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Cartoonify Yourself like a PRO with PicsArt! | Easy Tutorial

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Download PicsArt!: https://picsart.app.link/3toitWLBDR SHOP ZODIAC MERCH/APPAREL: https://zodiachaven.com ♡Get to know me:♡ DO NOT MESSAGING ME ASKING TO MAKE A CARTOON. I WILL NOT MAKE YOU A CARTOON. Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/TheAmateurGuru Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheAmateurGuru Snapchat: ashleeyflores7 Livestream: https://www.younow.com/theamateurguru/t FTC: Sponsored by PicsArt. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my viewers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. https://bit.ly/2AVnKQU/picsart.app.link/iWaXXOTbFI
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The Amateur Guru (1 month ago)
UPDATED TUTORIAL 2019: Cartoonify Yourself Picsart Tutorial!! (EASY) | Grunge/Slime Eye Effect https://youtu.be/jSmZtZaJnfo
SMART C (12 days ago)
Can you please draw me a picture please
Ross Murray (25 days ago)
Suggestion for editing, can you not just start with an outline and then select each colour and fill. This would be quicker and easier than filling the colours manually and then adjusting after. Great video btw..😉
musirap foor (26 days ago)
nice waw
Dweenz (30 days ago)
+The Amateur Guru lol
Malia Archer (2 hours ago)
this is the hardest thing ever I tried it
Raida Chowdhury (17 hours ago)
it’s too hard🙄
YoungStar Music (1 day ago)
Nice work bro https://youtu.be/m49rvomk_KY Check out this app
mama Wolf (1 day ago)
What kind of pen do you use for precision? We can do that with our fingers haha.
Ransler (1 day ago)
Thanks so much
Nikki Peoples (1 day ago)
I still can’t😭
That was amazing :)
sophia Siegel (3 days ago)
RIP I don’t have a decent pic of me to use!!
J Girl (4 days ago)
When u search up the eye and came back your picture looked different it looked like a cartoon wat happend
Kyla Latrice (4 days ago)
New sub!
peace hyde (4 days ago)
Easy????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
danish zehan (4 days ago)
Plz edit my pic like this
Best Insta Edits (4 days ago)
You: its super easy Me: mmhhh...okay :(
Itz Camilla (4 days ago)
I dont have the patience for this
M. v.d.h (5 days ago)
You CAN do this on android
StateNova L MCPE (5 days ago)
Wow thx helps Alot
Malike Conde (5 days ago)
T̺h̺e̺ n̺a̺m̺e̺ o̺f̺ t̺h̺e̺ a̺p̺p̺
POTPOT BUGART (6 days ago)
POTPOT BUGART (6 days ago)
Maddi life her way (6 days ago)
Doesn’t work
AnnaScout (6 days ago)
Lilly’s World (7 days ago)
im sad i just was almost dine then i hit cancle
مفهمت 😂شيه 😂😂😂🚶
imazooo (9 days ago)
Ty's World (9 days ago)
This easier than using Adobe draw hmu if u want one
Nivardo Rojas (10 days ago)
great job , thanks for sharing this
Super Cool (10 days ago)
OMG it looks so easy until the it got to the drawing part I don’t know if I could do that ahhh!!! I don’t wanna mess up
JoséIUTU (11 days ago)
Gracie Oneill (12 days ago)
Whose here before 2 million views
Shumaila Khan (12 days ago)
So nice video #suamalia khan
DTSDK (12 days ago)
iv'e subscribed and followed you on picsart after watched this video
Lets learn it (12 days ago)
oh wow its my intro sound i like that...
em 114 (13 days ago)
Wait what does she charge for 20 dollars?
imran khan (13 days ago)
Smart 😘
[PaNdA]FISTS (13 days ago)
Does it work for iPad?
Martina Arriola (14 days ago)
Hug to hug anyone?
Karina Aracely (14 days ago)
i enjoyed your technique and u give me idea to do the same technique in Adobe Photoshop. I love it. 🇸🇱❤️❤️❤️❤️
More Cedes (15 days ago)
Can I pay to you to make me one😑 I cant do it
Tera Snow (15 days ago)
Can I just pay u this too much lol
heyyy lol (15 days ago)
1:34 what did she press!
Kdr (14 days ago)
heyyy lol she clicked ‘draw’
Modest Mommy (16 days ago)
Omg I want you to do mine😩😩😩😩 this was mad a year ago.lol I'm trting to start my channel so little time with two small kids its so hard to do
Ray (16 days ago)
use adobr draw
Ashley Toothman (16 days ago)
This is great! Thank you!
Meadow Ong (16 days ago)
Can you make me this pls? My storage is full i cant delete some things
Ryan Coddy (17 days ago)
nice 😊
Cathy Johny (18 days ago)
I can follow u but i don't have insta
Samantha Castro Abarca (18 days ago)
Mine is not good
TaZhané Claude (19 days ago)
Thanks for upload
Suzanne Nicole (19 days ago)
i spent a lot of time doing one of these, couldn’t figure out how to do the eyelashes, so came to this video again, went back and it glitched and i lost the whole thing. i was almost done. 3 hours wasted. 😭😭
I happy my lucky
I happy my lucky
Estefania Ramirez (20 days ago)
Can you make me one please!😖
Lingi Ian (21 days ago)
So helpful😍..New sub here😁
Bisola Bolaji (21 days ago)
Really cool but whenever I draw the brows on another layer, and I increase the opacity of the skin, the brows just disappear. And when I do draw the brows on the layer of the skin I am unable to use the eraser feature cause it basically cleans the skin color too...kindly help with this plz
Bisola Bolaji (21 days ago)
Same thing with the eyes
Maranda Bracamontes (22 days ago)
But what did you press to get to the layers...?
Maranda Bracamontes (22 days ago)
Funny Vines (22 days ago)
Do you use your finger to draw the lines?
KIMKKG (22 days ago)
Bro there is a ligit a filter for it on other apps and on picsart
trinesha sanders (22 days ago)
This was super DOPE! thanks for sharing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Paulus Mandembura (23 days ago)
amazing wow
jynhaoz (23 days ago)
You are so pretty💛
Susie Sue (23 days ago)
Amazingggg...but I'll never be able to do this...😭 Do u guys know any app that really just turn real picture into a cartoon?
SimplyRisa (23 days ago)
i charge $10 for mine & mine take 2-3hours Instagram: drawbyri
Xxbabygirl cute (25 days ago)
What the hell i can't do that😐😑
Lalatha cutie (25 days ago)
Can u do a video about how do you edit your videos
Pearl Oyewole (25 days ago)
y’all this is actually hard and takes time, gets turned out amazing compared to all mine.
lanette brown (25 days ago)
READS TITLE* TITLE:says easy Me:Hmmm okay Me:watches video Me:done watching Me: takes 78 years to do this
LilSnippetYT Snippet (25 days ago)
My picture rn is from PicsArt lmao
mila stankovska (26 days ago)
Jada Unique (26 days ago)
Any small YouTubers want to help each other out?
DanCastillo Vlog (26 days ago)
hunter vanderpool (26 days ago)
It did not workkkk
Jakeela Lampkin (26 days ago)
Wat ur number so u can make it for me
Zonzi Rule (27 days ago)
And here I thought it was a filter
Masakazu Watanabe (27 days ago)
Why tf would people dislike this kind of hardwork? Lol wtf... How do people like this exist... Anways... Ma'am thank you for your hardwork...
Best Insta Edits (27 days ago)
No matter how many years i watch this...i'll never be able to draw😿😿😿💔💔
Best Insta Edits (4 days ago)
+DAYLICEOUS_ DIVINER haha thanks😂😂😂😂
No marhn.. 😅😅😅😅😅😂I believe in you @Best Insta Edits
Mintchiplatte (10 days ago)
Best Insta Edits But all you are doing is starving something that is already there.
Jayelle Ake (27 days ago)
Cool video
Sarah Elizabeth (27 days ago)
Could you please make a guru for me? I would be the happiest person ever. But if you can’t that would be totally fine. But if you can I’m not sure how to reach out to you but if I find out how I will do it as soon as possible. Tysm I would be top of the moon if that was possible!!
Oliviaapcolet Bla (28 days ago)
Can you make me a cartoon?
Bayleigh Michelle (28 days ago)
This didn’t help 😭
Luckensia Joseph15 (28 days ago)
Hello everyone if you’re interested into fashion follow my Instagram page @luckyshaul @luckyshaul I have some new projects coming up and i can use your opinions and ideas 💡 and i will definitely follow you back, thank you😊
Sirine Sirine (28 days ago)
اخدميلي وحدة
Leslie Lopez (29 days ago)
JAKEY JACKS (30 days ago)
Thank you for this!!!!! 💜 you have a new subscriber here 🙌🏻
D•pe YT (30 days ago)
Hey Amateur Guru, can you make me that?
The Amateur Guru (30 days ago)
Alex Legeek (1 month ago)
follow my digital art instagram account for giveaways. @greysdigiart
Denise Cassandra (1 month ago)
I actually try this and it goes blockout try this on 2 hours
When I outline it I can't see what part I outline HELP
Lifewithjannessa B (1 month ago)
Thx you so much really help me
Daniel Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Joakim Karud - Dizzy
Ayaan Hussain (1 month ago)
This is soo difficult
William Ramirez (1 month ago)
You are awesome! Thank you for the video! Was able to make mine and I'm loving it 🙌🏽
MarthaPlayz RBLX (1 month ago)
This iz hard
ynahleigh abad (1 month ago)
what are you using to edit the video?
10k Gamerking (1 month ago)
Can someone do it for me
Clean Lyrics (1 month ago)
Or u could use the cartoon snapchat filter?
Omqits Taleia (1 month ago)
This isn’t working for me
Best Insta Edits (1 month ago)
Not kidding but i literally watched the whole video and enjoyed it...But when its over its when im noticing its IPHONE TUTORIAL R.I.P i have ANDROID😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔
Vicky Lion (3 days ago)
+Amaya Murdock and I think it's on an android that has pen
Vicky Lion (3 days ago)
+Amaya Murdock really but it's so hard
Amaya Murdock (3 days ago)
You can do it on android this was on android first i think
cassia (5 days ago)
Hey you’re the one who hated on Annie’s music
Vicky Lion (12 days ago)
I think I might need your help pls

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