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Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”

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An explosive train robbery gives McCree the chance to settle some unfinished business with a few former associates in our latest animated short: Reunion! Learn more about McCree: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/mccree/ Begin your watch: http://buyoverwatch.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playoverwatch Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/playoverwatch Join us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playoverwatch
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Text Comments (40549)
Jinhunter Slay (35 minutes ago)
High Noon Ashe skin looks great :)
Adam's Tricks (3 hours ago)
How long take to rander the pie and this anmtion??!
cryptedgaming HD (3 hours ago)
Bob should be a playable character in overwatch also the futuristic robot should also be a playable character
Donbro (8 hours ago)
This is the worst one yet
VivéHasFallen (8 hours ago)
Why does that pie look more delicious than real pie?
SpladgyTheGod (14 hours ago)
Nobody plays Ashe for Ashe... We play Ashe for Bob.
I find it funny that i play as both of them and i am good at both of them
GILLBERT97 (1 day ago)
The good the bad and the ugly type duel
SanjixFarron (1 day ago)
This made me bust No Nut November- im still busting to this till this day
Raichu VP (1 day ago)
Mcree is a badass
xy xy (1 day ago)
Ashe is my new favorite girl from overwatch
Kristina Kruzan (1 day ago)
Saddle up
Juan Orozco (1 day ago)
B.O.B Otherwise known as Biotic Operational Butler Idk... Lol love Ashe
Golden Toshinori (2 days ago)
*you yee-d your last haw lil doggy*
Gamer girl (2 days ago)
Isn't the robot girl athena?
Ian Sampson (2 days ago)
“You’ve never been one to shy away from a good tip.” McCree you absolute unit 😏💦🍆
Endermite Gaming (2 days ago)
1:49 when tf2 trys to sneak in overwatch
Lemon Soda (2 days ago)
Best animation ive ever seen in my life
컨트롤V (3 days ago)
4:39 its high noon
Sophy (3 days ago)
they speak... so slow... why?
Gab Galla (3 days ago)
I bet he and Snipe from Boku no hero academia would be great friends.
KevinGame3 (3 days ago)
Echo has a similar design to the original OverWatch concept arts the floating limbs and has a slimilar head design
Purple_Rose (4 days ago)
Joe (4 days ago)
This fed the ego of so many mcree mains
aeyo (4 days ago)
4:22 green hoodie would be an epic playable character
Zayd Kazi (4 days ago)
This was released on my birthday
2019옵시디언 (4 days ago)
영어버전으로 보는것도 좋네요 영어를 모르지만영어판 맥크리&애쉬 목소리에 녹아들고 갑니다
Nova (4 days ago)
B.O.B's Mind: *HiT yOuR sHoTs aShE, HiT yOuR sHoTs.*
billy bob (4 days ago)
Offbrand rdr2
Steve Rybicki (4 days ago)
Unite me mcreeeeeeeee
Zlepperburg (5 days ago)
just right click them all lol
Nightshade (5 days ago)
Overwatch mistreat their lore so much! It has so much potential, I've already come up with so many cool storylines but Blizzard just leave us with loose ends all the time. Doomfist: Let's start a war Sombra Conspiracy etc
Variecs (6 days ago)
The Good, The Bad and The Bob
TheTF2 Guy (3 days ago)
BoB! Do SoMeThInG!
DubLe ! (6 days ago)
Blizzard Animation(s) > Riot Animation(s)
Amedeo speziale (6 days ago)
I'd be happy with an animsted short about wrecking ball
Thememeking524 (6 days ago)
Mccree: “did someone say red dead redemption.” Ashe: “the last copy in existence that’s been untouched for years.”
SoulOfaLiar (6 days ago)
That robot's giving me some Muriel vibes. Colossal sad.
SoulOfaLiar (6 days ago)
+Shaheer Aijaz Me too, friend. Me too.
Shaheer Aijaz (6 days ago)
i miss paragon
Ryeland Hill (1 day ago)
imma just leave this here so I can rewatch that wink 2:35 (had to change the time it was a bit off)
Hunter Brown (3 days ago)
Replying so I can save this for later 👀👀👀
Hitesh Ageshaniya (7 days ago)
Overwatch pe movie banavo
Old man Jenkins (7 days ago)
Is it me or is ashes gun a lot smaller than in game
Jak Mockery (7 days ago)
Give us a Zenyatta animated short for the love of all that is holy.
Christian is my name (7 days ago)
Mobile Legends some characters are in there
Th3Gr33n Mafia Xbox 1 (7 days ago)
Why does Mecree always have the cool stuff
WoAh tHerE (7 days ago)
BAMF - big autistic macho f*ck
حبي 305 (8 days ago)
اكو عرب بل طياره
InkyStory (8 days ago)
7:28 is that a ship I smell? Also Ashe is hawt
OH! TAKU (8 days ago)
Aidan Whitley (8 days ago)
It’s High Noon. In the month of November 2018, Blizzcon 2018 was held. During Blizzcon, Papa Jeff released another epic short film, Reunion. This short was based around the character (Jesse) Mccree and his old partner, and new character, Ashe, leader of the deadlock gang. The short takes place in Route 66, a map in the game Overwatch. It starts out with Mccree eating a nice slice of pie, and the clock 6 minutes away from noon. The animations that are in this film are incredible, and spot on. At 11:55, a train goes overhead, but the railing crashes, and it falls. This gives us, as the receivers, extremely good background knowledge of why Route 66 is like this. Mccree picks up this little white chip, and pays for his meal. Seeing him pick up this chip leaves us on our toes, for we do not know what it is for. As he walks out, he meets with his former gang mate, Ashe and B.O.B. After a bit of conversation, an epic battle commences at exactly, HIGH NOON. Throughout this battle, we learn a bit about Ashe and her battle style and play. Mccree beats the gang, and sends them on their way. The crate Mccree gets is bright white, and is special. He opens it, and puts the little chip in it’s spot, and a robot appears. This robot is an elegant, white, female with wings. After a short conversation, Mccree leaves, and she gets left alone. This brings up too many questions, and we are searching for answers. This short brings in many emotions to our mind and hearts. At the beginning, we are all just bursting with excitement, and trying out best to hold it in. No one is talking, we are all just waiting for something to happen, taking everything in. Then, once Ashe pops up on screen, everyone loses it. The watchers now know who our new character is to the game they love. All the excitement holding in just bursts out, and from there on there was no stopping. The battle scene commences, and everyone is just watching how it unfolds. The graphics and animation of the short was almost overwhelming, just to the point where it was too good. After the battle is over, and Mccree wins, people feel a sense of closure, sort of like, “It is over, and we win.” After Mccree opens the crate, puts the chip in, and Echo emerges, everyone is awestruck. No one was expecting this, and that made this surprise incredible. After evaluating the short many times, we can concur that this short was thrilling and emotional. The Overwatch animated short, Reunion, was a success and a starts a new era in the game. After giving a background to a map and a character, and introducing a new character, we can state that this short was a magnificent success.
C. Gramby (8 days ago)
Ulises Calva Ramos (8 days ago)
The Orange ATAT (9 days ago)
Am I the only one that loves how Ashe’s hair moves?
ThestereoStorm (9 days ago)
Music at the start is so good
Eric Alvarado (9 days ago)
ashe looks annoying
Bunny Rabbit (9 days ago)
I hope the new robot lady is a support character
Justin Gibbons (9 days ago)
Matthew Mercer...
TheWoken One (9 days ago)
Who else made McCree on red dead 2
Yoop Yoop (9 days ago)
My ship destroyed in 8 minutes
Drac Hula (10 days ago)
Wait a minute, it’s been more than three months since the last hero! Have blizzard actually taken a brake from releasing a new hero every three months and actually started focusing on trying to fix the already existing ones?
Kevin Tabb (10 days ago)
Add bob Add bob ADD BOB!!
Spaghettiman (10 days ago)
Echo is thicc af ngl.
Ashe: Bob, Do something! *Bob runs into wall*
Opgaming22 (11 days ago)
Lulema (11 days ago)
Why did they give us Ashe when we could have had this angel robot ???
Lee-Lee does Arts (11 days ago)
Ana Ortiz (11 days ago)
7:28 Mcree and Ashe were a thing!
타이키그린팜 (11 days ago)
I Just relized that ashe said make bob rip the other arm. She means the real one because bob is the one Who ripped mccree's left arm (the robotic one). Why would she say other if she didnt rip the left one?
Keegan Shellock (11 days ago)
“Bob, Do something!” “I can’t I might hit Jack-Jack!”
Sebastian Hill (6 days ago)
Keegan Shellock 😂
sy b (11 days ago)
볼때마다 존나 잘생겼다 진짜 사람새끼냐
Don (11 days ago)
what does ashe mean by "you promised you'd write", write what?
Don (7 days ago)
+alex otter it perfectly makes sense now, thanks to you, appreciated it man.
alex otter (7 days ago)
"you promised youd write" is just an old saying people would use when someone moved far away. people would write letters to each other since phones werent available everywhere so it was common for someone to tell a friend or relative who lived far to write to them so they could know how theyre doing. its come out of date recently just because of phones, instant messaging, email. ashe didnt literally mean he shouldve wrote a letter and sent it, she just means its been quite a while since theyve seen each other and mccrees been radio silent (though i think she says it sarcastically, meaning they split on bad terms) sorry if someones explained this already or it didnt make sense orz
the-twisted-samurai (12 days ago)
5:39 I feel like they should have cut her off at “sh”, would have been WAY funnier.
Jacky (12 days ago)
How do they pull off so many music genres?
Ausqua Aka Robby (12 days ago)
Next time on feminism: It’s sexist to have Mccree win
Omega Utopic (12 days ago)
Who thinks overwatch shoud be on swich
Wilson Fulgencio (12 days ago)
Similar to space marshal
Dorito Boy360 (12 days ago)
Wow wild west classic
Jesse Watson (12 days ago)
These shorts makes me want a proper story mode for Overwatch
Preston Johnson (13 days ago)
I'm sorry but I already chose McCree
Jake Nguyen (13 days ago)
6:51 I expect that as a new overwatch hero
Nadine Smith (13 days ago)
Clint Eastwood would be proud
Atria Wulf (13 days ago)
Blizzard comes out with enough content for a movie in less time than it takes pixar to make a movie.
Angus Norcliffe (13 days ago)
7:30 are they talking about lucio?
Kizonn (11 days ago)
Grandma Yu (13 days ago)
This is some badass wild west animation
Sebastian Steven (14 days ago)
Am I the only one who is mad that the pie was abandoned
kingsway bg (14 days ago)
RingTeam (14 days ago)
4:40 You know what time it is
Lukos0036 (14 days ago)
Matt Mercer is a badass and a hug magnet.
郑文 (14 days ago)
Bob! Do something!
Gem Chaos (14 days ago)
Save a horse, ride a cowboy~
A-Aron 604 (14 days ago)
Okay so now there’s nothing in the payload when I deliver it in the game. So what is the point of delivering the payload
SuperVermilion (14 days ago)
The main reason why the balance changes suck is because all of their money went into the pie
Skye Hope (14 days ago)
The poor apple pie that didn’t get eaten 😭😭
CosmicOwl07 (15 days ago)
BAMF, such subtlety by Blizzard...not many will understand what it means :-)
Ezio Gucci (15 days ago)
Anybody realize that Route 66 is from Cars
vlv (15 days ago)
ShinZugaiKotsu!! (15 days ago)
In two years mcree will be gone from the roster cuz he would die of lung cancer from Chain Smoking
Vincent Cutrufello (15 days ago)
2:05 Names John Marston
Jmbh ; (15 days ago)
Oh so this is the story of john marston?
G59Boycross (16 days ago)
who else bought blazon virtual ticket and watched in school?
Šarūnas G (16 days ago)
You know who should be beaten with a club? People that put up 21:9 videos as cropped 16:9 :D
Ahmed xyz (16 days ago)

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