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Land before time
This is the first review for the Land before time movies, there are alot of them but I hope you all enjoy my thoughts on each one.
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Red Furred Pikachu Intro
This video is my way of introducing myself properly as well as getting used to making videos. This is my very first video ever and I will hopefully get better with the mic. Here is the link to MRG93's channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtBEgsR6WIrM-_T6v-CdPQ
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Sonic X dub
Oh my gosh an actual new video, unbelievable. This review is tackling the very conterovsial anime Sonic x, spefically the dub which I find to be actually good. Not perfect but no where near as horrible as people claim. I really hope you are able to hear my voice in this video, if you can't I apologize in advance I'm trying to get better at that.
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Top 6 moives of 2015 (Spoiler warning)
This is the first of my top 6 movie list idea. From now on I'll do another list at the end of every year of the 6 movies I liked the most. As said in the video I'm going to go back to 2012 with this and go up to 2014. I hope you all enjoy this and please remember that the movies on the list are the ones that peeked my interest last year.
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