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animated cat feet tickled

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Any information regarding non-human and furry tickling scenes is always highly appreciated. You can send any scenes you know off in the comments, channel comments or through private messages. (挠痒痒动画片)
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Text Comments (13)
i love the sister fox she did the most tickling it's so cute if she keeps tickling the cat he'll surrender in no time
wittle puppy (10 months ago)
Poor cat and those stupid foxes the girl fox and the boy foxes are stupid rats
Ultimate Chimera (11 months ago)
Roped by the ankles and pulled against the cage! Lovely xP
Michael Phillips (11 months ago)
This may sound perverted but when he tossed the rope at him, he looked like he had a naughty idea in mind and at 0.10 or 0.09, the look on the cat's face when he saw where the rope went and he looked down, it looked like he was looking down at his, personal area and it looked like the rope got him in the, personal area. But now that we know it went for his feet, that was a relief, yet still, this was kinky.
Episode Where
Tickle torture. Yes!!!
minco2 (11 months ago)
yes indeed!
Sammy D (11 months ago)
This a pretty great scene. Good stuff.
minco2 (11 months ago)
yea, was a lucky find
Hake Feretto (11 months ago)
This scene is perfect !!
minco2 (11 months ago)
I agree.
Ismael Guerrero (11 months ago)
what show is that
minco2 (11 months ago)
chinese show called 三只松鼠.

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