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How To Curl Clip In Hair Extensions Separately

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Clip in hair extensions from: http://www.foxylocksextensions.com Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ImogenFoxyLocks Products used: Foxy Locks clip in hair extensions Tony & guy 38mm curling tong Babyliss hot rollers Denman backcomb brush D3 styler Paul Mitchell extra body hairspray GHD heat protector Music by: Xavery Williams http://www.facebook.com/pages/Xavery-Williams/158169303196?ref=nf
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Text Comments (94)
Chrissy Flores (4 years ago)
I do like the videos but, the music over powers your voice. Very hard to hear what you are saying. It would be better without the music.
Tanya Peña (5 years ago)
That curling iron is soo bad it going to kill her extensions
gabby bove (5 years ago)
The curler was smoking bad that's not good at all I know you used heat protectant but still it's not good
Sam Virtanen (5 years ago)
it is the heat protector that burns up if it was that u meant.
Stana Kokiova (5 years ago)
Wauuu you are so beautiful! !! Nice video
Kai Nossek (6 years ago)
what temperature do you use on the tongs?
Lexi Fratus (6 years ago)
I'm getting really tired of the music you put on....
Honey Jessica (6 years ago)
Maxime Denters (6 years ago)
I've ordered them too, foxy locks, actually because of your videos, thanks! cant wait
Ha S (7 years ago)
Thanks, this really helped me!!
Jô Stúdios (7 years ago)
Hello, as you do to keep your hair with this color? or is it natural? bye pretty.
lidia vieira (7 years ago)
olha vc e muito linda e muito talentosa mais um conselho fika muito alto atraz mais vc faz muito bom bjs
luvtunes09 (7 years ago)
I put my in the top of my drawer and close it !it keeps them in while i curl ;)
lclovesu2 (7 years ago)
thank you soooo much for making this vid!! Im doing it now. BTW your so pretty!!
Kaela Noyes (7 years ago)
@tylasparkhall If your hair is short or medium length get the 160 gram set so you don't have super thick hair at the top and then thin hair at the bottom. If your hair is already kind of long then get the 120 gram set (:
Tomyytomx3 (7 years ago)
@tylasparkhall Get the 120 grams. Those are more for length, rather than volume.
newcan01 (7 years ago)
I use a drawer in my bathroom vanity..simply open the drawer and lay the clip portion of the extension over the top ledge of the drawer and close then drawer. Love your channel !
Taylor Hall (7 years ago)
How did you come up with that ?
Claudia Sanchez (7 years ago)
How often should you wash your extensions if you use them daily? [email protected]
tylasparkhall (7 years ago)
my hair is very thick already but i want it to be longer, can i use foxy locks extensions?
Danii Clarkson (7 years ago)
This is so creative!!
justine girmenia (7 years ago)
You're the real version of barbie. i want your hair n eyes.
Ingrid Vik (7 years ago)
what curling iron do you use?
hamtaropuff (7 years ago)
i love this video!!!!! i like to use the hot rollers instead of the iron because for some reason the iron leaves and ugly mark on my hair.
iMPERFECTLYx3 (7 years ago)
which hairspray do you use ?? want 2 know
Dakota Blue (7 years ago)
Damnn I would love to see your haair a dark color :) I dont mind blonde I had my blonde hair for a year just like yours ..I think your very classy and sexy at the same time and help me alot with my style your my icon xox <333
Hairiswhatido (7 years ago)
love the vid but at the beggining you said the extensions are like 3 years old.....iv had mine for like 4 months and them ones look better then mine...do you get new hair extensions often or do you just take good care of them??xx
Rain Delatore (7 years ago)
I love this idea. Because sometimes when i'm curling my hair with curling iron. And i have hair extensions on since i'm pulling my clip seems to snap off. So this way i have control and the curls will be neater. Thanks for the info. Great tutorial.
karen vasquez (7 years ago)
do foxylocksextesions ship to USA please send me the info on how. thanks
Jose Velazquez (8 years ago)
omg your hair is super cute i love it.
Estellef (8 years ago)
Can you also put in the extensions first and then curl al your hair or not? xx From the Netherlands
Sanne ten Caat (8 years ago)
Wow your hair looks awesome! I'm so jealous haha Great video!
iHaveMyObsessions (8 years ago)
please do a video on how to put hot rollers with hair extensions
SwissAlmondKatie (8 years ago)
Which brand of curling tongs do you use Imogen? :) x
kim lin (8 years ago)
BeautyFetish (8 years ago)
You're gorgeous!
Raquel Dolores (8 years ago)
after you take them out... and then the next time you put them back in do you just straighten them then re-curl them?
CeciileMoka (8 years ago)
I love ! because is very sexy !!! =)
Laura Brown (8 years ago)
Your are so pretty! and your hairs beaut :) xx
Alex H (8 years ago)
If only curling your own hair was this easy lol. These extentions look amazing i wish i jenw about them b4 i brought my own! just got them too lol. will be purchasing these in the future [: <3
Anita Arkins (8 years ago)
Gorgeous! Fab!
therealjulialaut (9 years ago)
u look like a babie hahahah lol
genesis cordova (9 years ago)
What is the color of extensions tht u use in ur video bcuz I relly lyk it
hiddenjonas (9 years ago)
What foundation do u use????
hottytotty232 (9 years ago)
i clip my hair extensions onto a coat hanger with those two clips on the end of either side then just hang it on like a draw handle and curl it like that really steady. and a great way to dry them after washing them to let them air naturally
Bev Howard (9 years ago)
Could you do a tutorial on a janet mcurdy inspired hairstyle or a miley cyrus inspired curles with your straitener and clip ins?
lauren shade (9 years ago)
whats ur nailpolish color i love it
babigisa (9 years ago)
SnowflakeJan2010 (9 years ago)
She already has one up have a look through her old videos I just watched it :)
s0jaded (9 years ago)
is this real human hair or synthetic?
karayavurangemiler (9 years ago)
looks like shes from the playboy mansion lol :))
annapatti1 (9 years ago)
please do a tutorial on your face routine and makeup looks.please do you eye makeup looks and the foundation and eyelashes you use.love to learn great things from you.I'm new in the world of makeup so still learning and your a great inspiration.
Heated rollers, they are a lot safer for your hair x x
Leo E (9 years ago)
@Elisaatje601 no but you can boil-curl them=)
Stephie P (9 years ago)
Which color?
Stephie P (9 years ago)
What brand of heat protectant are you using?
Tyna Nguyen (9 years ago)
great idea. really got me lols love it tanks girl
Elisa Werthenbach (9 years ago)
My hairextensions are not of human hair.. can i also curl mine?
Curtis Williams (9 years ago)
i jam them in the draws :P
I got mine from ebay, they are the babyliss ones x
dragonchickx (9 years ago)
I think youre the only person I subscribed to lol. Youre pretty : ) you can do a video of anything and id watch it lol!
I leave them in for 20mins. They are babyliss hot rollers x
Whichever is easiest for you x
Peta Johansen (9 years ago)
EXCELLENT... I do the same... you can do it with a hair straightener as well as you already know... Also would you be able to do a video on how to but your hair up in a high poly tail,??? as I go to school and have my hair up, but don't really know how without the hair extensions showing!!! Thx XD
Angele Muscat (9 years ago)
Is it best to style extentions before or after you put them on ?
Carolann Williamson (9 years ago)
your voice is so relaxing and your hair is gorgeous and your very pretty x
Thank you sweetie :) I'm usuing Tony & guy 38mm curling tong x
Katie B (9 years ago)
Plllllease re stock asap!!!!!! X
Thanks hun, It's all self taught :) x
HollyMeldrum (9 years ago)
Also, can you do a tutorial on how you do your eye makeup!? Its gorgeous!! xx
HollyMeldrum (9 years ago)
Your hair is beautiful!... Jealous! Are you a hairdresser, or have you taught yourself all these technics? x
I always use the 155g set but i am just showing one piece in this tutorial x
Thank you hun :) I use a Deman D3 styler x x
I do wash them more often but only about every 2-3 weeks because i dont wear them all the time :) x x
Thanks hunni . Shade 295 :) I love it! x x
Yes you can, i will be doing a tutorial soon x
Kaush G (9 years ago)
yeah I think so too .. you look so like a Victoria Secret Model !! so pretty !!! .....
chantal Victoria (9 years ago)
i got my hair bow today...its super cute how often do you wash each set of extensions?do you wash the ones you curl more often?
Coco Mademoiselle (9 years ago)
your soooo beautiful!!
Natalie Hamilton (9 years ago)
can you please do a makeup tutorial im sure everyone would love it :DDD
Jennifer Borbely (9 years ago)
will we get our exstensions this week or next week for people who has pre ordered?? xx
You will receive an order update soon x
One 155g set x
bubblegumprincessxx (9 years ago)
omg your so so so so pretty & these were great tips. thank you
Kirstie P (9 years ago)
this was very useful! :) i want to order my foxylocks hair ext but your currently sold out!!!! booo!!
Tony & guy 38mm curling tong :) x
They will be back in stock nearer the end of nov and hopefully will never be on pre-order again x
SoxWar (9 years ago)
I wanna buy these but their all on pre-order T.T
Thank you :D I am wearing sexy mother pucker lipgloss x
MAC4kirly (9 years ago)
I use a trouser coat hanger and hang them on my wardrobe but this is a better idea lol xx
Thanks hun, Its 'pure turquoise' by Barry M x
misssexylooks (9 years ago)
I always do that with my foxy locks good tip in showing everyone love thanks!
KleeneMelle81 (9 years ago)
you look soo beautiful.. and i like your nailcolor... what the color is it??
Aww thank you x x

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