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Miku Feet Tickled (Loop)

629 ratings | 181231 views
I'm sure you've already seen the original video if you're watching this one. I just took the vid, cut some bits out, tried (and failed) to increase the quality, gave it a sticker of my own worthless approval, and uploaded it here. It's geared to be played on loop, for maximum enjoyment during happy time. If you need to download the video, use this service: www.fullrip.net
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Text Comments (63)
Steve Li (12 days ago)
BFF love (20 days ago)
Machine: tickles me Me: me not happy
BFF love (20 days ago)
Machine:*tickles me* Me: ;-;
Pandas da Lari (1 month ago)
Hahahahahahahahahaha ! S - Stop ! Hahahaha !!!!! 😂😂😂
BENDY demonio (1 month ago)
Benjamin Huitron (2 months ago)
Much cute
Gaming with Amirah (2 months ago)
What did she do wrong to deserved that?
Rojani Ratid (2 months ago)
I miss this
Ron Evans (3 months ago)
I love when cute and hot girls get tickeld
BFF love (20 days ago)
Bruh people call me cute I hate it when I get tickled
Alina Lucía Cubilla (3 months ago)
Yo no hablo chino o jopones
continue today please
When the continuation?
Galaxy Playz (3 months ago)
Oh gosh rip Miku XD
Когда продолжение
А сейчас усвоют?
А сейчас усвоют?
Переводчик на что
GamerPlayzZ-More (4 months ago)
Aww miki is so cute
fan de edd00chan :D (4 months ago)
rimantes video (25 days ago)
Leon The Glitch (4 months ago)
Someone know where is the original video?
Аня Семёнова (5 months ago)
мнебы хотелоть чтобы меня тоже этак пощекотали однако этому небывать
Антон Ъиъ (4 months ago)
Не расстраивайся) может и будет
Thunder Aranda (5 months ago)
Kimberly Castro (5 months ago)
Aman Rapi : hahahahaha stop
alejo sandoval (2 months ago)
연경서 (6 months ago)
송수정 (7 months ago)
Oyun Laa (7 months ago)
good sound
풍망풍듀 (7 months ago)
신수만 (7 months ago)
하늘 네
하늘 (7 months ago)
신수만 (7 months ago)
동서기 S.K Y톡디potvgmail톡보내요
光-話してくれ。 (7 months ago)
제가 저런 식 으로 간지럼 태워 드릴까요?
wittle puppy (7 months ago)
Swap! Bendy (5 months ago)
*pets* good puppy
Gianni Catanzariti (9 months ago)
My friend loves the character if she sees this I’m fucked
Kian Kal-El Doloricon (9 months ago)
Cutey whats your name
Anita Gulkevica (9 months ago)
Я желаю чтобы меня этак за щекотали
You a Rus??!?!? Шучу, я тоже российская.
Антон Ъиъ (4 months ago)
Да было бы прикольно)
Аня Семёнова (5 months ago)
я тоже
Kian Kal-El Doloricon (10 months ago)
Nightcore Radio (1 year ago)
Can someone plz do that to me
Chika Fawnia (1 year ago)
GalaxyQueen LD me too
Notafor Reelname (1 year ago)
I'm sure somebody on the internet would pay YOU to do that to you. Just gotta know where to look.
Marly Saito (1 year ago)
i only now bom
Notafor Reelname (1 year ago)
Can English you?
leon yt (2 years ago)
that cute
Awsome Cow (9 months ago)
leon yt the people
Notafor Reelname (2 years ago)
I love how the people that go at me in flame wars always link to this video like it makes me less credible or humiliates me somehow. Just letting you flame warriors know, if you mention this video as a way to shame me, it won't work. I am who I am, and this is what I get off on. At the very least, I have a unique personality.
Notafor Reelname (6 months ago)
Yeah, This is an alt account that I virtually never use. I check in on it and suddenly I'm up to 160 subs and nearly 150k views :/ I uploaded this just for giggles. I might have to actually start uploading more at this rate :/ I don't make any art myself, so if I did anything, I'd just re-brand myself as a collector. (I kinda am) Upload art from all the different artists I've found over the years and link to their channels / shill all of their products. I may not be an artist myself, but I can be an advertiser for actual artists.
Berit Hinds (11 months ago)
Notafor Reelname congrats almost to 100 subs, I am almost at 50 :/.
아이엠구루트 (3 years ago)
can you give me the link of this video of youku?
Notafor Reelname (3 years ago)
Behold the results of 2 hours of my time when I get really bored at night. Tremble before my godly video editing powerz. But srsly, ....   .....  srsly.   I dunno.  I forgot wat i was gonna say.  Imaa go anime now.
Amai Alexis666 (8 months ago)
Notafor Reelname
Tomasz Kalacki (1 year ago)
It;s good man :D

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