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real time northern lights , shooting stars and a polar bear
Make sure you set the video quality to HD. More real time video of the northern lights, look out for the two shooting stars and one polar bear. The first section was filmed out of the window of a flight from Toronto. The second in Iceland the third on a polar Bear expedition in Churchill Canada. All filmed on either a Sony a7 or Sony A7s. Music is by Sigur Ros and is used with permission.
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Polar Bears & Northern Lights
Polar Bear & Northern Lights Photo Safari
Polar Bear Aurora Borealis Landscape LIVE Acrylic Painting Tutorial
Art Supplies Gift Guide: https://www.amazon.com/shop/angelafineart Learn how to paint a polar bear and cub in a wintry landscape with aurora borealis in the night sky in this free step by step acrylic painting tutorial by Angela Anderson. Easy to follow instructions guide you through creating your own beautiful canvas artwork. Materials Used: 9" x 12" Canvas Panel or Gesso Board Heavy Body Acrylic Paints Titanium White Carbon Black Unbleached Titanium Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) Ultramarine Blue Quinacridone Magenta Cadmium Yellow Medium Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) Burnt Sienna Yellow Oxide Dioxazine Purple Burnt Umber Zinc White Teal Light Ultramarine Blue Acrylic Synthetic Brushes from The Brush Guys: http://bit.ly/angelafineartbrushes 5% discount code: "angelafineart" Princeton 6100 Bright #12, #10, #8, #6, #4, #2 Princeton 6100 Flat #2 Princeton 6100 Filbert #4, #6 Princeton 6100 Round #1, #2, #2/0 Zen Angle Shader 3/8" Zen Liner #20/0 Simmons Sapphire #4 Round, 1/4" Angle Royal Soft Grip Texture Set (Rake, Fan, Mop, Deerfoot Stippler) Golden Gloss Glazing Liquid Paper Towels (Viva or Scott Shop) Spray Bottle Strathmore Visual Journal Mixed Media Pad (for practice) Chalk or Scribe-All Pencils Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens or Sakura Pigma FB Brush Pens Grey Matters Palette Paper or Masterson Stay Wet Palette Creative Color Wheel or Color Mixing Color Wheel For Traceable Transfer: Tracing Paper Graphite Transfer Paper White Transfer Paper Stylus Set Bleach Wipes (optional) You can help support this channel on Patreon and receive traceables and other exclusive rewards here: https://www.patreon.com/angelafineart Please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=angelafineart and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching! Social Media Contacts: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/angelafineart Email: [email protected] (send photos here or facebook) My Website: http://www.angelaandersonfineart.com/ Teespring Store: https://teespring.com/stores/angelafineart Google +: https://plus.google.com/+angelafineart Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angelaandersonfineart Thankful Art Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thankfulart Angelooney: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AngelooneyWinterPaintIn My Blog: http://angelaandersonart.blogspot.com/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/angelafineart/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/angelafineart Instagram: https://instagram.com/thankfulart Snail Mail: P.O. Box 12171, Russellville, AR 72812 (I'd love to hear from you!) Copyright info: Videos produced by Angela Anderson (angelafineart) are intended for private use only by non-profit community, home and school groups. Please contact me for commercial/retail use licensing information. Feel free to embed the videos as is, but please do not alter, remove watermarks, re-upload or otherwise change the original video. If you would like to sell your painting from this painting tutorial please include a reference on the back "Original tutorial by Angela Anderson". Please no prints or mass market sales (Etsy). Thank you.
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The Legend of the Northern Lights | Alaska Legend
"Look to the light and swim to the top of the Great Mountain. There you will find your home. There you will swim in the eternal river of the sky." - Seth Adam Smith This story comes from the book "Your Life Isn't For You," by Seth Adam Smith. Click on the link below to order a copy from Amazon! http://goo.gl/nInAsZ Read the FULL legend here: http://goo.gl/MFFnJt Art by Ashley Collett http://www.AshleyCollettDesign.blogspot.com Music "In Reverence" by David Tolk http://www.DavidTolk.com Follow my blog at http://www.SethAdamSmith.com
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Polar Bears & Northern Lights | Webinar
Experience polar bears and the Northern Lights on one amazing trip to the Arctic. Polar bears and Northern Lights are the top two bucket list experiences travellers are looking for in the Arctic. Did you know you can cross them both off your bucket list in one trip? Imagine viewing polar bears by day and witnessing a magical Northern Lights show at night. Learn more about these trips to view polar bears and the Northern Lights in the Arctic: Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari: https://arctickingdom.com/trip/polar-bear-migration-fly-photo-safari/ Private Polar Bear Migration Safari: https://arctickingdom.com/trip/private-polar-bear-tour/ Spring Polar Bears & Icebergs of Baffin: https://arctickingdom.com/trip/polar-bears-icebergs-baffin-island-photo-safari/ Polar Bear Mother & Newborn Cubs: https://arctickingdom.com/trip/polar-bear-photo-safari/
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Is that all?!
The end of the bear fight (Iorek Byrnison versus Iofur Raknison) from The Golden Compass/Northern Lights.
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Exploring the Arctic for Kids: Arctic Animals and Climates for Children - FreeSchool
https://patreon.com/freeschool - Help support more content like this! The Arctic is an amazing place! You probably know that it is a very cold, icy place, home to polar bears, whales, and walrus, but there is more to the Arctic than that! The Northern Lights dance in the sky during long winters when the sun does not rise. In the summer, plants grow and animals flourish on the treeless Arctic tundra. Would you like to see puffins, humpback whales, polar bears, walrus, and more? Watch this video all about the Arctic! Like this video if you want to see more videos exploring HABITATS! Subscribe to FreeSchool: https://www.youtube.com/user/watchfreeschool?sub_confirmation=1 Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watchFreeSchool Check our our companion channel, FreeSchool Mom! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTcEtHRQhqiCZIIb77LyDmA And our NEW channel for little ones, FreeSchool Early Birds! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3OV62x86XHwaqsxLsuy8dA
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1993 Coca Cola Northern Lights commercial
This 1993 Coca-Cola polar bears holiday spot was simple...and it worked. This was the first ad to use the polar bears.
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April 10- Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Watch live here: https://explore.org/livecams/polar-bears-international/northern-lights-cam
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6 Things to do in Churchill, Manitoba (Polar Bear Country)
Want to see polar bears, beluga whales and the Northern Lights all in one trip? Churchill is the place to go. And there's a whole lot of other activities to do too! Check out 6 of my favourite things to do in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Website: http://www.nourishedsweetly.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheelagh.daly/ Footage taken at: Paddle Boarding: SUP North (https://www.seanorthtours.com/) Local Events: The Tundra (http://www.tundrainn.com/) Miss Piggy: Tour with Nanuk Operations (http://www.nanukoperations.com/) Dog Sledding: Wapusk Adventures (http://wapuskadventures.com/dog-sledding/) Tundra Buggy & Polar Bear: Frontiers North (https://frontiersnorth.com/the-tundra-buggy-adventure) Get more Churchill facts at: https://everythingchurchill.com/ Planning a trip to Churchill? Leave a comment below if you have any questions!
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Polar Bear Hotel
The Tundra Lodge Rolling Hotel -The Tundra Lodge Rolling Hotel is a unique hotel that allows one to view polars bears in the wild at very close distance -The hotel is not too far from Churchill, Manitoba which is the polar bear capital of the world -Every fall the tundra lodge is constructed and placed in a specific spot that guts into the hudson’s bay that is known for high polar bear density -There are around 800 polar bears in the region which come down the Hudson’s Bay on blocks of ice that are being blown by the prevailing winds from the north -Those blocks of ice will eventually hit land on the southern shore of the hudson’s bay right around Churchill -The polar bears at this point are all fattened up from hunting seals all winter long. -The bears wait at the shore around Churchill until November when the ice gets cold and the ice begins to freeze again. Seawater has a lower freezing point than freshwater, so the bears wait around the Hudson Bay coastline near Churchill because the churchill river runs north into the hudson bay. That fresh water will freeze first creating a new hunting raft for the polar bears -Now how the Rolling Lodge works is you would fly to Winnipeg, Manitoba where the staff of the Rolling hotel is located. They equip you with a parka and boots and take you onto the a private jet that flies to Churchill -Once arrived a polar rover will take guests to the rolling hotel -The rolling lodge was constructed by a local resident of churchill, Don Wachowski -There are different train car buggies with different functions -These train car buggies are not actually a train, but more like conga line of busses that are attached -The first buggy is for staff, it’s their living, sleeping, relaxing quarters -Buggy 2 has a full kitchen and mess hall with master chef Toby. The remaining 2/3rds of space in this car is filled with tables and chairs for meals. -between the different buggies is a caged in viewing area that is open to the outdoors that gives a great view of the polar bears -The 3rd car is filled with seats and a drink station -4th and 5th buggy cars have 4 showers each flush toilets, and 32 bunk beds attached to the hallway. -This is where adventurers that want to see the polar bears stay. -The polar bears can be viewed from windows throughout the tundra lodge -The buggie is high enough off the ground that the polar bears can’t actually attack a person -It’s even possible to view the polar bears from your bed in your sleeping cabin -A tundra rover is kept at the lodge at all times which goes out during the day for Northern Safaris looking at different polar bears doing polar bear things -Polar bears are very solitary creatures but during November and December around Churchill is one of the only times and places on the planet where polar bears are forced into a small area as they wait for the ice to freeze over. The result is that guests can potentially see young bears playing with each other which they would never otherwise do. -The amount of bears around the lodge can vary from 1 to 20 polar bears -This tundra hotel isn’t just for great bear sight seeing, the northern lights light up the sky, when there aren’t clouds of course as well as an incredible sunset. -Other creatures that can be seen are arctic hare, arctic fox, snowy owls, and willow ptarmigan -If this is a trip you’re interested in, you might want to book it sooner than later. Every year the earth is getting warmer and polar bear numbers are dropping as the ice melts. -A 6 or 7 day stay in the rolling hotel will cost around $7000 or $1000 a night. While that might seem expensive, where else can you sleep with wild polar bears walking around you? Photo Credits: Henry H Holdsworth: Bear nose, Bear with rover, Mother & cubs Michael Poliza: Mother walking with cubs Brad Jospehs: Snowy owl, Sunset bear Sara Higgins: Woman & bear Colin McNulty: Mother & cub on tundra, Tundra Lodge Erik Rock: Northern lights, sparring bears Michael Poliza: Mother & cubs walking Sources: www.frontiersnorth.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ODx3UIQTh4 http://www.nathab.com/polar-bear-tours/tundra-lodge-adventure/ http://www.ripleys.com/weird-news/polar-bear-hotel/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADTWECSOY84 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZOVW4woc10 https://www.facebook.com/pg/NaturalHabitatAdventures Music courtesy: Blue Wednesday Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday Check out some of our other videos: Top 10 Craziest Lego Creations – Lego Sculptures to Blow Your Mind! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mip9G0_rUTk&feature=youtu.be For copyright matters please contact: [email protected] Intro music thanks to Machinmasound: Rallying the Defense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruPk4RD19Nw
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Aurora Borealis and Meteor Shower at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, Manitoba
A time lapse of the Aurora Borealis during a meteor shower filmed from the Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge along the Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba, Canada (Note: all lights crossing the sky are meteors except for the slow-moving one which is an airplane.) Photographed August 14, 2015 Filmed by Hal Brindley at Travel For Wildlife (http://www.travelforwildlife.com) For more info on the Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge visit http://www.churchillwild.com Form more info about visiting Manitoba, visit http://www.travelmanitoba.com
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2018 $30 Arctic Animals and Northern Lights:Polar Bear - Pure Silver Coin
http://cdncoin.com This magical 2018 $30 pure silver coin captures the beauty of Canada’s most famous Arctic animal, together with a backdrop of the magnificent Northern Lights. Canadian artist Trevor Tennant has created an immersive design that will take you up close to a polar bear navigating the sea ice. Exceptional detail and beautifully executed colour capture the subtleties in the bear’s thick coat, and the warm glow of the setting sun that fills the Arctic sky. When the coin is exposed to the included black light, day turns to night as the sun sets behind the horizon, revealing the luminescent red, yellow and green splendor of the Aurora Borealis.
Northern Lights with Polar Bears Fountain
Fountain Specs: 12"H x 20"W (Including the holly n lights) Resin Bowl Measures: 15"in Diameter and 4"High Complete with Polar Bear Figurine Topper, (mother n cubs) Lone Bear on the base Decorative glittering trees and holly tree accent pieces Synchronizing Lights slowing changes colors which is separate from the pump. Pump has an on-off switch and is adjustable so you can regulate the water flow Complete easy to understand assembly instructions. Sets up in about 10 minutes or less http://www.fountainsnslate.com/inc/sdetail/13752
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Polar Bear Encounters
If seeing polar bears in the wild is on your bucket list, then the ideal place to visit is Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. Join a small group adventure of just 16 passengers, which includes two full days and an evening excursion onto the Arctic tundra, where you may even see the northern lights too! Visit Churchill this October or November with our Classic Polar Bear Adventure: http://bit.ly/1S0paYY Or for a more comprehensive tour, take a look at our Ultimate Polar Bear Adventure: http://bit.ly/2rh1nMY
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Alaska Polar Bear Viewing and Photo Tours with Wild Alaska Travel
https://wildalaskatravel.com/alaska-polar-bear-tour-northern-lights https://wildalaskatravel.com/alaska-polar-bear-viewing-and-photo-tour Our Alaska Polar Bear Viewing and Photo Tours provide unmatched opportunities to see and photograph Alaska Polar Bears in the best Polar Bear viewing area in Alaska! Our tours are scheduled to meet the absolute prime time for Polar Bear viewing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge along Alaska's Arctic coast.
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Polar bears in peril: The bleak future of the Churchill bears | In-Depth
They are a majestic icon of Canada's North, but polar bears have also come to symbolize climate change. And scientists say the future for one particular population of polar bears in northern Manitoba is dire. Correction: At 9:52 we mistakenly reported that there hasn't been a birth of polar bear triplets recorded since 1996. In fact, there have been triplet births observed in the spring – but no females with triplets have been seen in the fall. Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CBCTheNational?sub_confirmation=1 Voice Your Opinion & Connect With Us Online: The National Updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenational The National Updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBCTheNational »»» »»» »»» »»» »»» The National is CBC Television's flagship news program. Airing six days a week, the show delivers news, feature documentaries and analysis from some of Canada's leading journalists.
polar bear chasing northern light Animation loop
animation loop for loopdeloop animation January challenge. Retouched after submission. Music: Aurora Dawn by Seablue.
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Can you see the Northern Lights with Churchill Wild?
Can you see the Northern Lights with Churchill Wild? Is it on your bucket list to see the Northern Lights? Come to Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge where we saw the Aurora Borealis for more than an hour. We saw all different colors and the lights were dancing all across the sky. It was truly one of the most magical things I have ever seen. Where did we stay to see Polar Bears?Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge with Churchill Wild https://wesaidgotravel.com/2zjq See all of my Polar Bear videos: https://wesaidgotravel.com/wild Filmed by Lisa Niver with a LG V30 #LGV30 and #Canon PowerShot #SX530HS Enjoy over 820+ videos from all around our planet at http://www.youtube.com/user/WeSaidGoTravel  with over 1800+ subscribers YouTube views:  over 820,000 Safe Travels! Lisa Niver We Said Go Travel LLC October 2018 http://lisaniver.com/one-page/ http://wesaidgotravel.com/category/we-said/ https://www.instagram.com/wesaidgotravel/ https://www.facebook.com/wesaidgotravel https://twitter.com/wesaidgotravel https://www.virtuoso.com/advisor/lisaniver/ Music By Epidemic Sound In The Shades (Instrumental Version) by Martin Hall
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Guest Testimonial Alaska Polar Bear & Northern Lights Tour
https://wildalaskatravel.com/alaska-polar-bear-tour-northern-lights/ The Alaska Polar Bear & Northern Lights Tour provides a simply unparalleled opportunity to see and photograph the largest terrestrial carnivore in North America in the wild. The tour is scheduled to meet the absolute prime conditions for Polar Bear viewing in Alaska.
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Polar Bear pastel drawing Northern Lights Mungyo Pastels
Hi everyone , My first drawing of 2018 a cute polar bear looking at northern lights inspired by recent snowstorm and really wanted to use my new Mungyo pastels i have un boxing video and review of these pastels on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/katerina_art_ page for anyone interested .This is what i created with them art materials/Products used listed below thank you. Prints available on my website http://www.katerinaart.com Art Materials/Products used Strathmore toned gray paper Mungyo Pastels ( non toxic) half sticks Pastel Pencils ( mixed brands) Glitter powder for sparkles Masking tape For Business inquiries please email me at [email protected] or [email protected] For commissions requests , for now im only accepting sketch commissions check my website for pricing. http://www.katerinaart.com thank you so much ! xoxo Feel free to follow me at my social media sites: My website http://www.katerinaart.com Instagram https://www.instagram.com/katerina_art_ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KaterinaKoukiotisArt Twitter https://twitter.com/katerinaart Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/blog/katerinaartartist Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/katerinaartworks Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/katerinakoukiot/ Music by and copyrighted to Tangled Soundtrack Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi - I See The Light - From "Tangled" Soundtrack Made with Perfect Video http://goo.gl/j49PLI
Nanuk Polar bear lodge- the northern lights
GoPro 曝光20秒延时
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Alaska Polar Bear Tour with Wild Alaska Travel
https://wildalaskatravel.com/alaska-polar-bear-tour-northern-lights/ Join Wild Alaska Travel for a unique and exclusive Alaska Polar Bear and Northern Lights Tour to Arctic Alaska.You will see and be able to photograph Alaska Polar Bears up close in the best Polar Bear viewing area in Alaska.
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Tundra Buggy Lodge
The Tundra Buggy® Lodge, located in the heart of polar bear country, offers a unique, immersive experience where guests can fall asleep and wake up with polar bears right outside their window and, on a clear night, the northern lights dance above, unhindered from the lights of town. www.frontiersnorth.com Video Compiled © Handcraft Creative
Lazy Bear Lodge Churchill Manitoba Canada Video4
Located on Hudson Bay 1000 km north of the U.S. Border and below the Arctic Circle, Lazy Bear Lodge sits on the edge of the Boreal Forest and Canadian Tundra, offering wildlife tours and adventures featuring Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, and mystical Northern Lights. Hand-hewed from boreal forest logs, Lazy Bear Lodge is unique among any destination facilities in The North!
Wild Kingdom | Polar Bears of Churchill Manitoba | Forecasting Their Future
We look at how scientists help these remarkable animals and the hopeful outlook for their future.
Great Ice Bear Adventure  --  Dymond Lake Ecolodge -- Churchill Wild Polar Bear Tours and Safaris
https://www.churchillwild.com/adventures/great-ice-bear-adventure/ The Great Ice Bear Adventure takes place at Dymond Lake Ecolodge during prime polar bear season in October and November, when polar bears congregate in large numbers on the coast of Hudson Bay. The population of Churchill skyrockets to approximately 2,500 at this time, but the remoteness of Dymond Lake Ecolodge will help you escape the crowds while experiencing the most unique and interactive polar bear experience anywhere. Dymond Lake Ecolodge is strategically located a quick 30 km flight west of Churchill amidst the natural habitat of many Arctic creatures including polar bears, caribou, Arctic and red fox, Arctic hare, wolves and moose, along with numerous bird species such as snowy owls, ptarmigan and gyrfalcons. In addition to wildlife viewing at the Lodge, highlights include evening presentations by our polar bear guides and often northern lights shows! Your time spent at the Lodge involves mostly terrestrial travel in order to reduce our impact on the environment. Out of respect for both the wildlife and the sensitive ecosystem they depend on, the use of motorized vehicles is kept to a strict minimum. Polar bears. Without the crowds. Video by Build Films.
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Lazy Bear Lodge in Churchill - Manitoba, Canada
Tour the log cabin Lazy Bear Lodge & Cafe in Churchill, Manitoba. The lodge boasts an authentic stone fireplace, and guests are provided a view of the northern lights, arctic foxes and even polar bears in the winter. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit http://uscw.canada.travel/canadaheritage Join us on Facebook and Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/KeepExploring http://www.twitter.com/Keep_Exploring
Spring Polar Bears Icebergs of Baffin | Webinar
Discover polar bears & icebergs in the High Arctic! Some of the most powerful and award-winning polar bear photos are rare shots of polar bears amongst icebergs captured on Baffin Island, in the high Arctic. In March and April, we have incredible opportunities to view polar bears as they roam sea ice and climb majestic icebergs in Canada’s high Arctic. After days of exploration, the night sky lights up with spectacular Northern Lights shows. Find out how you can get opportunities for rare polar bear photography in the High Arctic on Arctic Kingdom's Spring Polar Bears & Icebergs of Baffin Photo Safari. Learn more about this trip on arctickingdom.com: http://arctickingdom.com/trip/polar-bears-icebergs-baffin-island-photo-safari/
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Northern Lights Season in Churchill, Manitoba
As winter comes to an end, here's a look back at what this year’s northern lights season in Churchill looked like! There's no better time than now to start planning your Churchill experience next winter.
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CT Polar Bears vs. CT Northern Lights 27-09-09
Connecticut Polar Bears u16 royals vs CT Northern Lights u16 maroon (New England Girls Hockey League game) 27 September 2009 Polar Bears win 3-0
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The Golden Compass ....Iorek Byrnison vs Ragnar Sturlusson - Polar Bear Fight (scene )
The mighty Polar Bear warrior 'Iorek Byrnison' seeks some revenge from ' Ragnar Sturlusson '
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Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge - Canada
Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, owned by Churchill Wild, is surrounded by a 10'-high page wire fence, evoking the feeling that we, the humans, are in the zoo, especially when the animals rear haunches and place paws on the linkage. Inside the fence is a boneyard of animal skeletons found nearby, adding to the Planet of the Beasts sensation. In the compound there is a wooden viewing tower, better to watch the surrounding wildlife, and, at night, the aurora borealis. The heated cabins with big beds and full bathrooms. In the Common Room, you can snack on caribou bacon wraps, and sip pinot noir in front of the large handmade stone fireplace, backed by a huge bay window that looks, when a bald eagle perches on a black spruce outside, like a giant screen saver.
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Paul Birchmore Tattoo - Blackwork Polar Bear and Northern Lights
Philip Pullman inspired piece I made on a thigh. Film and Edited by Luke Birchmore Instagram - lukebirchmore Follow me on Instagram - paulbirchmore_tattoo Facebook - Paul Birchmore Tattoo Email me at - [email protected]
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Polar Bears in Churchill - Manitoba, Canada
Experience the Canadian wildlife in the outskirts of Churchill, Manitoba with Frontiers North Adventures. Their Tundra Buggy tours allow visitors to view polar bears and other animals up close. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit http://uscw.canada.travel/Polar-BearUS Join us on Facebook and Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/KeepExploring http://www.twitter.com/Keep_Exploring
Discover the Northern Lights in Churchill
Capture the magic of spectacular northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba—home to some of the best displays on earth.
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The Aurora borealis (Northern Lights) from Lazy Bear Lodge
Please SUBSCRIBE to help keep this Channel Alive. The Aurora borealis (Northern Lights) from the Lazy Bear Lodge, Churchill, Canada. We registered to be called 'at any time' if the Lights came out to play. As a group, we all stood outside, with a 'staff member watching out for Polar Bears... As a Bonus, we also spotted an Arctic Fox at the rear of the Hotel.
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