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cartoon monkey feet tickled

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All credit for finding this scene goes to Drago1. Thank you for your continuous help and support in finding new clips! Any kind of information regarding new scenes from any form of animated shows can be posted here https://shorturl.at/hH038 or either in the comments, mail or private messages. Thank you for your support and a big thank you to all contributors who continue to invest their time to help me find new scenes. Your effort is much appreciated and I will try my best to find more as well.
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minco2 (3 months ago)
This scene is from the animated show Munki and Trunk, season 2 episode 3: Stuck in the Middle With You
DIEGO roo (2 months ago)
this scene give me a huge blush rush omg the cute little wiggles are adorable
Michael Phillips (3 months ago)
This is kind of funny. And that's one thicc elephant.
Hake Feretto (3 months ago)
Great finding here, I was sure some other scene can be found in this show ^^ but I haven't found this one ! Well hope you have well receive my fiding too ;3
Hake Feretto (3 months ago)
@minco2 in that case you can I think the best for she not finish blocked without cut any scene is to do it in some parts during a max if 30sec ^^
minco2 (3 months ago)
I could perhaps but from experience I noticed that longer videos have a higher chance to be blocked, that's why I tend to keep the videos under 1 min max (with exceptions). It definitely looks like a fun show!
Hake Feretto (3 months ago)
@minco2 hmmm think you can compile all the scene (cause thei are short) in one video ( if it's possible) with a movie editor , yes it will give a big video but it will be for all your fan's pleasure :3. I will continue ti search in this show and on an other that could have some (found on Yuku.Tv) just I need ti fin the full episodes before hehe ^^
minco2 (3 months ago)
Yes, I got your find. Since the one you sent me has lots of scenes I am still thinking how Im going to split them up the best. Thanks so much!^^
Cartoon Crazy007 (3 months ago)
So satisfying to see the little wiggles and delicate strokes~ :P

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