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Top 10 Most Brutal Methods of Execution in History
Throughout history, people have been punished for the crimes they've committed by horrific methods of torture and executions. Today, these punishments seem so cruel it's hard to believe they were used for centuries. Check out 10 of the most brutal methods of execution in history.
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Top 12 Creepiest Beautification Techniques from History
Beautification techniques from the past were nothing like the ones we use today. Before the 21st century, people had to use methods and devices that look extremely frightening and disturbing by today's standards. Check them out, and you won't be able to tell the difference between a brutal torture machine and a vintage beautification technique.
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9 of the Biggest Sport Cheats in History
Cheating in games has been a problem since the inception of, well, games, but some people cheated in such spectacular or brazen ways that they rise above the lowest of the low. Here are nine such examples.
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Top 10 Strangest Places on Planet Earth
The Seven Natural Wonders might have been determined too soon. Wonders such as Victoria Falls and The Grand Canyon are definitely among the biggest, and anyone who happens to see them will definitely be impressed. However, sometimes, leaving a person in total awe requires more than just sheer size.
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9 Secrets of the Real Illuminati You Are Not Meant to Know
Secret societies have been long drawing the attention of people, particularly conspiracy theorists; and of course, the Illuminati are no exception. The notorious secret society is often associated with various dark and evil things, ranging from causing wars and revolutions to the concept of the “New World Order.” As the Illuminati operate in ultimate secrecy, not much information about their activities is available to the public, which further urges common people and theorists to come up with their own presumptions and theories. Here are some of the strangest facts and secrets about the Illuminati.
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These 10 Real Creatures Could Be Monsters
We as humans have the tendency to put elements of nature into boxes: “Fish look like this, insects look like this.” Of course we make exceptions for some variation, but when certain elements combine in ways we're unfamiliar with we don't know how to process them. Below is a list of ten creatures found in nature that manage to defy norms and look out of this world.
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12 Simpsons Prophecies That Actually Came True
With almost 600 episodes, many bizarre and entertaining things have happened on The Simpsons during the past 27 years. However, what puzzles us the most is how the show predicted the future over the years. Many believe that the writers of the show are the world's best fortune tellers and that they've correctly foretold many major events.
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