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How To Pronounce Words With Long And Short Vowel Sounds In English [With Exercises And Activities]

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Watch this video if you want to learn the 7 rules of pronunciation so you can speak better English…then download and print off the 5 page ESL Worksheets (PDF) and slides at http://exlenglish.com/7-simple-guidelines-for-pronouncing-english-vowel-sounds-english-phonics-tips-1/ ====================================== VIDEOS IN THIS SERIES OF VOWEL PRONUNCIATION ====================================== 7 Rules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxJG8FTQAp4 3 Tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEaUPaHWOlA Vowel Activity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GLdRwUvc-c Vowel Exercises https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bjLaeObnwg Vowel Game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATZRj2wXxZ8 ====================================== EXTRA VOCABULARY TOOLS & RESOURCES ====================================== You can learn more English expression in the 20 modules of mini-story lessons we developed to help our English students. We made these same mini-story lessons available online if you would like to have access to them as well in the VIP English Club at http://EXLenglish.com/go/vip ====================================== FOLLOW US TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH ====================================== SITE/BLOG: http://EXLenglish.com FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/EXLenglish YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/c/EXLenglish TWITTER: http://twitter.com/davidabaileyjr
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Text Comments (44)
jin jin (4 days ago)
this is the guy
Vania Pereira (2 months ago)
ahahahah his glasses do everything in this video ahahaha...!
Maggie Rae (2 months ago)
Excellent !
Dave Bailey (2 months ago)
Thank you Maggie Rae
Ghanshyam Barbhaya (7 months ago)
Sorry but I found poor sound quality at recording section.
J.A. Peleski (8 months ago)
Great vid. Teaching these rules is very important and useful for language learners. Unfortunately in the past there was a lot of resistance to teaching spelling rules. Even some native English speakers who studied at that time can't spell.
Kanchaporn Sawangsri (10 months ago)
Thank you . helpful so much .
Tota Semsem (10 months ago)
Vanessa Silva (11 months ago)
Do you give online classes?
investment Guru (7 days ago)
I'm providing online sessions
Suresh lee (11 months ago)
Marc Derk (11 months ago)
Are you guys here for school or because you study English ?
chanu sherlin (1 year ago)
Very useful. Thanks a lot.
Ditmechungmay (1 year ago)
EXLenglish Thank you so much. It is a great great video
Yuri (1 year ago)
very useful your video thanks
Moloch (1 year ago)
Goes black screen at 33:00
Cynthia Sandi (1 year ago)
Hi, I do not know if you have the chance to respond me but the Guideline #5 confused me a little bit as Ego according with the Guideline #2 VC the first vowel is pronounced as a short one, but Ego is a long one :( same with Ate. BTW is the first time I watch your video and I think you are awesome! I am just a little lost with that an I am trying to teach to someone else. Thank you in advance!
abdou (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for your beautiful explication
k.p adhikari (1 year ago)
Very helpful lesson really i love it . so thank you sir
teflon rozay (1 year ago)
I love your lesson. well after knowing how to detect long and short vowels.Pls can you kindly do a video on how to detect the exact vowels like for instance in the word MESSAGE the vowel a as the sound of the short vowel i. i don't understand why.
Euplayer Campionii (1 year ago)
great lesson
Evelyn Chipman (1 month ago)
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ZOUBIR BOUKHEDRA (2 years ago)
very useful video!
smail HONEST (2 years ago)
It is very helpful, Thank you so much.
Isabel Roa (2 years ago)
Thank you is a really good lesson
Ernest Kelly (6 months ago)
It's really helpful
mama toota (2 years ago)
80monia (2 years ago)
Very helpful video! Can you also video the r controlled vowels, PLEASE !
i love your lesson it was really helpful.. thank you GOD bless
Fabio Garcia O. (2 years ago)
Sound is horrible. Unsueful as example
Abdullah Abdullateef (4 months ago)
Like u can do better
It's ok
Shirdon Geele (2 years ago)
ilake it and you are god teacher
Bùi Sơn (2 years ago)
good teacher
anti delirious (2 years ago)
I'm just trying to learn how to memorize it
Deorro Warrior (3 years ago)
Why mirror, It's a short vowel? It could be a long right :C
EasyEnglish TV (2 years ago)
There are some exceptions
driss ben (3 years ago)
Thanke you..
Jude Edebor (1 year ago)
every good teaching I like that
Dave Bailey (3 years ago)
You're welcome +driss ben ;)
елена з (3 years ago)
Have you video between e (set beg bed) and i (sit big bid)?
Dave Bailey (3 years ago)
You're welcome +лена з  ;)
елена з (3 years ago)
Thank  you!  
Dave Bailey (3 years ago)
Hey +лена з There's a video about the short i sound and short e at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0ERvNbzUCc

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