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Youth Rally with Pope Benedict XVI - Litany of the Saints

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Video of the "Litany of the Saints" at the 2008 Youth Rally celebrated in NY in which Pope Benedict XVI met with the Youth and Seminarians at St. Joseph Seminary. The prayer is led by cantor Christi Chiapetti.
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james seerasinghe (1 year ago)
Proud to be a Catholic !
Dominic (1 year ago)
Mmm...so many cute boys to molest.
Jacob Snell (3 years ago)
I miss our German shepherd.
ARSAN ARSAN (3 years ago)
Long live the Pope
LUIS CIUDAD (4 years ago)
100 % Universal & Defent JesusChrist  over the World 
LUIS CIUDAD (4 years ago)
100 % Universal & Defent JesusChrist  over the World 
LUIS CIUDAD (4 years ago)
Love that Song  ...!!
I never knew Bishop of Rome Joseph Alois Ratzinger knew English.
William Debianchi (5 years ago)
she did a great job what a voice chills
Izabellefernandez (5 years ago)
This should be played in all TVs and radios at least once a day
Izabellefernandez (5 years ago)
Spirituality in action. So soothing
JeffersonDinedAlone (5 years ago)
The pope would simply kick out the jams.
Brandon (6 years ago)
Even I slip up when I ask Jesus to pray for me. I quickly correct by saying something like "have mercy" instead.
mtsumusic (6 years ago)
Let's just all thank God that the "church rock" movement hasn't affected the Catholic Church. I don't know what the Pope would do in that case.
William Debianchi (6 years ago)
this is my fav version of the litany and what a beautiful voice
Jeff Rosenbury (6 years ago)
@chavousc I hope that's not the worst sin God forgives.
Jeff Rosenbury (6 years ago)
@MrBatti993 The true litany of the saints is in our hearts.
m173627 (7 years ago)
@MrBatti993 A litany is a prayer with a recurring formula, and a prayer can be in any language. There's nothing wrong with an English litany
djayq (7 years ago)
This version of the Litany of Saints is not the original as one has already pointed out. As beautiful as it sounds, I think it's too bad that a more modern rendition - one that breaks up the litany and actually lengthens it - is being preferred to the traditional version, and in the presence of the Pope himself!
djayq (7 years ago)
@ticketoutofhere The first part of the litany is actually supposed to be a repeat of each invocation (e.g., v. Lord have mercy, r. Lord have mercy, v. Christ have mercy, r. Lord have mercy, etc.).
kryceksangel (7 years ago)
er that should be XI
kryceksangel (7 years ago)
@JoshuaPadraig92 Pope Pius X saved the most jews. You know the person who pointed his finger at Pope Pius was German. Coincidence? Not in a million years.
kryceksangel (7 years ago)
@ivanenrile Most people have no idea that the Protestant Church has a much higher percentage of this then the Catholic Church. We are just attacked because we are the largest Christian sect in the world. Over a billion and growing.
Dominic (1 year ago)
Bahahahaha Suuuure....keep drinking that Kool-Aid prot.
YoRichh (7 years ago)
o please help our family we need job
Tony Trent (7 years ago)
@MrBatti993 A prayer is a prayer no matter what language :)
MrBatti TonyIommi48 (7 years ago)
The true Litany of the saints is in Latin !
Dominic (1 year ago)
No it isn't. Now take your simple sedevacantist back side over to the Zirconia brothers channel where you can masturbate each other about the Illuminati.
Gustavo Mendes (7 years ago)
Viva a Igreja Católica. Viva João Paulo II (Pope John Paul II) Yong Catholic Brazil
Vitor'Xan Vas Rayya (7 years ago)
@Boerenfox thank u!!!
C. Middleton (8 years ago)
Thank-You for posting this; I think John Becker's version is simply beautiful, it was sung when I came into full communion almost ten years ago. Blessings.
WAYTOPLUTO (8 years ago)
@ChristianFirefighter What a stupid ass you are. It is expected from a follower of a stupid religion. Have you been molested yet?
WAYTOPLUTO (8 years ago)
@ChristianFirefighter I think you should stick you bible passage up your ass.
Jesus number#1 (8 years ago)
Wake Up"+"ALL CHRISTIANS UNITE"+"ISLAM is our enemy"+" I know we have differences and we are not going to solve them now"+"only when CHRIST RETURNS"+" ALL born from above CHRISTIANS are my brothers and sisters"+"Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has been born of God... A' John 5:1"+" It doesn't matter the CHURCH/DOGMA/DENOMINATION"+" ”..Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples..’” Greek Orthodox
WAYTOPLUTO (8 years ago)
The catholic church. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahhahahah. It sucks!!!!!
Dominic (1 year ago)
Wow...that was deep.
That Gorgeous Kiddd (8 years ago)
this is one of the best versions i have ever heard! i love it!
Jonathan Thomas (8 years ago)
how can they ask the Trinity to pray for them? makes no sense to me some one explain that please
Izabellefernandez (8 years ago)
This is one of the most spiritual days of my life. Amazing prayer and voice. Lifts you up.
Vito Lucabratsi (8 years ago)
@assasincomedy yes you can. That's if you can go thru is security entourage. Many people did..no harms done. But they still have to try to protect the pope from the crazies.
Prince Arson (8 years ago)
the pope seemed extremely pleased!!!
m173627 (8 years ago)
@ChristianFirefighter Well the invocations are different yes, but the music is still the same. I shall look at your channel though
m173627 (8 years ago)
@ChristianFirefighter Search "Litany of the Saints by John Becker"
William Debianchi (8 years ago)
@iniquitatas where does it say that? it says jesus hear our prayer towards the end
Eric Gonzalez (8 years ago)
I remeber this day! I got to celebrate my birthday at the seminary with the Pope! Not as good as the rapping Franciscans that day, but hey, I'll let this slide. lol Anyway, brings back a really good memory.
tdworak (9 years ago)
True enough. But this error I am sure is innocent, and it does not detract me from enjoying this beautiful performance and prayerful, powerful moment in 16's visit to the USA>
blunt1984 (9 years ago)
I watched this on EWTN live that year! I even took off work to see the Pope, even though I couldn't make it to NY or DC in person, I was still there in spirit! Thanks for posting. God Bless
tdworak (9 years ago)
This is simply a beautiful moment from a holy pope reaching out to a beleagured but soon-to-be-resurgent American Catholic Church. You will know a holy Mass by one thing, and that is reverence for the Eucharist. Don't worry about Latin, non-Latin, Tridentine, Novis Ordum (sp) et. al. Look to the Eucharist and if he is being worshipped with great love and faith. This is how we will always recognize a true Catholic Mass. And heed of Mother Teresa and reject Holy Communion in the hand!
Matthew Coakley (9 years ago)
Personally I wish the five Patriarchs would reconcile their differences and unite once more as it was in the 1st-4th centuries. Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Rome Orthodox and Catholic united as simply, the church once more.
Matthew Santucci (9 years ago)
First of all it is not a service it is the mass. And the usual Catholic Mass is much more reverend and orthodox nothing like this.
Frank Arnou (9 years ago)
I love the tradition in Latin also, but in Belgium we "mix"it sung in Latin, and Dutch.
David Anthony Edwards (9 years ago)
Just Lovely-thank you,play this when I am worried,will leave a candle for you at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk on Sunday. David
You still don't get it. Your own bishops and popes do not hold that Protestants are damned, any more than they hold that the Greek Orthodox communion is damned. What you are trying to force upon us here is the opposite to that which the supreme teaching authority of your own communion has clearly said. Hence the Pope meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury in friendship and fellowship - sharing in worship etc.
Protestants also believe that outside the Church there is no salvation. The brilliant Calvin was quite adamant about this point. However, as I said, read what Pope Benedict XVI has written in his encyclical "Dominus Iesus", and the Second Vatican Council declared in "Unitatas Redintegratio" regarding the way in which this term applies to Protestants. Once again, you are in disagreement with your own bishops and the reigning Pope. This means you are not in conformity with your own leaders.
Then you are not in communion with your own bishops and pope, who have unequivocally stated that Protestants are "separated bretheren" who have high regard for the Word of God, and are saved. The majority of Roman Catholics would not agree with you on this. It is in fact yourself who is out-of-step with the beliefs of most of your church.
My answer to this question would be: the same authority as that of all the other Apostles who also healed people - the authority of God.
There is no evidence of the spirit of Christ in this post. Makes a very poor advertisement for whatever it is that you believe if it has not engendered in you some measure of self-restraint. Should not Christians speak of atheists with prayerfulness and charity, in the perpetual hope of their conversion? Speaking of unbelievers as "losers" is not something I hope I would ever do.
musico747 (9 years ago)
Well, can I ask you about St. Peter in Acts? On whose authority was he acting upon when he healed all those people?
Nick Brady (9 years ago)
What's with you? ps1019 is practically praying for you, and all you're doing is throwing it back in his face! You should be on your knees begging God for forgiveness for that disgusting mouth of yours! If you have no respect for the gracious people on this video, then go soak it up with TheAmazingAtheist loser for all I care! GOOD DAY AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
Nick Brady (9 years ago)
That's very true, Ironknight! Are you Catholic? because that is the very same point our priest brought up in his weekly homily. But, at any rate, you made a good point there! May God bless you, everyone here, and the Pope!
ironknight5990 (9 years ago)
You bring avalid point, but I believe that a better idea of our "prayers to the saints" is simply a request to have those who are alive in heaven to pray for us, just as we would have a family member or a friend pray for us. They aren't dead or passed on. They are alive and still with us, by the Grace of God
We Protestants of course believe that the only mediator between man and God is Christ Jesus, according to the Scriptures which we believe is the only infallible rule of faith and morals. I believe that to pray to men and women passed on is to attribute to them divine qualties - a kind of semi-omniscience which, of course, is an attribute of the Lord God alone. Nevertheless, this is a lovely piece of music. If only it was a confirmation of doctrine instead!
Aaron Lecciones (9 years ago)
Praise God! Dear God always protect our Pope who leads the Catholic Church!
blipperUT (9 years ago)
I first heard it in April 2001, when I was received into the Church at the age of 44, almost 30 years to the day from when I was baptized
lunaraligned (9 years ago)
i'm a tad confused.. how come when they called upon the trinity, we replied 'pray for us'? shouldn't the reply have been 'have mercy on us?' the trinity would end up praying to each other and themselves... i think. an explanation please?? lol thanks.
Nelson Hernandez (9 years ago)
Welcome HOME.
tdworak (9 years ago)
Viva El Papa!
Sportymike (9 years ago)
Long Live the Pope
Nicholas Lee Lewis (9 years ago)
No, you have not rattled me, I care very little for this subject and it is fun for me to mock religion. I could not care less. And yes, I WILL LIVE FOREVER
Paola Sirianni (9 years ago)
My, my, my. It seems that I have rattled you a little there Lewis! Relax. I will continue to pray for you even harder. Do you know what rattles my cage? Innocent people and children getting blown up by Terrorists. As a USN HM3, that is something worth crying over, not your ignorant words. GOD BLESS YOU. You better pray you never die!! YOU BETTER LIVE FOREVER!!
tdworak (9 years ago)
100k per year? Holy Sh*t! Now yer talkin' bout some serious security!! I'm goin' atheist from now on. Thanks for the tip!
RockyBalboa211 (9 years ago)
God bless the catholic church!
Squarerig (9 years ago)
ps1019 I am terribly insecure,frightened,anxious,angst-filled,also very very fucking holy.I am so holy I could be sick but it doesn' help;happiness just keeps breaking in! This fat bitch moaing about god and the angels is spouting the utmost drivel.She is merely a frustrated actress.Her parents must be proud that their daughter is so fucked up!Can you help me?P.S.Send all donations immediately.Just like the church-I need money!
Nicholas Lee Lewis (9 years ago)
Why, that is very kind of you. I'm sure that will make a massive difference!!!! Stop deluding yourself, god doesnt exist. As for frightened, I am frightened of no one. As for insecure, I earn £100k a year, dont think I would be earning that if I was scared or insecure, do you? Anyway, Ive done what I set out to do and that was to rattle the cages of Church hugging wankers like you. Go fuck your God and eat Satans shit, hes coming for you. Wooooooooooo!!!!
Paola Sirianni (9 years ago)
I will pray for you. Deep down inside you are really, a very frightened, insecure person. I will pray for you and your family-you really need it. God Bless!
tdworak (9 years ago)
This is the voice of an angel in the presence of a future saint
BM M (9 years ago)
As a Catholic, I prefer this version of the Littany than the basic chanted version. This version gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes. Simply, beautiful.
CaptVelocity (9 years ago)
One more thing. Chuck Norris, Captain Falcon, and Goku Sun could kick Satan's ass!
CaptVelocity (9 years ago)
You mean like Spongebob and Garfield? They're tight with Jesus, Santa, Elvis, and Bob Marley. :) Spongebob says Jesus is awesome and has superpower btw. You can't disagree because he got it from Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, and Steven Tyler. Don't make me call Batman to run you over with a unicorn. Then Donkey Kong will sit on you and fart. :P
18hoss (9 years ago)
As Christians we are asked to take a higher path. Faith isn't always easy but it is the only road which will lead us to salvation. You say that I'm the deluded soul, what do you believe in? Satan? yourself? Must be a very cold and empty existence.
Nicholas Lee Lewis (9 years ago)
I've done what I set out to do and that was to rattle the cages of people like you. Why don't you believe in something you can actually feel, see and hear. Deluded soul!!!!!
18hoss (9 years ago)
Yeah right, long live Satan the single biggest loser of all time. You must be a scholar of sorts to have such insight into this hateful bitterness. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to spend all of eternity with the one that you worship.
Nicholas Lee Lewis (9 years ago)
Vicious nasty bastard spouting his Catholic crap. Lets hope Satan blasts him and his deluded, bigoted, Catholic followers from the face of the earth. The Vatican and his related churches are full of homosexuals. It wouldnt surprise me if he has sucked cock. He sould try it, it's quite nice, especiall with poppers. Long live Satan.
shanearyn (10 years ago)
Nori Elisabeth Fahrig (10 years ago)
mmm okay, well I'm glad to see everyone was so emtionally moved, but did anyone listen to the opening verses? Probally not you were just think what a great tune. When invoking the Holy Trinity, you do not respond pray for use. Use common sence. Asking God to pray for us??? HE's GOD!!! DUh? Theologically unsound, and masked by the weepy emotionally tune and drama of the cantor. BTW everyone knows this litany,it's a little dumb to be raising your arm like a liturgical dancer on every response.
emeryja23 (10 years ago)
i love this style of the litany. it's so beautiful. gives me chills. and the cantor sang like an angel!
petrusbarjona (10 years ago)
I agree... its called Bad Liturgical Planning...
John LaPerch (10 years ago)
This is what gives me strength....Praise God....Pray for vocations......Praise God, Amen, Alleluia
plwk (10 years ago)
AH! The Catholic Seminarians, a sign of today's future grace and redemption..or is it? Never knew that this Litany can be sung this way...left the Church too long thats why..was good while it lasted
Katie Beth (10 years ago)
i was supposed to go to that its ashame i wasnt there but i'm really happy for my friends who did get to go
Al Eriksen (10 years ago)
Please tell your husband, welcome home. God bless.
pigsarehot (10 years ago)
i love litany of the saints!
vcomfy (10 years ago)
if i'm not wrong it's john d becker's version of the litany of the saints.
LaEnchiladita (10 years ago)
Nice of you to stop by. Yes, this was a memorable moment of the Papal Visit. We all love the Litany so. Thank you, Christi, and God bless you!
timahn7 (10 years ago)
conniesky... She is saying "St. Francis and Clare." St. Clare was a companion of Francis', and was also from Assisi. This video is so beautiful!
darcylass (10 years ago)
You have such a beautiful voice!That is truly a gift from God!
mark angeli (10 years ago)
Cool Christi your on youtube.... One of my clients told me that you were on here... Awesome role model. Good job to Richard playing the Organ as well.
In Splendoribus (10 years ago)
Daniela Sottile (10 years ago)
no im Christi's favorite (=
Daniela Sottile (10 years ago)
Ahhh i have known Christi for a long time.I'm so happy to see her up there. She is AMAZING! I love her voice.
Clint Blaes (10 years ago)
The song is the Litany of the Saints. This is the John Becker tune, but the words have been modified.

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