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The Virus - Animator vs. Animation Shorts - Episode 1

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Text Comments (97634)
Alan Becker (1 month ago)
Episode 2: https://youtu.be/dL8F0B8Hj0o
Darin Wangsopa (1 day ago)
Heather Brown (6 days ago)
Alan Becker ll
Ashantay Prioleau (6 days ago)
Ashantay Prioleau (6 days ago)
BobbyGamer TC (5 hours ago)
Wait what theres noway this was 7 months ago
Arthur (5 hours ago)
_XxDanWasHerexX_ (6 hours ago)
O <|\ /\
Gürkan Başarır (17 hours ago)
Türkler nerdesiniz? 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
shadow (22 hours ago)
Respect total tu anime comme un dieu
Myname Myname (1 day ago)
2:48 sure looks like spiderman's sign.
Sami Gorare (1 day ago)
i loveit
brawl play raredesh (1 day ago)
You cool animatior sorry for my bad english
Eric Carmona (1 day ago)
Your the best Alan becker
NinjaFire YT (1 day ago)
*Slamming the hammer at the spider*
Thats a cute flower animation keep it up love ur vids
chanika kets (1 day ago)
5:11 add subtitles: We must find da wae
Yogender Phore (1 day ago)
This looks like a cartoon version of THE AVENGERS ENDGAME
Ela Campa (1 day ago)
Awesome animation, sooo cool
Vincent Lat (1 day ago)
Mr Nope (1 day ago)
Great lore
Darin Wangsopa (1 day ago)
Hassan Mawassi (1 day ago)
In 3:27 it looks like is a person
Loan Ngo (1 day ago)
EvanZC (2 days ago)
ill love your animations and the connection you have with you and that stick man its just so funny i want you to make more
Ruben Lopez (2 days ago)
5:24 there kicking : /
Ruben Lopez (2 days ago)
1:11 I think a virous
Drama_ Llama Bruh (2 days ago)
Just an example of what a spider takes to die..
skull trooper 400 (2 days ago)
Do stick figure in roblox
Lamp (2 days ago)
6:26 *Nibba stick has joined the battle.*
Gulsen Serttaş (2 days ago)
Abi bunu beğendim
GamerHana OMG (2 days ago)
Ok this virus is to though and its can not be delete maybe but ITS FUNNY AND THE BEST ANIMATION I EVER SEEN XD
mat2000100 (2 days ago)
>ViraAntiVirus Oh the irony
ielnation 19 (2 days ago)
turn on subtitle in 5:10
This is My board (2 days ago)
Virus stats: 99999 ATK 99988 DEF You can't stop it, F O R E V E R Stickman stats: 35 ATK 67 DEF They are drawed to battle with the virus. Mouse stats: -999 ATK -888 DEF It's dead, F O R E V E R. You're filled with D E T E R M I N A T I O N
ANDIKA GAMING (2 days ago)
Kak bikin lagi aku suka
3:26 you anger the god
Secret Exit (2 days ago)
Second one Coming were helping alan
Manuel Creations (2 days ago)
why does the captions say the stick figures are a family
杨剑文 (2 days ago)
Oh the choosen one!he is back!
Jesus Mamani (3 days ago)
German t e va a gustar el virus animaxion vs animador
FAYZAN PLAYS (3 days ago)
You should make a anamation could stick mans life
Robert Williams (3 days ago)
I like this animation I was watched all of it but why are you things you down a not pause to be good come on
TOP SHIFT (3 days ago)
wat is program
Tara Green Barrett (3 days ago)
Who disliked this video whoever did that I will find u
Gam3r Boy sultan (3 days ago)
👨a 👕v 👖s 👢a
If they use Minecraft tools
藤田伸二 (3 days ago)
László Juhász (3 days ago)
chance of killing virus bot 0.000% but how could me bite evreything and what happen if mouse was turned into numbers and letters does he go in hell?
harry the gamer (3 days ago)
Why do I always like these,c'mon there stickmen
Play Games (3 days ago)
0 /|\ /\
Ejurtyk 55 (3 days ago)
5:25 ส้นตีนพิทักโลก 55555+
BlueTnek 321 (3 days ago)
If their minecraft app was still alive. They could of respawned if they died.
꿈꾸는쿠미 (3 days ago)
저럴때빨강이가 마크 히로빈이 된다면..
iman kevige (3 days ago)
what a great art of work..you are genius We are salute!
Zachary Dolor (3 days ago)
How to draw an animation in my tablet
Nadia Adjei (3 days ago)
McGilm (3 days ago)
92 degrees in fahrenheit would make sense, but celsius? yea your computer does not exist *its a volcano now*
LeafVillageDog (3 days ago)
Thomas G (3 days ago)
4:34 TSC's little virus dance is so cute
Samantha Ellis (3 days ago)
I have headphones on so I can hear every noise you put in this video that I couldn't On my Xbox ONE
Toasty10 (4 days ago)
The return of the chosen one
Halil Hit (4 days ago)
Love love
Watercraft (4 days ago)
Dakila Manalastas (4 days ago)
Stefan Frąckowiak (4 days ago)
wow vicmin!!
Lil Shiro (4 days ago)
Wish i had a stick man friend doing my work it would be so awesome i think technology sience need to create something like this at least its better than the human robot they create
0:00 that music never gets old
Don Antivo (4 days ago)
Don Antivo (4 days ago)
MUFAZ OFFICIAL (4 days ago)
Abang Orang Indonesia kah?
SCP 096 (4 days ago)
5:17 that went from parkour karate to full on brutal gang fight
Dr. Salty (4 days ago)
Now i know how it started
"Are You From Indonesian" ???
Gabemario (4 days ago)
The OG chosen one is back
AVeryAngryKermit (4 days ago)
197°F huh... Prepare to have your computer melt like butter.
clarence Di Maria (5 days ago)
How you animate all of this? What programs do you use?
카카로토 (5 days ago)
3:24oh my god
rahmat aryo (5 days ago)
Wow is the meazing alan becker
Patsagorn Yuenyong (5 days ago)
ใครเป็นคนแปลไทยฮะ แปลซะมังงะเลย 5555+++
Crystal Wizard (5 days ago)
Love this :) have loved your videos since the very first one.
SEKOY PLAY (5 days ago)
I from indonesia icant make a film stickman very beautiful scwne good job Alan Becker😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍
Polat Anims (5 days ago)
Altyazıyı kim yazdı ?:)Xd
Lil Man (5 days ago)
I love your animations
MKG G (5 days ago)
*How To Make A Villain Entrance* Thor: Ragnorok: well we had Hela crush Thor’s ham- Alan Becker: Where’s my pen?
adriane fernandes (5 days ago)
Mo Th (5 days ago)
4:34 I just laughed😂
Caleb coghill 2 (5 days ago)
I think the second coming has some of the chosen one power in him
O /|\ /\
lamJoe Joe (5 days ago)
I wanna ask why is there a vira anti virus
Sherinah's Wonderland (5 days ago)
You can see what the stick figures are saying if you turn on captions
Happy Fakeboulder (5 days ago)
2:19 "ViraAntiVirus" _You have become the very thing you sought to destroy._
Travis Wines (5 days ago)
make gray
da wae (6 days ago)
5:09 We must find da wae
Oscar Morales (6 days ago)
Portador AZ más videos
LinesEM Railfanning (6 days ago)
We must find da wae
Ming456 (6 days ago)
0:57 Drawing Clone Jutsu!
Anne Shirley (6 days ago)
رائع رائع رائع رائع ومثير جدا
Febrian Ramadani (6 days ago)
Excellent, this is a true work of art... I don't know how long you make it But dude.... Thank you for creating this 👍
Noah Wattel (6 days ago)
I love me some Viratunes
Apple Caballegan (6 days ago)

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