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Lucy's Feet Tickled

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andrei rara (1 month ago)
you got educational guidance
s md (2 months ago)
Episode 278
Luke Polidano (2 months ago)
What Episode?
TokuTickler (2 months ago)
Theory: The creator is aware that her fanbase has a foot fetish, and is stringing out foot scenes in a way that its enough to keep us waiting for more.
ShinyPikachu (2 months ago)
I can't here anything.
TINA CONDIC (3 months ago)
2019 here Now
Shiloh Wall (3 months ago)
Nice looking feet!
Ben Dover (4 months ago)
What is up with Everyone with Lucy's feet?
Shiloh Wall (28 days ago)
Because, they look sexy and beautiful! 😀
JG (5 months ago)
Mashima clearly has a fetish for lucy's feet, and there are more scenes that prove it.
The Crazy Bones Animator (5 months ago)
No sound :'(
Cat Maxine (5 months ago)
I need sound
Kyle Deely (5 months ago)
Yeah, if I was in Natsu's position I wouldn't be able to resist either.
Adjective Noun Number (5 months ago)
JJU Gaming (6 months ago)
Where is the sound
Cristian Lodi (6 months ago)
Why there isn't audio?
spikedpsycho (6 months ago)
Did the do the goat torture yet
Kyle Deely (5 months ago)
Yup. They sure have.
Jalen Moore (6 months ago)
Corc Frank (6 months ago)
What name this anime
Corc Frank (6 months ago)
Lil Brix thanks buddy
JQ SKY (6 months ago)
Corc Frank fairy tail
Joe Schmoe (6 months ago)
Time to report for copyright.
Shiloh Wall (28 days ago)
No, there are no copyright issues.
Haaaahaaa, no.
Joe Schmoe (5 months ago)
+The Animation Station 909 Literal thief.
Joe Schmoe party pooper
Elijah Shells (6 months ago)
Elijah Shells (5 months ago)
+Totally Not Cliche Who?
Totally Not Cliche (5 months ago)
+Elijah Shells it's me from amino
Elijah Shells (5 months ago)
+Totally Not Cliche ?
Totally Not Cliche (5 months ago)
Oh hi again
Ace gorillaz (6 months ago)
FTGenikit (6 months ago)
It was definitely worth waiting for!
+BushidoHoodlum i know, im just glad to see it in anime as well
BushidoHoodlum (4 months ago)
Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana this was in the manga
+SpecialCrasticPuppets we see this in animation, not manga
daniel hitman (6 months ago)

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