human history that i think we just need to forget lol
GlitterEX (8 days ago)
6:36 poor turkeys
Jason Morris (8 days ago)
Ok.. now that I seen this.. where are the antifa and Democrats
And wiat I know a torture that some people might do first they hang a rope on a tree and the victim would stand on something Then they kick the thing off to make them scream more agony they would use a axe then they would hit there legs with the axe intill they come off that way they can really feel how it feels to chew five gum
Makai (8 days ago)
smh Escanor could survive every one of these methods
GuitarDudeTv (8 days ago)
is this still a punishment that people still do?
Malcolm Reynolds (8 days ago)
The Iron Maiden actually was never used. It was created as sort of a sideshow attraction I'm Victorian London but was never actually utilized.
RustyShackelford6 (8 days ago)
When there was no internet no Netflix no YouTube. Rulers just bored thinking up crazy shit to do
Valaha (8 days ago)
i tried these all of ten stuffs, its bullshit. I survived.
xp_clan (8 days ago)
We are lucky that we born not like them 👌
Rusty Shackleford (8 days ago)
Honestly the Turks had it coming

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