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School Lockdown Stories Animated

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This is an animation I made from Mr. Nightmare's Video: '3 Creepy True School Lockdown Stories' You can watch the rest of the stories here: https://youtu.be/kKDHnbsYWWM Please send stories to [email protected] Twitter - https://twitter.com/llama_arts Support the channel Merch - https://crowdmade.com/llamaarts Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/llamaarts Amazon links USA - https://www.amazon.com/?tag=llamaarts-20 UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/?tag=llamaarts-21 Canada - https://www.amazon.ca/?tag=llamaarts06-20 Germany - https://www.amazon.de/?tag=llamaarts01-21 Spain - https://www.amazon.es/?tag=llamaarts0c-21 France - https://www.amazon.fr/?tag=llamaarts0e-21 Italy - https://www.amazon.it/?tag=llamaarts0b-21 Music in this story by CO.AG Music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcavSftXHgxLBWwLDm_bNvA **Use of any audio or affiliated animations of these videos on any other social media website without expressed permission is a direct violation of copyright law and will be pursued.**
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Text Comments (27174)
Umbrella Dire (7 minutes ago)
I always bring a BB gun with me. Lockdown: *Happens* Me: Ahhh shit, here we go again
Brianna James (6 hours ago)
Name one person that would cry,and scream during a lockdown that could get you killed
KingKarrot YT (8 hours ago)
That classroom has terrible lights (before the lockdown)
FaKed lithx (14 hours ago)
And at school im happy to do lockdown drills
Savage money lays (3 days ago)
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HackNoTron (3 days ago)
America , fuckkk yeahhh
Katie katears (3 days ago)
They know you can text the police if you can’t talk?
PARAXSCS (3 days ago)
Llama Arts: normal name and normal profile of a llama and looks innocent♡ Llama Arts's videos: *I'm gonna end this whole man's career*
Sunset_ Cøøkie (4 days ago)
i was in 3d grade and a actually lockdown happend my classmates all cried i just sat there and 7 hours passed we all heard gunshots i started to cry all cried
Becky I'm going to school tomorrow
Midnight_dolphins (4 days ago)
Funny thing is I watched this before lockdown that happened in my school then next day 😂😂
Yoshie BBOOII (4 days ago)
Girl:NooO Me: are trying to get killed shut up
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Kelly Vu (5 days ago)
i would’ve beat that bitch up that was crying and yelling smh
Savage money lays (2 days ago)
The student who farts
Zayden McGraw (3 days ago)
@Savage money lays -_-
Zayden McGraw (3 days ago)
@Savage money lays r/youngpeopleyoutube
Savage money lays (3 days ago)
Zayden McGraw ?
Zayden McGraw (3 days ago)
Michee Crudo (5 days ago)
But im not goth
Michee Crudo (5 days ago)
I love scary things
Michee Crudo (5 days ago)
I love watching things like this because
Kacchan _ (5 days ago)
Bro wtf U still doin in that school if it were me I’d be like yeetus to da damn feetus I’m OUT
Sup Jello (5 days ago)
If that happened to me I would go to the person that I hate the most and grab their arm then I would open the door throw the person I hate to most to the killer then close the door and sit down 🤣🤣🤣🤣
If that bitch girl was in my class I would shove her out the class
Master Ryan (6 days ago)
David Pargaruejdt (6 days ago)
That was momo
David Pargaruejdt (6 days ago)
*i hope not*
David Pargaruejdt (6 days ago)
#i hope my school will not get lock down#
These lockdown stories are pretty scary (sometimes i like hearing scary shit lol), it's a good thing that these things only happen in the USA.
Ranajut Banerjee (6 days ago)
How stupid and idiot was the first girl
James Lopez (7 days ago)
:officer kills Lockdown man :speaker the man is Gone thanks to the FBI
Juliya Glikman (7 days ago)
Shooter FBI open up boy y’all gunna die bruther Girl He he I’m Michael Jackson
Kodecks Reed (7 days ago)
When your hiding from him and then you sneeze
br3ath78 (7 days ago)
Stop making all your videos scary it’s giving me nightmares😰
Almighty amv (8 days ago)
Shooter: open the fuck up Girl: nooo Me: shut your bitch ass up
~wiggle~ ~wiggle~ ~wiggle~ ~wiggle~ ~wiggle~ ~wiggle~
Milque &Peaches (8 days ago)
It's weird how there eyes glow when the lights are turned off ;------------------------;
gabrielle lasao (8 days ago)
The two girls that was crying was sooo dumb you could have died
ljcoolgaming (8 days ago)
Man : F B I O P E N U P ! ! !
Just in case your scared ❤️🧡💙💞💗💖❣️💖💛💖💛💚💚❣️💞❣️❣️❣️❣️💞💞💞💚💚💗💘💘💞💘❤️💝💞💞💓💗💖💕❣️💞❤️💞💖💚💖💔💛💖❣️🧡🧡💖🧡🧡🧡🧡💓💓💞💜💕💕💝💝💕💞💞💗💖💘💕💘💖💗💞💞💕💝💕💝💞💞💓💗💓💓💞💞💘💘💘💖💝💞💞💞💘💞💘💞💘💞💘💘💓💓💘💓💘💓💕💓💕💓💘💓💘💓💘💓💘💘💖💗💖💖💖💝💖💝💖💖💝💝💞💞💓💓💗💗💗💝🕉💞💗💖💖💓💝💝❤️🧡🧡💛💙💗💗💗💗💗💓💟💘💝💝💝💝💞💘💘💞💘💘💘💘💝💘💝💖💝💖💝💖💟💖💟💖💝💝💘💘💘💘💓💘💘💘💘💝💝💝💖💞💞💓💓💘💓💝💘💝💘💝💝💖💖💖💝💝🌠🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🍋🍊🍇🍐🍐🍏🍌🍌🍒🍒🍑🍇
Surpreme Void (9 days ago)
*Shooter bangs on door Girl:NO! Me:sHuT yO aSs uP
Jon Korpan (9 days ago)
Classic america
DA BANNANA (9 days ago)
I just watched this one without animation,I click on this....it’s the same one with animation.immma still watch it.
Zania SD (9 days ago)
Magnetic Edits (9 days ago)
Retarded girl: NOOOOOOO Me: slowly chokes her in a headlock
zoeydream YT (10 days ago)
Girls: *cries* 😭 Boys: meh.. We'll handle this 😎
Kinadee’s GachaWorld (10 days ago)
*guy bangs on door* Girl: NO!! Me: *whispers* shut the hell up
The Master (10 days ago)
Girl:NO ME:Bitch you not bout to get me killed
Mr Alexstartrix (10 days ago)
It said stories but there was 1 story
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Sedric Watters (11 days ago)
Dumb people 😑
DEUS VULT (11 days ago)
Come on, there is a window for a reason.
Sander Silabay (11 days ago)
Imagine the 2 Boy's know how to fight especialy when theres A school lockdown
the anime kid (11 days ago)
Kids:😫😫😫😫😫😫 Me:oh heeeell naaaahaa
Ak 208282 (12 days ago)
All the boys 😳 All the girls 😭
Lao 001 (12 days ago)
This reminds me about one time in my school. Gym was about to end until the Lockdown Alarm went off. The teachers said they didnt get notified for a lockdown drill. I was a little bit scared. I hated the schools interior design, mostly because there is glass almost everywhere. I don't even know if its bullet proof. Then after the lockdown, I asked some students and my friends on what happened. Some of them said: "The Technicians were fixing the automatic door in the Child Care area, causing the alarms to go off."
Minecraft and more (12 days ago)
Gacha_Marty The weirdo (12 days ago)
Never would you yell NO! To a killer
Bacon Hair (13 days ago)
If i was you i would say SHUT THE FUCK UP to those girls
BadLemon (13 days ago)
Your school got shot up because you used sporgle instead of kahoot
lil zhanger (14 days ago)
school: lockdown! run to hide, kids! *near a classroom* *something knocks on the door* * a kid walks up to the door and is about to open it* *door gets kicked* the lockdown crime: FBI OPEN UP
Broken And Woken (14 days ago)
I remenber a lockdown drill when i was in 5th grade. So we were all in the corner the one kid farts like mad loud. Then my friend says "I can feel the vibration"
Popkids Junior (14 days ago)
Call the Cops 👮Teachers
Carsgames2019 (14 days ago)
leighra Lody (14 days ago)
July 2019 anyone still watching 🤗🤗
demetrio rea (14 days ago)
school lock down off light some guy hide
Grimm Plant (15 days ago)
Let me in! Ill give some free V-Bucks...
Madison Taylor (15 days ago)
Oml this was my first video I watched like 1 year ago
tiabkcilc (16 days ago)
pumped up kicks starts playing
Issac Olmedo (16 days ago)
This is fake because then it would have been on the news
nena Tarax (17 days ago)
That happened to US my Friends were crying and someone had a gun and we heard a scream IT was a gril and IT ended we were in pe and peaple still crying like shut up ot finished its over forget about it😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Sentia Pan (17 days ago)
Boi a broke school
Sentia Pan (17 days ago)
Killer: open up!!!!!!! Girl: nooo!!! Me: shut up right now or ill kill you
Malachi Bell (17 days ago)
Is this true
Mezcon (19 days ago)
Oh look, Dr. Doom came to visit.
KM The Troller (19 days ago)
1:41 it was at that moment he knew..... he fucked up
ROBLOX Ninja (19 days ago)
Like the dumb self I am I would just get a chair and kill the person
Jasmine Dicla (19 days ago)
Why are even schools open in some countries? Ours literally closed after school starts so we don't have any of those kind of drills
Malcom So Cool (20 days ago)
that's scary
ryan seward (20 days ago)
I've never had a school lockdown.
king of the year (20 days ago)
Sierra Baker (20 days ago)
1:54 *banging* *loud crying* Me: Bitch, you must wanna die!
Serupz (20 days ago)
Mane they should of had minis or bandages
Kelvin aka rpg (21 days ago)
Bro I peed in my pants
Kyren See (21 days ago)
That character looks like The glitter force Character
Rainblowskull Yt (21 days ago)
This scarred the crap out of me
Beauthe101 (22 days ago)
I don’t get why when there’s a school shooter in the school you have to hide in the corner like he totally not gonna see us.
Not _awkward (22 days ago)
When your classmates bully you for having an Android but then the school shooter yells “hey Siri” and your the last one left
Percs Lol (23 days ago)
Wait hold up 7th period
Robert N (23 days ago)
Ok. You are in a situation where there is a insane mental man banging on a door. Then these idiotic whiny girls start CRYING OUT LOUD and SCREAMING OUT LOUD! Like, holy crap, what is wrong with girls?
Flash-2 (23 days ago)
Me: *pushes the crying girl towards the door* you can have the bitch, just don’t hurt me!
ManInTheMask 360 (24 days ago)
Wait... dose’t the FBI or the AFB or the swat come ASAP
XGAMERSAVAGE (24 days ago)
Mario 6 (24 days ago)
iivyii }{ (24 days ago)
Jannick Goesch (25 days ago)
0:56 : *I gEt ThOsE gOoSeBumPsE eVeRyTiMe*
M1nTy_Chr1s (26 days ago)
:killer ILL KILL ALL OF U he didnt kill all of us
Billie and Brandon (27 days ago)
no mercy (27 days ago)
Girl: nOOOOOO Teacher: *said stay quiet in the corner 5 mins ago* Me: you're so dumb.
YEET GARFILF (29 days ago)
Joey Esparza (29 days ago)
This the same story mr nightmare told
jalizzaa (1 month ago)
girls: ^cries^ me:SHUT THE F...

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