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5 Year Long hair gone in 34 minutes

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Text Comments (153)
Frenchinmiami (11 days ago)
It always been saddens me so much when I see such beautiful hair gone. There must be some secretive sadistic pleasure from the stylist to cut such hair.
Rainer Winkler (7 days ago)
Frenchinmiami The Stylist does it with her consent 🤦🏻‍♂️
Lena TV (12 days ago)
DoDo AUDY AUDY (16 days ago)
From where this crazygirl
Stacey Otey (17 days ago)
O my she looks like a dude now yikes
sohbno2 (21 days ago)
Yes maybe a shame to cut off her long dark hair but 34 minutes later she's still beautiful.
Bobbie Quinn (22 days ago)
So nice to see all that long hair chopped off into a nice Short Boy Cut!
Angel (23 days ago)
I bet her neck feels better after getting that weight taken off of it.
MH (26 days ago)
Lisa Lisa (26 days ago)
Looks terrible
MALAR R (1 month ago)
She is crying
BLacK MamBa (1 month ago)
Why cut it?! Why I f i was your boyfriend i would have KILLED you for cutting such a SEXY HAIR!!!!
Pavan Kumar (1 month ago)
sidney dos santos (1 month ago)
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smile make (2 days ago)
queria o meu assim
andré rasemont (1 month ago)
T'est contente, ça t'fais rire, ben pas moi, et tu ne rira pas bien longtemps, couper ça va vite repousser c'est plus long. Je serai ton bonhomme, je te dirais "au revoir, cherche un autre pigeon"
Cees Lindelauf (2 months ago)
Waarom zo kort?
Debi Barrington (2 months ago)
Does this guy have a license ..
Bobbie Quinn (2 months ago)
I love watching her getting Chopped into a nice short boy cut!
Giulia Napoli (2 months ago)
I think this is a wonderful transformation. It starts with a pretty but ordinary young woman - ordinary because she has WAY TOO MUCH hair - and ends with a stunning, edgy beauty. The hairdresser has the cutting skills of a trained barber, and the artistry of the best stylists. This was a superbly-executed combination of model, hairdresser, imagination, image and style. Wow.
Sonu Kumar (2 months ago)
Prasanna shilpa Shilpa (2 months ago)
Olivia L (2 months ago)
I think she would have looked better with a long bob rather than a pixie cut bc it makes her look really boyish
Lisa Scarrott (2 months ago)
Wtf looks bloody awful on her not all women can have short hair like this
Buzz Cut (2 months ago)
You look very, very handsome with your short haircut.🙇‍❤️😍
Mahesh Kumar (2 months ago)
She look like a shit
Fizza Iqbal (2 months ago)
Long hairs gone in 35 min instead of that my all hairs gone in 35 min hahahahahahahaha
Этому старику кто доверил ножницу ,неужели таковой таковой старец способен мастерить добро ,лучше ему наверное не подпускать вблизи к прекрасным дамам ,махом общипает и таких уродок делает,ему наверное и не постыдно ,ведь он существование прожил,а такую общипанную сейчас кто замуж возьмет? Что творишь ты ?
Android User (2 months ago)
Un carré court m'aurait mieux plu...
Kannan Arjun (3 months ago)
donate for girls hair
hamburgmario1 (3 months ago)
so cute and cool short Hair for beautiful Girl<3 The best boyisch Haircut for beautiful Girl <3
Ntinos Tour (3 months ago)
Τέλεια αλλαγή αλλά θα το προτιμούσα πιο κοντό
RaghunathSing Tilakchand (3 months ago)
Proud of u. Keep it up for your whole life
Sean DuCiaome (4 months ago)
Long hair
HWSNS (4 months ago)
nicht kurz genug dein Kopf müsste ganz Glatt Rasiert sein
Aliaa Almahfouz (4 months ago)
She looks bad after the hair cut😭 What a shame 💔
Bhumi Patel (2 months ago)
R X (2 months ago)
Aliaa Almahfouz you look bad after your mom born you
Aliaa Almahfouz (5 months ago)
She looks like a boy 😂😂💔
Mahesh Mahesh T K (6 months ago)
I like long hair cut
Adrian Amundsen (6 months ago)
shes soo beautiful. im like nooo
daniel celestino (6 months ago)
shouth cut all her llonggest hair bald ok
Imelda Flynn (6 months ago)
what a waste looked best with her long hair
emerckx53 (6 months ago)
It’s her hair. Great boy cut. Good on her she wanted to cut it. She was sexy during the cut. ❤️
Ruma Saha (6 months ago)
Ms Suarez Presley (6 months ago)
Boring, took too long
ChiMom Morris (6 months ago)
Another HAPPY customer! NOT!
N fa (7 months ago)
Gorgeous haircut. Keep it short
Dunia Maya (7 months ago)
Really stupid
Same Bansal (7 months ago)
She looks much much better now. He is very talented stylist. From very ordinary girl he has turned her into beauty queen. All unnecessary stuff was removed completely. Now she looks much younger like a small boy. Very good haircut.
StigandStem (7 months ago)
She was beautiful until that man made her ugly
Suraj Verma (7 months ago)
I want to. Meet her
sidney dos santos (7 months ago)
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sidney dos santos (7 months ago)
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Kubuś Puchatek (7 months ago)
What is her name and how can i talk with her?
sidney dos santos (7 months ago)
Suraj Verma Oi liga
Suraj Verma (7 months ago)
What is the name of girl
Suraj Verma (7 months ago)
But why you have cut it
R X (2 months ago)
Suraj Verma why not
Suraj Verma (7 months ago)
Wow what a long hair
Kannan Arjun (7 months ago)
wow very very beautiful hair cut
MEGHA PRANKRISHNA (7 months ago)
Long hair is always look attractive rather than short hair.
Prashant Shukla (2 months ago)
Girl looks like an angel in short hair and long hair like rubbish
N fa (4 months ago)
The opposite is true. Only if you have had short hair, then long hai can be appreciated
abasketboy (6 months ago)
Her hair looked lovely! There was no need to cut her hair short.
Odeleya R (7 months ago)
MEGHA PRANKRISHNA not if the hair looks disgusting and frizzy
Rashid Surati (8 months ago)
Head SHAVE please baby
Very good
Otto Normal (8 months ago)
Stupid girl!!!
cindy fbr (8 months ago)
Qui pour me les couper aussi court ?!
cindy fbr (7 months ago)
Jimmy Hautecloche oh oui😉 j en ai trop marre de mes cheveux longs
ThylAcnl Et Lyloo Gacha (8 months ago)
cindy fbr moii lol non je rigole
166PolarBear (8 months ago)
Stupid woman, some women can only dream of having hair like that and ruins hers, shame on her
Odeleya R (7 months ago)
166PolarBear she doesn't need ur freakin permission to cut her hair. She doesn't need ur opinion either. She's beautiful with or without hair. U wouldn't say that to a girl with cancer would u
Carlos Galván (8 months ago)
So sexy video, she lost a wonderful and sexy mane...
the man with a brain (8 months ago)
Looks horrible. Worthless
Sean Zii (8 months ago)
Well to each their own, however if she finds out it sucks it’s going to be a long damn time to get back what she had taken. Looks like just another short haired girl versus a hot long maned babe.
Rick Schmitt (8 months ago)
I prefer her with more feminine long hair. But she doesn't look too bad with short hair.
George Papadimitriou (7 months ago)
100% agree
You look sad and the stylist hardly cares! It will grow back soon...choose a better stylist next time!
S g (8 months ago)
murkh... idiot
Raj Gope (8 months ago)
Kiya ladki hai year ladka model koj rahi hai Kiya
TVSP S (8 months ago)
Can you tell me the location of your saloon I will visit you
Ahmed Noor (5 months ago)
Do you want to cut yuor hair
Athanasia Athanasia (8 months ago)
It s a crime to beauty ...cruel
ANGE KRUMINS (8 months ago)
Edward scissor hands. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Baby c (8 months ago)
Ewwwwwwe. From beautiful gorgeous hair. To looking like a boy. Why? And if she did want a change , why the hell cut it like that ? It looked like a hacked boy cut. At least could have done a cute bob or anything but that. Plus the pieces sticking up on top. Awful.
Ideas My style (8 months ago)
from a young and beautiful girl to a 13 years old boy.......well well
rose violet (8 months ago)
Cut hair shortold very beautiful
AllHopeIsGone six (8 months ago)
Herald Vetharaj (8 months ago)
Fantastic hair cut...
Subhash Subhash (8 months ago)
Amazing super
Goldfinger ruby (8 months ago)
Awful. all that beautiful feminine hair gone!!
Goldfinger ruby (7 months ago)
No problem x
Odeleya R (7 months ago)
Goldfinger ruby oh ok I understand your situation. Sorry about what happened! I think short haired girls are beautiful
Goldfinger ruby (7 months ago)
Didn't say she did need "My" permission. Where did I write that ? It's just that when I was about 13 and My mum allowed me to cut it short, I was waiting to be served in a store and the guy who was serving said to me. "yes Son" I was mortified!! Maybe that's why I associate short hair with guys, Sorry about that.
Odeleya R (7 months ago)
She can cut it if she wants to she doesn't need ur permission. Having hair doesn't make you feminine.
Marc Heiligenberg (8 months ago)
such gorgeous long black hair :( :(
Anthony Thompson (8 months ago)
From beauty to boyish.
R X (2 months ago)
Says the virgin.
Carlos Galván (8 months ago)
Atmachemtnanand Giri (8 months ago)
आप के यूट्यूब चलते नहीं ठीक कीज
Jagan Mohan (8 months ago)
By seeing the thumbnail I thought it was Suhana Khan.I think she should try this haircut.
tanra lodha (8 months ago)
looking ugly
ken stover (8 months ago)
I'm a licensed barber and she looks very cute and sexy in the very short pixie,but her hair was so thick I think you should have clippercut the back and sides because it sticks out way to much and would have looked much better hugging the neck cut closer
Debi Barrington (2 months ago)
In the eye of beholder..shes ugly now
Giulia Napoli (2 months ago)
I get what you're saying, but I liked the effect (except the "thick line" at the nape. I prefer a more tapered look. Is that what you meant?). I thought the hairdresser was rather barber-like in his execution. I expect you're much more of an expert than I am. I'm a fan of clipper cutting, because I like the symmetry of the cut, the close taper at the neckline and sides, and the effect of the hair standing out/standing up evenly (at least when it's short enough). How would you have done it differently with a clipper? I'm really interested.
Leon binks (8 months ago)
Very smart and tidy when it's all off
Anelie Nievera (8 months ago)
She looks like a boy... The barber is not good.. 😅😅
claudepgh (8 months ago)
Great Haircut. You look much better with that mop GONE. Shows off your gorgeous face and skin... You look amazing. Only insecure stupid people would object and not agree.
Odeleya R (7 months ago)
Ur right. Her hair was too long anyway. It was making her look homeless. I'm glad she chopped off all that useless hair it belongs in a trash bin.
Atul Gupta (8 months ago)
claudepgh rani
Atul Gupta (8 months ago)
claudepgh baby
Atul Gupta (8 months ago)
claudepgh good luck for
Atul Gupta (8 months ago)
claudepgh hai
沖野恵美子 (8 months ago)
Jim Skorupa (8 months ago)
Hans Becker (8 months ago)
Gore horror.
sidney dos santos (8 months ago)
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100 011 (9 months ago)
Where did u got that vid
Jesmine Jesmine (10 months ago)
why she cut her beautiful hair...
StigandStem (11 months ago)
Huge mistake
James Cowan (1 year ago)
It is not tragedy.
Can MEN have freedom to grow his hair on working place and boys in schools???
Julie Ackerson (1 year ago)
Why cut it?! Why???
Giulia Napoli (2 months ago)
+R X - YES! Why not! Don't be ordinary! Be exceptional!
Lisa Scarrott (2 months ago)
Looks awful bloody dreadful
Deborah Belden (8 months ago)
Julie Ackerson cuz sometimes a woman has to realize she's more than a damn pile of hair
Geovane Mori (8 months ago)
Donate, this videos is the from brazil.
Cancerian48 (1 year ago)
She had such beautiful long hair. It's wonderful to see her hair being put into a number of ponytails before they get snipped off one by one. Her new haircut is absolutely lovely and suits her perfectly. It makes her look really cute and sexy.
Lisa Scarrott (20 days ago)
It would look better in a shorter bob length hair or cut shoulder length. Not this short it looks terrible
Bobbie Quinn (2 months ago)
I agree, for those of you who don't get it, it's called a Hair Fetish! We LOVE watching Women getting their hair cut! The longer it is and the shorter it's cut, the better. She's not being forced, in fact she probably got paid.
Max Maxium (6 months ago)
I think she really liked it long.
Max Maxium (6 months ago)
How could you say that? No more braids and no more ponytails. Its not good that a woman cut her hair so short. You seem okay with the idea, but it gives me nightmares. It really does. It looks like she was being punished.
Odeleya R (7 months ago)
Cancerian48 I would just cut it by itself with no ponytail. That way you can just see the long locks fall to the floor
cheveuxlongs1 (1 year ago)
What a shame to cut a so long and beautiful hair !
John Michael (10 months ago)
No, she looks healthier with short hair
rac717 (11 months ago)
Not a bad cut, but your long hair was captivating and phenomenal, obviously. Hey, I get it, though. It can be tough to deal with. A future boyfriend is going to have a heart attack when he sees the old photos! lol Sultry and exotic hair gone.
Ape Juice (1 year ago)
CAPE ruins it, must do it without the cape, we must see the sleeveless arms as the hair is cut, the cape hides the nice body.
edward woodaqrd (1 year ago)
very well done free hand pixie cut pretty model has right face shape for the cut very sexy on her ed

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