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Top 10 Most Brutal Methods of Execution in History

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Throughout history, people have been punished for the crimes they've committed by horrific methods of torture and executions. Today, these punishments seem so cruel it's hard to believe they were used for centuries. Check out 10 of the most brutal methods of execution in history.
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TATERxTOT (1 hour ago)
People act like we are at the end of times right now because the world is so “bad” they need a wake up call and need to watch this shit
TATERxTOT (1 hour ago)
Please reincarnation don’t be real
Borderlands808 (2 hours ago)
What an interesting species you humans are.
Sarp sönmez (2 hours ago)
*myth:* "The Turkish Sultan ordered his army to retreat immediately." *reality:* Vlad was killed and his head was put on a stick and shown around for a week. You can actually make a research about it, and the Turkish Sultan is the one who conquered Istanbul, Mehmet the Conquerer. :) Do some researches before posting shit.
Edilberto HV (2 hours ago)
I hate humans now omg
your watching this without full screen
Cassix (3 hours ago)
Yeah i rather die by a bullet
K. Butterflys dont look as pretty now.
Obrad Drakulic (5 hours ago)
7:10 somebody read The Bridge Over Drina I see
Owethu Dlamini (6 hours ago)
I am so glad that South Africa never had such things #BLESSEDLIFE 😂😁😣😥😢😭😵😨😱
Pie King 1 (8 hours ago)
Im glad i didint live back then
Simile, Not Smile (9 hours ago)
I can't get through the entire video. This is just sick. Why on earth would anyone do this???
James Byrne (9 hours ago)
Hense,,raise the stakes.
Kisu _ (10 hours ago)
I played Amnesia (Old game from 2012, tells about man who lost his memory, and didn't know that he tortured people) So I know half of these ;_;
Hatim Humaid (11 hours ago)
FANTASICK (11 hours ago)
The Iron Maiden wasn’t a torture device. That’s just a myth. It was created as more of a novelty.
Whoah, I lucky! I live in Russia and in our country executs are banned for long time. China is terrible.
X striker (19 hours ago)
I think *walk the plank* is brutal also
backrack01 (20 hours ago)
I started off looking at a review of a LG dryer. YouTube... What happened? :/
aima indigo (20 hours ago)
I'm traumatised just having watched this.....
Mikishots (21 hours ago)
Evergreen? Bamboo is a grass, not a tree.
Princess. E (21 hours ago)
Sawing them from their crotch? Damn
Princess. E (21 hours ago)
Princess. E (21 hours ago)
Oh shit was the iron maiden in Matilda
John Harvath (22 hours ago)
Now it's called rap/hip hop. lol!! Most of them sound like they have a greased rectum. lololo!!!
Devin Mendez (22 hours ago)
They forgot the My Pillow guy commercials.
Craig Tucker (22 hours ago)
Those ancient farts got nothing on the trifecta of murder: Bush, Obama, and Trump.
ThatKidAllen (22 hours ago)
Number nine is like rape but with a 80 inch long penis the it going for you butt to your brain
Christopher (23 hours ago)
Time to bring some of it back.. instead of sending them to club fed at the tax payers expense
Dolphindan (23 hours ago)
The Iron Maiden wasn’t real
Eli_ARMY (23 hours ago)
Why do i even watch this... FBI dont worry this was just in my recommend...
DBiaC (23 hours ago)
What the fuck was wrong with people
Dynamic Panda (23 hours ago)
*humans are the kindest creatures on the planet!* Me: *watches this* You sure bout that?
Amanda Witherspoon (1 day ago)
They should bring all of these back and use them on child molesters and animal abusers.
Stephaine Cheang (1 day ago)
I now need something to cure what I just saw....
Arthur Wesley (1 day ago)
My small penis was a good execution
QUACK DUCKER (1 day ago)
Top 10 full of Fucking ouches.
Khyree Lareau (1 day ago)
Idk if the lady m last one worse than being sawed in half while still alive bish
Josiah Teshome (1 day ago)
I will bit off my tongue like 7 hour before the execution
abdullah waseer (1 day ago)
kaseyarcher335 (1 day ago)
i find it shocking that us humans used to do this omg its horrible I'm so glad i was born in this generation
pkbjorn35 (1 day ago)
Anyone commiting such torture on anyone should be killed. A terrorist..kill him. A solo psyco...kill him. A war lord...kill him.
noyoucanttellmewhat (1 day ago)
get out of my recommended
Créme (1 day ago)
Why was this in my recommended
hapdf (1 hour ago)
because deep down Inside you're a sadistic insane person. A YouTube knows it.
HxmZa (1 day ago)
Great video made me cum at least twice
Jacob Lewis (1 day ago)
It's Colombia not columbia
J Pennington (1 day ago)
They forgot HIlary Clinton speeches
Wierdoo (1 day ago)
7:31 that is clad tepes is from my country, Romania even know as Dracula
Do not dislike this (1 day ago)
Listening to Justin bieber for 24 hours with duct tape over your mouth so you have to swallow your own vomit
HeathNation2465 (1 day ago)
Why is this on my recommendations?
Minux (1 day ago)
2019, the most brutal torture: Offending someone
Andrew Woo (1 day ago)
Dude, the iron maiden is a hoax. Honestly, I'm staying away from your videos until you start fact checking your stuff.
lizz bachir (1 day ago)
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Yupdedo (1 day ago)
H... Help
jpablo700 (1 day ago)
Oh.. Humanity.. Evil.. Asteroid: you can strike earth and destroy our civilizations at any time now.
Stinkbomb999 (1 day ago)
Colombia not columbia
Angelus Umbra (1 day ago)
Scaphism is just...wow. I thought nothing would top the brazen bull, simply because the sick fuck who created it made it change the cries of agony into a bull's roar. The fact that he made a horrific way to die into an art form (in his mind) shows a certain sick enjoyment to the taking of life... But then I got to "the boats". For fuck's sake, that is just atrocious.
LangBellsChannel (1 day ago)
8:01 Thumbnail.
Dwight Schrute (1 day ago)
I believe that when people die they just lose consciousness and that’s that, which makes this so much more terrifying to me, could you imagine your last 3 days of existence consisting of pure psychological horror, and your last 3 minutes pure physical horror...
Dwight Schrute (1 day ago)
I feel like the bamboo one would be too slow to hurt
becca smith (1 day ago)
People say humans are evil these days, but I think people were way more evil back then. People have always been evil
dexterdog62 (2 days ago)
Well this was a whole bunch of shit I didn’t really need to know.
Ruby Sage (2 days ago)
They should bring this back for child molesters and child killers.
Xenoslyce (2 days ago)
Why does the thumbnail look like 2D from Gorillaz?
Dave (2 days ago)
Im ok with this video. Ive seen worse shit and im only 13
FЗЕLS • (2 days ago)
Number one is a bit too much even for my standarts... Other ones arent that bad
Sander Smith (2 days ago)
The Iron Maiden was never used
Tyson Johnson (2 days ago)
I enjoyed this
Kyl barry (2 days ago)
hahha hammers a stake up the anus like you would when putting up a tent during boy scouts 😂😂😂😂
MrGreen Thumb213 (2 days ago)
hahah i love how the videos are edited. Lmao sounds dope how you say the names. like some mortal combay shit
oluwadamilola oludayo (2 days ago)
i cringed
FacePalm (2 days ago)
Hung Drawn and Quartered, anyone?
Alt Tab Sequence (2 days ago)
human can be more evil than satan himself
TASI Channel (2 days ago)
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Ripley was talking about earth when she said "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.".
Exasperation (2 days ago)
So there's clickbait channels like watch mojo about to hit 20 millions subscribers and there's professional content like this with only 36k... I hate society.
Lemz (2 days ago)
No lead sprinkler?
Brazzy Babii (2 days ago)
*Why is this so...entertaining...*
Steve Nichols (5 hours ago)
Yeup lol guys that rape hurt murder innocent woman deserve the Roasted one wouldn't you agree???
Leah_hybrid-3- (2 days ago)
*jumps off empire state building* 😵
The lingchi made my nose, ears, knees, and my whole body scared
Also my nose is crying right now
Peter Serrano (3 days ago)
0:47 that country is named Colombia, NOT "Columbia"
murdok (3 days ago)
Why is this in my recommended, and why do i like it so much?!
Sontonus Prime (3 days ago)
It’s sad to know that the last bit of pleasure the Turks got was from the prostate bet the gays loved it 😂 (I should be aloud to say that I’m bi)
Ava_ Playz (3 days ago)
*why on Earth is this not age restricted?*
DrQuell11 (3 days ago)
Mega Knight (3 days ago)
All pictures was shot from logan paul
Lisa Ridgeway (3 days ago)
The sawing one is so cringe that I had to close my legs a bit tight 🙁
Bigg Sapp (3 days ago)
Y ppl are savages
Dimitrios Skafidas (3 days ago)
Aliens: Hey look another populated planet, let's conquer them Humans: *troll face* here watch this Aliens: *run faster than any flash*
Tyler Vincent (1 day ago)
Start greasing up the stakes!!!
Exotic Butthurt (3 days ago)
The Paul brothers are modern day torture
Ice , (3 days ago)
Well im not sleeping tonight anyway
js35701 (3 days ago)
Why is jill so skinny
Venomous Queen (3 days ago)
Poor rattos.
Samantha jenks (3 days ago)
Iron maiden is horrid
Kenneth Tomaszewski (3 days ago)
Goverments need to be destroyed
siskavard (3 days ago)
the shitty editing in this video should be in the top ten
Steven Ryoter (3 days ago)
the electric chair doesn't sound so bad now huh?
Orashgle (3 days ago)
8:59 solider
Katie Duhh (3 days ago)
The eagle one was my fav
Katie Duhh (3 days ago)
Sri Krishna yadavalli lol
Sri Krishna yadavalli (3 days ago)
+Katie Duhh just kidding
Katie Duhh (3 days ago)
Sri Krishna yadavalli (3 days ago)
+Katie Duhh oh it's ok you will get what you like 😊
Katie Duhh (3 days ago)
Sri Krishna yadavalli lol I’m weird 🤪
No you (3 days ago)
Let me just throw up.
hentai lover (3 days ago)
iron maiden \m/

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