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How to Apply Deodorant

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AJ Explain how to use deodorant.
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Karin Bernhardt (1 month ago)
chats the problemen Prirrrrllllfffff
nicepopopop (2 months ago)
This video was very useful, especially I’m 12 and going through early puberty. It actually really helped, Thank You, AJ!
Johnny Jackson (2 months ago)
Is speed stick good deodorant
FunWithAJ (2 months ago)
Yes it is.
Ian_Iz_ Rainbowz (3 months ago)
Thank you. Seriously. Your channel really helps me. My dad was never around when I started going through puberty to teach me anything like this. I've had problems with my hygiene even though this stuff seems like it should be common sense
CalebHall (2 months ago)
Ian_Iz_ Rainbowz same my dad died when I was little and my mom doesn’t know
Alkaizer (3 months ago)
Instructions unclear, dick stuck in toaster.
Alkaizer (3 months ago)
FunWithAJ here https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/instructions-unclear
FunWithAJ (3 months ago)
Alkaizer seemed like a rude comment. Where this meme?
Alkaizer (3 months ago)
FunWithAJ uh, dude. It’s a meme, why the douchey response?
FunWithAJ (3 months ago)
Alkaizer lmao. I hope that negative attitude and disposition is giving you all you need in life because karma is certainly on it's way to you
DJ DC (4 months ago)
Couple of swipes?? You did like 9..
FunWithAJ (4 months ago)
DJ DC 3 on each pot suffices so 6 in total
MobileDecay (4 months ago)
Okay now I need a tutorial on how to wipe my ass. 🤔
Nash Espinosa (5 months ago)
5 minutes just to apply deodorant? Goddamn it.
sam doyle (5 months ago)
This made me relapse from nofap
DanielK (5 months ago)
Hi I just bought my first deodorant, I'm 13, up until recently I haven't had a issue with sweat odor, but I do sweat a lot very easily, I play soccer basically everyday, and shower in the night before bed, When do I put on the deodorant since I'm not a morning shower person? and how many swipes
Sophie The dog (12 days ago)
I’m 10 I got my first deodorant yesterday
DanielK (5 months ago)
FunWithAJ Ok thank you, this helped me alot!
FunWithAJ (5 months ago)
DanielK (5 months ago)
FunWithAJ and thank you so much for your help 😁
DanielK (5 months ago)
FunWithAJ So after I come back from practice, Take a shower, and then put on the deodorant?
Blake Carpenter (5 months ago)
Thank you so much I've stank for 10 years now I know. Thank you so much
Clorox bleach (6 months ago)
Clorox bleach (6 months ago)
It’s a joke because I stink and I am proud
FunWithAJ (6 months ago)
BASKETBALL IS LIFE (6 months ago)
And use an example
BASKETBALL IS LIFE (6 months ago)
Can you get a stick deodorant?
Edward Carpenter (6 months ago)
Try the degree cool rush stick that one is pretty good it has been my favorite since 2015 I truly recommend it
FunWithAJ (6 months ago)
Super what brand are you interested in me showing?
Rain Glow (6 months ago)
You should not take a shower everyday, it dries out the natural oils on your skin, unless you do sport, then you should shower everyday.
FunWithAJ (6 months ago)
Not true at all, you absolutely should shower everyday. However, you shouldn't wash your hair every day. That's what you are confusing.
TSA Master (7 months ago)
im extremely bored right now!! lol this is where i am now! xd
Stefan Luca (8 months ago)
Your oppinion about nivea invisible roll-on?How can i use this?
Stefan Luca (8 months ago)
FunWithAJ (8 months ago)
Stefan Luca Nivea is a good skin brand. I've never used that one specifically but I would do one wipe per arm pit. And see how it goes after a day or two. If you feel it's not enough do two per arm pit.
blank blank (8 months ago)
My own lasts 24 hours
FunWithAJ (8 months ago)
blank blank that's great!
Tentacion Lamb (9 months ago)
Does your deodorant smell good and can other people smell it when they are sitting by you? I use old spice but they changed the ingredients so I’m switching. Answer me pls
FunWithAJ (9 months ago)
Tentacion Lamb right now i use arm and hammer essentials. I use to use degree clinical strengths prior.
Tentacion Lamb (9 months ago)
What’s your deodorant name @funwithaj
FunWithAJ (9 months ago)
Tentacion Lamb i use a natural deodorant now. It smells great but it not as strong. You don't want to use one that is overwhelming otherwise people will think you're hiding a smell. Use one that medium in strength. Meaning you can smell it when on but it's not drowning people in scent.
naufil vajifdar (9 months ago)
Can We Use This Stick On Other body parts Like chest stomach??? Or just for underarm ??
FunWithAJ (9 months ago)
If it's a natural deodorant go for it. If it's not, I wouldn't.
Giani Vg (10 months ago)
Why we souldn't use deodorant spray? I always use spray from old spice and it's ok for me....idk
FunWithAJ (8 months ago)
It can overwhelm people if used in excess. Also, it can be harsher on the skin.
Andr Fed (11 months ago)
I use old spice figi and I use the stick kind. Is this okay?
Ethan Tanner (9 months ago)
Andr Fed also try krakengaurd, I use digital too
FunWithAJ (11 months ago)
Yes good brand.
Ninjanoahx Schumacher (1 year ago)
We're do you put it
Ninjanoahx Schumacher (1 year ago)
FunWithAJ how much do I put on for one day or how many times you put it on
FunWithAJ (1 year ago)
Ninjanoahx Schumacher under arm out for wipe on or Gel.You across chest for spray on in an x pattern
Tronic Entertainment (1 year ago)
lol someone used my deodarent and im 12 and scared to ask for more. And Advice?
Arber Ndoni (1 year ago)
If I use your great Technice can I smash
FunWithAJ (1 year ago)
Arber Ndoni yup!
Paige by the book (1 year ago)
How much deodorant should you put on if you have solid deodorant? Cause a lot of times I feel like i smell straight up like my deodorant. I put on 2 coats ( 1 coat being back AND forth) And also if you put on deodorant at night should you reapply it in the morning? Cause scientists say that antiperspirant works better if you apply it at night but they don't tell you if you apply it again in the morning or not.
FunWithAJ (1 year ago)
Paige972 I usually do and recommend 2-3 swipes up and down per armpit. That said if you're already doing close to that and still don't feel that it's working then I recommend a different brand or ever a clinical strength level which I sometimes use.
my name is jeff (1 year ago)
my deo smell sticks on my shirt when i sweat and it doesnt smell like it should be. any help?
FunWithAJ (1 year ago)
Everyone smells a little during the day, don't worry. If you a really consider bring a small stick of deodorant with you to refresh throughout the day.
my name is jeff (1 year ago)
i wear uniform, and my tshirt inside doesnt smell so good (armpit area), im thinking if my friends smells me like that :( (my armpit & uniform doesnt smell)
my name is jeff (1 year ago)
i use pure sport dry cream old spice
FunWithAJ (1 year ago)
my name is jeff try. different brand. maybe a clear gel.
320dufferin (1 year ago)
youre very nice looking 😉
320dufferin (1 year ago)
Arbiter117 i never bother with apostrophes ever since i got my tablet, and also the capital i when talking about myself. but i do know how to write properly! oh and capitals after a period too ...lol
m6usy (1 year ago)
320dufferin you're*
FunWithAJ (1 year ago)
320dufferin thank you for the kind comment
Anaikar Saad (1 year ago)
can we use a deo spray instead
Anaikar Saad (1 year ago)
is this harmful
edith guridi (1 year ago)
Hi, so I just saw a video saying that you are supposed to wear it AT NIGHT!!! so it works??? If you use it in the morning doesn't work as well... I never heard that before... maybe you know anything about this???
Grayson Bailey (1 year ago)
So I use a degree deodorant/anti perspirant, i put it on, let it dry, but I still sweat. Any help?
FunWithAJ (1 year ago)
Grayson Bailey you're always sweat, it's natural. You just need to make sure to always deodorant to mask some of it. Also you could try clinical strength deodorant. Degree and Mitchellem make them. They're more expensive but work great.
Raven Mae (1 year ago)
In the morning , I need to apply deodorant or not?
FunWithAJ (1 year ago)
Yes, always.
MrPackerAnderson (2 years ago)
People have gotten so ducking dumb that they need to know how to use deodorant.what has this world become.
Abdullah Ferdosi (1 year ago)
some people could be applying it incorrectly and want some assistance. Don't get your high horse's tail in such a twist.
_}311`/ rdkyrge (1 year ago)
FunWithAJ ohhhh rekt
games games (1 year ago)
because young teenagers and children that are going through puberty and need advice and maybe their parents haven't gotten time like my parents didn't have time to tell me when to apply deodorant they just gave me a bottle and said you got to use this daily
MrPackerAnderson (1 year ago)
I mean, it's kind of simple...
EuropeDP (1 year ago)
MrPackerAnderson Mays The title is how to apply, not how to use. Deodorant can be applied different with different results. Think, moron.
Usman Shami (2 years ago)
Please make a video on how to properly apply a Body Spray
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
Sure, I'll make one by next week.
Usman Shami (2 years ago)
The fact that 13 thousand people watched it before I did proves that such kind of videos are really helpful because often people ignore the petty daily based things. Appreciate it man.Great Work .
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
+Usman Shami Per your request: https://youtu.be/Pp61mXCT6O8
Usman Shami (2 years ago)
Thankyou . Waiting :)
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
Thank you for the kind words!
Riley Brossard (2 years ago)
Life saver
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
Glad it helped.
Young Tide (2 years ago)
which is better anti persprant Or normal
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
Anti persprant is better if you sweat a lot, like me.
Fadhil R (2 years ago)
Is it normal if it feels wet after i put it?
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
Yes that's normal if you're using a gel based deodorant.
FPS CHUNKY (2 years ago)
I use brut it's my number one trusted brand, I like degree aswell :D
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
Glad to hear!
Anton Liljekvist (2 years ago)
Why do you not recommend using spray deodorant? Just wondering :P
Anton Liljekvist (2 years ago)
Ok thanks for clearing stuff up. I got more stuff clear by your comments than what I did at the store :P thx again.
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
+Anton Liljekvist If you're worried about skin, their are other options. For instance I know that TOM's makes an all natural one that is much safer for skin.
Anton Liljekvist (2 years ago)
Oh ok I was wondering if the spray ones are worse for your skin. Because i've heard that some deodorants are not very good for your skin. Thx for the quick reply too :)
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
+Anton Liljekvist Typically, they don't last as long, I've tried Axe sprays before and you smell good for 10 minutes then the odor fighting power goes away. Additionally, I've tried body sprays for Calvin Klein's Obsession which is a premium brand and have encountered the same results, while they smell good for a short time they don't actually help with blocking body odor throughout the day.
Amzu Aqilla (2 years ago)
whats the est deodorant you've used ??
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
I'll check it out, which sent do you recommend?
Kyle Farmer (2 years ago)
try the new degree for men. amazing stuff
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
+Amzu Aqilla I haven't used that many but thus far the best I've used is the Degree clinical strength, it's more expensive but it lasts much longer and smells great . The worst I've used have been the axe deodorant, and the Gillette clinical strength (due to a horrible bubble gum smell, which is not manly at all).
Saba Bahnam (2 years ago)
ok this was so useless almost everyonr knows!!!😤😤😤😤
Munim Jaffer (4 months ago)
Saba Bahnam I didn't know
BloxerCheese (1 year ago)
Wow I didn't know I ate the deodorant
Connor Bunch (2 years ago)
+FunWithAJ respectful reply
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
Sorry that you didn't enjoy. I had a request from a viewer to make it.
Christina McDonald (3 years ago)
I have a secret brand one it's a ooh la la lavender
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
I may try that!
LoMac (3 years ago)
Love using the underarm technique!
turdsandwicher (3 years ago)
Im confused? You don't put it around your poop hole?
BackseatJuice (2 years ago)
Suspect 🔍
FunWithAJ (3 years ago)
+turdsandwicher Kind of a jerk thing to say but I wouldn't expect anything different from someone with the name Turd Sandwicher, that being said, yeah deodorant does not go there. All the best.
heidi gross (3 years ago)
very informative
FunWithAJ (2 years ago)
Thanks for the positive feedback.
Dabugsta99 (3 years ago)
Thanks dude. I'll be sure to use the tips soon!
FunWithAJ (3 years ago)
+Gregtodd Whaley No problem Greg, thanks for watching and subscribing. Let me know if you have any more questions you'd like me to answer by video. I'd be glad to help.
Joshua Kies (3 years ago)
Yes, AJ! You got the point here... Fresh is the key! I wish everyone had a chance to watch this video and incorporate your points into their daily routines. Great job!
FunWithAJ (3 years ago)
Thanks for the positive feedback Joshua! and thanks for always watching. I hope the video is useful for a lot of viewers.

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