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Long to very short haircut makeover for women 40 +

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daniel celestino (2 months ago)
Beatifull. Long from. A pixier cut Congratulations sidney dos santos
Rashid Surati (2 months ago)
Samiksha Shetty (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/VwcSTQmokLs My wife's short haircut video
rac717 (4 months ago)
Good cut, but the longer hair made her look 5-10 years younger, imo.
Alice Girard (3 months ago)
+Judi Dipillo nope. Experience 😂
Judi Dipillo (3 months ago)
+Alice Girard not true. Very narrow minded view.
Alice Girard (3 months ago)
agree, any woman who cuts their hair age 10 years in one row;
Eliza Intan (5 months ago)
Cut my hair short pls someone
Sean DuCiaome (7 months ago)
Can I buzz your hair
bhagya B (8 months ago)
Sean DuCiaome (8 months ago)
Can I cut your hair
Leon binks (1 year ago)
Tidy modern crop nicely done
Rnie Nrktirj (5 months ago)
Leon binks deni

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