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Long to very short haircut makeover for women 40 +

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daniel celestino (5 months ago)
Beatifull. Long from. A pixier cut Congratulations sidney dos santos
Rashid Surati (6 months ago)
Samiksha Shetty (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/VwcSTQmokLs My wife's short haircut video
rac717 (8 months ago)
Good cut, but the longer hair made her look 5-10 years younger, imo.
Alice Girard (7 months ago)
@Judi Dipillo nope. Experience 😂
Judi Dipillo (7 months ago)
@Alice Girard not true. Very narrow minded view.
Alice Girard (7 months ago)
agree, any woman who cuts their hair age 10 years in one row;
Eliza Intan (9 months ago)
Cut my hair short pls someone
Mathew Ryan (59 minutes ago)
Eliza Intan imagine feeling the clippers sending your hair tumbling down the cape and onto the floor as your hair gets short and sexy, I wish we lived close by each other, I'd love to cut your hair for you, there's not much as exciting as giving a female a short haircut.......💈
Lincker Morgan (3 days ago)
Eliza Intan you are so beautiful
Sean DuCiaome (11 months ago)
Can I buzz your hair
bhagya B (1 year ago)
Sean DuCiaome (1 year ago)
Can I cut your hair
Leon binks (1 year ago)
Tidy modern crop nicely done
Rnie Nrktirj (9 months ago)
Leon binks deni

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