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cartoon henchman feet tickled

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Any information about other tickling scenes is always much appreciated and can be posted here https://shorturl.at/hIU02 or either through comments, private messages or mail. Thank you for your support and thanks to all contributors who helped me find new scenes! I will try my best to find more.
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Text Comments (16)
Francisco Soto Villegas (4 months ago)
What cartoon is? Is some familiar...
minco2 (3 months ago)
Prudence petipas, episode 12
Davis Bowe (4 months ago)
Goddamn, don’t any women ever get tickled in these cartoons? Really don’t understand why animators are so obsessed with drawings men being tickled.
Soft Soleman05 (2 months ago)
+Erich Scheidle : Probably yes... 🤔
Erich Scheidle (2 months ago)
Probably because of political reasons.
minco2 (3 months ago)
Well, to that I don't know the answer.^^
Soft Soleman05 (3 months ago)
+minco2 : But why?? There are a reason on that. Seriously, it's always male feet tickled on cartoons. Women on that, not interesting? I really like female feet too.
minco2 (3 months ago)
Seems like the makers really do focus on male feet being tickled most of the times
Tickle torture. 👍 Is beautiful!
HeroeJay HeroeJay (4 months ago)

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