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Haircare Routine For Dry Hair Ft. Knot Me Pretty | Nykaa

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You’re the Modern Woman. There are deadlines to meet, assignments to complete, and a home to take care of. In the push and pull of everyday life, one thing that takes the brunt of your lack of self-care is your hair. Your hair deserves a certain level of daily care to look and feel its best, which is why you need to follow a proper daily hair care routine. Well, lucky for you, we’ve compiled the perfect daily hair care routine for dry hair types. with beauty blogger Know Me Pretty. #Nykaa #Haircare #KnotMePretty #RoutineForDryHair Products Used: 1. Just Herbs Javakusum Hair Oil https://goo.gl/hjDCxt 2. Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo (Sulphate Free) https://goo.gl/DzlGl9 3. Wella Professionals Elements Light Renewing Conditioner (Sulphate Free) https://goo.gl/BZ5tP0 4. Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Mask (Sulphate Free) https://goo.gl/L8yX4N 5. Yves Rocher Eclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar https://goo.gl/YPbwdH 6. Dove Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo https://goo.gl/0vmq62 7. Toni&Guy Glamour: Serum Drops https://goo.gl/KykKNS Hit like if you love this video and tag or share it with your friends P.S: Don't forget to subscribe! Click subscribe for more updates: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoaH2UtB1PsV7av17woV1BA?sub_confirmation=1 Check out more happening videos from Nykaa- 1. #ZeroBodyShame | Say No To Body Shaming Ft. Shah Rukh Khan And Katrina Kaif | Nykaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqTCQ3jg-ik 2. Things Every Lazy Girl Does Ft. Komal Panday | Nykaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkTDcl4N8E8 3. #UnstretchedJourney | The Journey Of Motherhood Ft. Soha Ali Khan & Neha Dhupia | Bio-Oil | Nykaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndfg5eFCZ2g Nykaa is an online multi-brand beauty retailer. It is your 'Beauty Buddy', which makes your life a whole lot simpler by not only providing you with expert advice and guidance but also by shipping products right to your doorstep. Find videos on makeup haul, makeup tutorials, skincare regimes, flawless skin secrets & much more! So subscribe today and stay gorgeous. ;) Download the Nykaa app here: Android: http://bit.ly/2zYmP1f iOS: http://apple.co/2iKfg4c Follow Nykaa: Facebook: http://bit.ly/NykaaFacebook Instagram: http://bit.ly/NykaaInstagram Twitter: http://bit.ly/NykaaTwitter
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Text Comments (84)
Prirty Ahmed (5 months ago)
Not honest review
basheer ahmed (8 months ago)
can I known from u daily care shampoo
Fashion Hub (9 months ago)
Shikha Arora (10 months ago)
Hey shalini i like your videos very much.. But i am looking for videos for smoothing hairs after permanent straighting
rutuja deokar (10 months ago)
Mam these all r not affordable for college going girls
Kathie Britt (1 year ago)
Gday, this process seems to be too difficult, there is a very easy way. Search in google as: "Blast4beauty". You can find wide range of new tips to increase your beauty.
Kathie Britt (1 year ago)
Amazing Eventually worked
really worked.
Good.. This worked for me..
Mamta Gidwani (1 year ago)
Wht is the price of all this products and will it work plz reply me bcoz my hairs are so dry...
Shabnam Parveen (1 year ago)
these products can also be used by men??
aftabnadaf (1 year ago)
Good 👌
Srijita Roy (1 year ago)
advertisement 😕😕😕
shilpi saha (1 year ago)
how to maintaining our long hair?
shweta kadam (1 year ago)
Haircare routine for normal hair..and solution for white hairs😖
shweta khanna (1 year ago)
can u please suggest some of the herbal shampoos for dry hair?
Saba Farhin Rose (1 year ago)
So finally dear which product we have to use my hair rebonded nd dry
looking so beautiful
Komal Rohilla (1 year ago)
it's really work for me thank u dear luv ur all videos
Sonali Agarwal (1 year ago)
Komal Rohilla, aap ne inme se kaun sa product use kiya hai...
Alka Singh (1 year ago)
Can u plz do a video for chemically treated hairs
Harshit Gunjal (1 year ago)
Hi di mere front se hair bhut thin ho gye hai so koi remedies btao na and front se thoda gap bhi hai hair ke bich me so koi effective remedies btana
Harshit Gunjal (1 year ago)
and di ye id mere bhai ki hai or remedies girls related chaiye
Harshit Gunjal (1 year ago)
and di mere hair sliky hai so silky hair related remedies batana
Harshit Gunjal (1 year ago)
hi di ap easily remedies btao jisme ingredient easily avaible ho jaye and my hair very thin mujhe thick hair related remedies btao or hair diet plan bhi jo easily me use kar saku because mujhe everyday clz jana hota hai so easy diet ho to better hoga di
priyanka kumari (1 year ago)
which shampoo is better for thin hair with dandruff & oily scalp ??????
Kasturi Dey (1 year ago)
can you suggest any shampoo and conditioner for increasing the volume of hair naturally?
Keerthana Chamarthy (1 year ago)
y r u not looking at the camera???
myownstyle- Shalini (2 years ago)
hey....my name is also shalini
Khyati Maheshwari (2 years ago)
Khyati Maheshwari (2 years ago)
Previously you were using other products..so is it good to change the products??
Komal Kawal (2 years ago)
I watch Shalini's channel and the haircare routine n products mentioned over there are far better n viable. nykaa brings these YouTubers on their channel only to sell these products. useless!
Sangita Mishra (2 years ago)
I recently bought tony nd guy serum from #nykaa nd I'm absolutely luving it😘😘
Rebecca (2 years ago)
I am new to using a Argan Rain shampoo. I do have dry damaged hair due to me coloring my hair, for a few years. I am pleased to share that my hair is less dry and is more manageable since I started to use Best Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair Treatment. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.
Asifa Liaqat (2 years ago)
#Nykaa what you do if dandruff in hair
Nykaa (2 years ago)
Hi Asifa, you can check out some of the products given below: Vichy Dercos Technique Anti - Dandruff Advanced Action Shampoo Dandruff & Itchy Scalp (Dry Hair) - http://www.nykaa.com/hair-care/shop-by-concern/dandruff/vichy-dercos-treatment-shampoo-anti-dandruff-nourishing-dry-hair.html Aroma Treasures No Dandruff Mini combo (Set of 2) - http://www.nykaa.com/hair-care/shop-by-concern/dandruff/aroma-treasures-no-dandruff-mini-combo-set-of-2.html Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Anti-Dandruff Serum 8 X 10 ml - http://www.nykaa.com/hair-care/shop-by-concern/dandruff/schwarzkopf-spa-anti-dandruff-loss-serum.html
Sunaina Sharma (2 years ago)
can u please suggest product for increasing hair thickness
Nykaa (2 years ago)
Hi Sunaina, you can check out some of the products given below: Dove Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo + Conditioner - http://www.nykaa.com/brands/dove/dove-rejuvenated-volume-shampoo-conditioner.html?root=brand&ptype=productHair4Real Hair Thickening Fibers Black Refill Pack (Pack Of 2) - http://www.nykaa.com/hair-care/shop-by-concern/hairfall-thinning/hair4real-hair-thickening-fibers-black-refill-pack-pack-of-2.html Organix Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner - http://www.nykaa.com/hair-care/shop-by-concern/hairfall-thinning/organix-thick-full-biotin-collagen-shampoo-conditioner.html
bushra salina (2 years ago)
gud one..
Nykaa beautifully promotes products that are expensive and useless. Go for castor oil for hair growth and banana mask can do wonders than these expensive products
Sri vaishnava Gypsy bro..I use wells and they are amazing
Divya Samani (2 years ago)
seems like it's sponsored
Preeti Bansal (2 years ago)
i like toni & guy serum drops❤
Makeup tips by Jyoti (2 years ago)
I liked the serum drops... .vry Nic video
Sakiba TW (2 years ago)
veey helpful.. i love using kama hair oil its amazing i got frm nykaa itself.. !! ❤
THE SHINING SHYNA (2 years ago)
Ankita Redkar (2 years ago)
where are u looking.....
My corner (2 years ago)
and ur looking at???.... ;p
Rakshanaa Rahan (2 years ago)
Hi can the vinegar rinse be used on colored hair
jaspreet kaur (2 years ago)
plsss do video for oily hairs ☺☺
trups corner (2 years ago)
you are beautiful
Veena Makhija (2 years ago)
u r sooo cute love ♥
Happiness Forever (2 years ago)
good options
anjali mukhia (2 years ago)
u always change your shampoo nd conditioner? ??😰
Ruby Jhutty (2 years ago)
Sultana A (2 years ago)
plz mention prices of products vch u use in video in description box..
Nykaa (2 years ago)
Hi Sultana, you can click on the link given below every product in the description box for it's details.
Juilee Manjrekar (2 years ago)
where is she looking
Damini Sagar (2 years ago)
nice vedio
Aishwarya Damera (2 years ago)
Nikita Desale (2 years ago)
thank you....love u Shalini di
sakshi mohindra (2 years ago)
Damn always late
Arunimakumar (2 years ago)
so many productss😅
rathna rathu (2 years ago)
vry nice tips...vry nic
Nicky Bansal (2 years ago)
Hello Shalini and hello team nykaa..i m loving wella elements shampoo and conditioner they are amazing ..its mask is really very effective and makes my hair look more and more beautiful 😍😍..love this video 😍😍 happy holi..
Riddhi Gupta (2 years ago)
nyc video di
selin colliss (2 years ago)
great products......I've heard wella products are too good
Creations gallery (2 years ago)
useful video...
Radhika Khanna (2 years ago)
aishwarya gupta (2 years ago)
the hair care products you mentioned in your channel shalini di,is completely different,even the hair oil also!!🙄🙄😑😐 which one to follow??😓😳
Masha Zeyger (2 years ago)
ArganLife Argan Oil worked perfectly in making my hair soft and shiny. With free shipping option, i got my parcel with no trouble.
aishwarya gupta (2 years ago)
Darakshan Laiq which brand is good fr olive oil??
My corner (2 years ago)
yup....you no what guys u don't need all this oil n stuff just go pick good olive oil to treat dry hairs.
Anuradha Joshi (2 years ago)
This is nowhere close to what you have mentioned on your channel..😡don't trust anymore
linarika Mirza (2 years ago)
please show some affordable products
Priyank Thakur (10 months ago)
linarika Mirza go for banana mask , homemade
Kritika Senger (2 years ago)
nice di
Divya Jain (2 years ago)
Its a very helpful video for me, thanks.
CLOUDY SECRET (2 years ago)
Mehjabeen Islam (2 years ago)
great 👌👍👍

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