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Fred Flinstone's Feet Tickled

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Possibly one of, if not, THE best cartoon tickling scene of all time! X3 From The Flintstone's episode "Dino and Juliet" Fred and his obnoxious neighbor Loudmouth are having an argument, which leads to hysterical conclusions! XD Fred Flintstone and The Flintstones are Copyright to Hanna-Barbera, not me! P.S. Tell me, what do YOU think is the greatest tickling scene of all time? X3
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Text Comments (49)
Defaulty Boi (1 year ago)
I'm on the weird side of youtube again
bigpoppa 1967 (2 years ago)
Please provide the clip where Loud Rock routinely swat Fred with a tennis racket as well a Loud Rock asking Fred if he was going to fight...or dance?
Emma Robinson (2 years ago)
can u tickle me like that
RAGED HUSKY (1 year ago)
Emma Robinson if u want...
Stephen Treadwell (2 years ago)
Fred pulls his feet out from under the wall when Loudrock tickles them.   Why can't he do it before?
Chase Ginn (2 years ago)
When Grand Dad Gets Mad At His Neighbor Dickman
Francis Coyle (2 years ago)
How about [timber] a Donald Duck cartoon where Donald accidentally tickles black Pete while pulling the double saw out of his shirt.
ripped abdominals (3 years ago)
Shumar Bell (3 years ago)
this is one of few Fred flinstone video that still is spelled the original way. now they spell it Flintstone.... Mandela effect....
Selena Kellum (3 years ago)
that's funny
D Jones (3 years ago)
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rellshon99 (3 years ago)
loudock had a hard time holding his laugh in while fred was laughing. especially right after he said coochie coochie coo
MetroidJunkie (3 years ago)
Fred's pretty tough if the tickling gets to him more than having his legs crushed.
Stephen Treadwell (2 years ago)
Good point!
Elmarie Swaner (4 years ago)
They ended up being friends.
Steven197981 (4 years ago)
I am the only one that finds Fred's scream at 0:10 hilarious?
Maciek Kunicki (2 years ago)
say aaaaaaaaaaaaał
Ricky M (4 years ago)
iStandByi (4 years ago)
He was asking for it
1Dudelove (5 years ago)
It would be funnier if Fred wet himself laughing.
ToeClawDan (5 years ago)
does anyone know the episode of where barney almost gets fred to kiss his feet?
ToeClawDan (3 years ago)
@BeefStuu92  well i read it in something of a guy that is a big fan of the show and how that was a bigger moment then when pebbles was born,
BeefStuu92 (3 years ago)
+TheLizardMan Creature What, There's an Episode with That? Damn, Wish I Knew!
Bobby Joe (5 years ago)
Steve Carras (5 years ago)
HEnry Corden, who played Loudrock, became Fred's voice from 1977 to 2005 [Al Reed, the original Fred, had died in 1977. Coincidence to hear the two Freds opposite each other!]
lphvm (5 years ago)
loved it when he says "Oh nooo!". The music sounds almost like Beany & Cecil, which is the greatest tickling scene of all time!
CichyCooLover (6 years ago)
Sadly, no I don't. ^^; I'm sorry. ^^; I only chose the episodes which I remember had tickling in em'. ^^; There are several ones which I know Barney got tickled, especially one where Betty tickles his feet, but I don't remember the name of the episode. ^^;
mike stoever (6 years ago)
i want trina to do this to me
ToeClawDan (6 years ago)
isen't there one were barney gets tickled (whatever his name is,fred's friend)
kathy fowler (6 years ago)
do you have Royal Rubble or high school fred?
parakeet8157 (6 years ago)
The jingly sound effect and whiney music add to the fun!!! Great tickling vid! TY!
skrivbok (6 years ago)
Or why not a great looking chick's - who you know is REALLY ticklish, heheheh ;)
Starchild798 (6 years ago)
well,my enemy would have to be a female ,lol n she would have to be as mean as loudrock was to fred flintstone,LMAO,b/c this is so gay on so many levels,yet funny,though
RAGED HUSKY (1 year ago)
Starchild798 wierd
Videos043mike (6 years ago)
...something about seeing a tough guy like that teasingly saying "cootchie...cootchie...coo..." gives me shivers!
Steven Baylor (2 years ago)
Videos043mike me too
CichyCooLover (6 years ago)
Indeedy! XD
Videos043mike (6 years ago)
How tempting to have your enemy's bare soles trapped right in front of you!
Videos043mike (6 years ago)
How tempting is that to have your enemy's bare soles trapped right in front of you...SO tempting! Reach me on Yahoo messenger @ tundra51419.
Videos043mike (6 years ago)
...and how tempting was it for the neighbor to have two helpless soles, just to have Fred TELL HIM they were ticklish? I would have tickled someone in that situation too!
CichyCooLover (6 years ago)
Indeed! X3
Videos043mike (6 years ago)
You've gotta love the pleading tone in Fred's voice..he realized his soles were helpless and just sitting in front of his grumpy neighbor!
CichyCooLover (6 years ago)
Yeah, I thought about that too. ^^; But eh, who are we to argue with cartoon logic? XD LOL
Kee Leichtle (6 years ago)
you would think someone who spends literally everyday of his life barefoot would have really tough feet that wouldnt be so sensitive to tickling lol
CichyCooLover (6 years ago)
I'll have to agree! X3
CichyCooLover (6 years ago)
Yeah. As I heard from someone else, "If he didn't mention his feet to be tickled, it wouldn't have happened!" LOL X3 Sounds like a funny clip! X3
Stephen Treadwell (2 years ago)
But we don't see Loudrock when Fred says that.   He probably has a wicked grin on his face & his hand in the right position to tickle Fred's feet.
kamin6 (6 years ago)
I always loved this scene, especially how Fred almost suggests he tickle his feet. :) My favourite cartoon tickling scene of all time was in a Smurfs episode called Box of Dirty Tricks. A mischievous pink monster drops a sheet over Jokey and tickles him silly but 'modern' clips of this episode actually cut of the scene. No idea why they would do that :( Jokey's laughter and begging are priceless in the original. :)
oc will (6 years ago)
This one's probably the best. :)

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