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Tiny Toon Adventures: Plucky Gets Tickled By Ticklepuss
Yet another great and hilarious tickling scene from Tiny Toon Adventures! You can't help but laugh and giggle throughout this scene! This was from the episode "The Return of Pluck Twacy" Plucky drops into an assortment of bad guys, including the infamous Ticklepuss (also known as Sloppy Moe in the older Warner Bros. cartoons) Ticklepuss has Plucky cornered, giving him the tickling of his life! Will Pluck Twacy escape?!?! See and find out! ;D Plucky and Ticklepuss DON'T belong to me. They belong to Warner Bros.
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Flintstones Adobe Dick Whale Tickle
OK, this is about as equally awesome as one of the best cartoon tickling scenes of all time! From The Flintstones episode "Adobe Dick" Poor Fred and Barney try and win a fishing competition set by their Grand Puba, when they meet up with the legendary monster of a whale, Adobe Dick! O_o Not only that, but they're eaten too! ^^; But Fred's got a very good idea to get out. ;3 I just love the poor ticklish whale's laugh! XD Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble and the rest of The Flintstones are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Productions, not me!
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Gummie Bears - Grammie Bear Tickle Tortured
A favorite classic scene for all tickle lovers everywhere! It's a big longer than the rest of my vids, but it's definitely worth the watch! From the classic Disney cartoon from our childhood, The Gummie Bears! Grammie Bear has been captured by the evil Duke, who wants her to tell him the secret to create Gummie Berry Juice. Grammie of course is stubborn and refuses to tell him. Unfortunately, she's no match for the feather. ^^; I love how the trolls shudder at the thought of tickle torture and look in utter horror when Grammie takes one for the team! That always makes me laugh! XD The Gummie Bears and characters don't belong to me, but to Disney and other respective owners! This video is protected under fair use, for non-monetised entertainment purposes
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Dragon Tales Tickle Monster Scene
Yet another great tickling clip from our childhood! From the DragonTales episode, "Just For Laughs" Weird how the title focused mainly on the tickling part of the episode. ^^; LOL I personally woulda' called it "The Great Custard Egg Hunt" X3 ANYwaaaaay..BEWARE OF TICKLE MONSTERS! XD Funny, cute and innocent as always! DragonTales belongs to their own respective owners. I don't own anything! X3
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Krypto The Superdog Show Mammoth Mutt Tickled
One of my favorite adorable tickling scenes in recent history! XD From the cartoon series, "Krypto The Superdog" Sadly, that show received so many mixed reviews. ^^; Anywho, this was a scene from the episode where Krypto got in contact with some red Kryptonite, making his tail come alive and leave him! And through the episode, he and his friends are trying to catch him. Mammoth Mutt, who can grow to humongous sizes, tried to trap Krypto's tail in a hole in the street. Sadly, that doesn't work, on account of her super ticklish tummy! ^^; Later, Krypto gets an idea to paint a scay face in Mammoth Mutts tummy, sending her into a fit of ticklish giggles once again! X3 "I've been tickled enough today!" XD Krypto, Mammoth Mutt and other characters are copyright to DC comics, not me!
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Bugs Bunny's "Foot" Tickled
Well, the title is KINDA' true. ^^; lol This is a very classic tickling scene that I'm sure most of us all remember from when we were kids! Bugs is trying to get away from an obnoxious store manger. And in this small scene, he dressed as a lady customer looking for slippers. As the manager falls for the gag, he starts playfully tickling Bug's "feet", growing from giggles to an all out laugh riot! Unfortunately for him and us, not everything is as it seems. ^^; lol Bugs Bunny, the short and all characters don't belong to me, but to Warner Bros., and all respective owners! This is protected under fair use for entertainment purposes.
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Goofy Lickled By Tiger w/ Tiger Hot Foot
A very funny tickle scene I recently found in an old Goofy Cartoon Goofy is trying to catch a tiger, but the tiger gets the upper hand..or in this case, upper foot! A filet of sole, if you will. ;D haha And a little case of hot foot for the poor tiger too. ;P Goofy and characters don't belong to be They are property of Disney
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Little Red Riding Hood And The Monsters - Ogre and Big Bad Wolf Tickle Tortured
A funny tickle torture scene from an old Mexican kids movie dubbed into English called Red Riding Hood and The Monsters. Just like the other Mexican kids movie Santa Claus, it's one of my favorite films to watch in the "It's so bad, it's good!" category! In this scene, the evil queen captures an ogre and The Big Bad Wolf for being "traitors" for switching sides from bad to good. And what better to start their lil torture session than a little foot tickling, causing hilarious results! And in case you guys are wondering why they're spitting like a water fountain in the second part of this vid, was because after the first tickling, the torturers forced them to drink a couple of gallons of water before resuming the tickle torture. lol Little Red Riding Hood And The Monsters is in public domain
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Zaboo's Super Ticklish Lemur Feet!
This was one of my favorite tickling clips! From the Kratt Brother's show, "Zaboomafoo"! I loved it! I was so much fun learning about animals and seeing a silly walking-talking lemur as well! In one episode ("Ants and Eaters"), Zaboo the lemur gets tickled not just once, but TWICE in the same episode. And on his feet too! Poor lil' guy. ^^; LOL Well, THREE times, if you count his lil "ZabooLand" story. And a teeny clip at the end from another episode ("Armour"), with Zaboo being tickled for only two seconds. Hope you all enjoy it! Zaboomafoo and Zaboo belong to the Kratt Brothers (or PBS), not me.
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Hiccup Hound (Noveltoons) - Dog's Ticklish Torment
A great tickle scene I barely discovered a few days ago! from an old Noveltoon called Hiccup Hound.with the Casper-ripoff character, Goodie the Gremlin. Meany and Nasty Gremlin go out to troll some poor victims, and come across a dog (a Pointer dog to be precise) who's owner expects him to be a good pointer, or else. This entices the evil gremlins to troll the poor dog, getting some feathers, turning invisible and going over to the dog and tickle him silly, causing him to hiccup like crazy! Later, as Goodie tries to help, but is captured and subdued by Meany and Nasty, torments the dog once again with tickles and head bonks. ^^; lol And might I add, the dog has a great and contagious laugh! XD Hiccup Hound, and all characters in it are in public domain
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DragonTales Cassies Tickles A Dragonosaurous
One of my all time favorite cartoon tickling scenes! Cassie and her friends are walking through woods, trying to find their dragon ball. They come across it in a cave, which turns out to be the mouth of a Giant Dragonosaurous! After many failed attempts at trying to have the creature open it's mouth, following some floppy advice from her friends, she decides to do what she thinks is right, by tickling the Dragonosaurous! Her "Tickle Teasing" is too cute, and the Dragonosaurous' laughter is just so heartwarming! X3 I love it! Cassie, The Giant Dragonosaurous and all the other DragonTales characters are copyright to the Sesame Street Workshop. They don't belong to me!
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Heathcliff St  Bernard Tickle
It's been a LOOONG time since I uploaded a video here. I'm sorry. ^^; This is a video from Heathcliff I found a few weeks ago from the episode "Snow Job" A St. Bernard is chasing him around a snow resort, at one part trapping him in a ski cart. How can Heathcliff escape this ticklish situation? Watch and see. ;3 Heathcliff and characters are copyright to Dic Entertainment
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Quck Pack - Daisy Duck Tickled
A funny lil' scene from Quack Pack. Not the greatest Disney cartoon, but passable. ;P Here Daisy is at a ski lodge with an inflated egocentric celebrity, and Donald followed her there because he's jealous. In this scene though, the guy is asking her to laugh at one of his corny jokes, and Daisy is less than enthusiastic to comply. Nothing that a little tickling can't fix. ;D haha Daisy and Donald Duck, and all characters and Quack Pack don't belong to me, but to Disney! Protected under fair use for entertainment purposes
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Fred Flinstone's Feet Tickled
Possibly one of, if not, THE best cartoon tickling scene of all time! X3 From The Flintstone's episode "Dino and Juliet" Fred and his obnoxious neighbor Loudmouth are having an argument, which leads to hysterical conclusions! XD Fred Flintstone and The Flintstones are Copyright to Hanna-Barbera, not me! P.S. Tell me, what do YOU think is the greatest tickling scene of all time? X3
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Doggy Daddie Foot Tickled
One of the best tickling scenes from any cartoon! Yet another Hanna-Barbera cartoon of Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy! Poor Doggy Daddie is just trying to recuperate from a stubbed toe, when a cat just keeps coming by giving him trouble. And in this one point, he comes and starts tickling Daddie's vulnerable foot while peeking through the window. All poor Daddie can do is just lie there and laugh! XD And another point where the cat hits Augie and Augie thinks his dad hit him. When Doggie tries to explain on how sad it would make him to hit his son, the cat once again starts tickling Daddie's foot, making him seem crazy! ^^; In my opinion, that's just plain cruel! But hilariously awesome! XD Enjoy everyone! XD Augie Doggy and Doggy Daddy are not mine. They belong to Hanna-Barbera.
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Heathcliff Tickle
A very cute and classic tickling scene from Heathcliff from the episode "Gopher Broke" Heathcliff is trying to get rid of two annoying gophers. Unfortunately, the gophers have the upper hand! Poor Heathcliff! ^^; Heathcliff is copyright to his respective owner. I don't own any of these characters.
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Bobby's World - Ticklish Foothills
Another adorable tickling scene from Bobby's World Here, Bobby is imagining being in a spoof of Dudly Do Right, and goes out to rescue his damsel in distress by an arch villain. Unfortunately, they're way up high on some foothills in Canada. But what better plan than to tickle those foothills, and bring them down. ;D haha Bobby's World doesn't belong to me, but to his respective owners!
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Snooper and Blab:Hyena and Snooper Foot Tickle
THIS is the original cartoon clip from Snooper and Blabber's cartoon short, "Laughing Guess" Like I said before, it's a real shame that Hardy Har Har wasn't the least bit ticklish. Then again, it WAS made that way so the story can go on and to fit Hardy's depressive nature. He has to be the most depressing ticklee in the world, and that's hilarious! XD But that doesn't stop Snoops from being ticklish, as you shall see. ;P Enjoy, everybody! XD Characters and Episode are not mine; they're Hanna Barberra's.
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Inspector Gadget: Dinosaur Tickle
Yet another tickle scene from Inspector Gadget. The only other one I can see from the series, that I know of. Most of the other tickle scenes are pretty minor that they weren't worth mentioning much. ^^; Inspector Gadget was sent back in time to save himself by saving his prehistoric ancestor from being bumped off by MAD agents! In one very cute scene, Gadget is trying to feed a very friendly dinosaur (more specifically a brontosaurus) It kinda' goes wrong when the dino literally bites the hand that feeds him and Gadget is carried along in the dino's mouth. Fortunately, Gadget gives the dino a lil' tickle and the dino lets him go. ;3 The bronto has such a cute laugh. Poor guy. ^^; LOL Inspector Gadget is copyright to Dic Entertainment, not me!
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Tiny Toons Montana Max Tickle
Another clip I've been looking for, but was hard to find. I finally found it while looking through some Tiny Toons episodes. A clip where Plucky is The Toxic Revenger, standing up for some woodland creatures who just want to have a nice swim in Montana Max's luxurious pool. Max tries and tries to get rid of them, but fails. Along with one of the funniest and greatest tickling scenes in cartoon history! X3 Plucky, Montana Max and Tiny Toons DON'T belong to me. They belong to Warner Bros.
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Barney Rubble Foot Tickled By Betty
A very funny and classic tickling scene from The Flintstones Barney is done pampering his feet, while his wife Betty is asking him when he'll ask his boss if he could send him to college. Barney tries to get off the subject, but Betty, along with a little foot tickling, pursuades him other wise! XD Barney and Betty Rubble and The Flintstones cartoon don't belong to me! They belong to Hanna-Barbera, Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros.
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DragonTales Zak and Weezie Tickled
A very cute tickling scene from DragonTales! X3 Zak and Weezie are told not to open a number of boxes, for they contain different hilarities! Weezie opens a second box, and lets out a Tickle Twinkle! Will they survive?! X3 DragonTales is copyright to Sesame Street Workshop, not me!
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Bullwinkle's Feet Tickled
Another great cartoon tickling scene from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show! Bullwinkle is guarding a suitcase of rare confederate money, and Boris Badenoff is trying to steal it! Will Bullwinkle be able to save the suitcase? Find out and see. ;P Watch out for Secret Weapon #237! Bullwinkle and Boris Baddenoff are copyright to Universal.
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The Three Stooges Self Made Maids Tickle Scene
To get this out of the way, I LOVE The Three Stooges! And this was a very funny tickling scene from the Stooge short, "Self Made Maids", in which The Stooges played themselves, and their soon to be brides! XD In this scene, after a little scuffle with their girlfriend's father, they trap him in fabric, and ask him to consent to their wedding. But after refusal, Moe has no choice but to give the old coot some good old fashioned tickling persuasion! The scene's hilarious and the ticklish laughter is great! The Three Stooges are copyright to their respective owners.
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Martin The Warrior (Redwall) Fox Tickle Torture
EDIT: Wow! Over 30,000 views! O_o I wonder why? lol This was from a recent cartoon series I've found called Martin The Warrior. Pretty good story. A poor "traitorous" fox is tickle tortured for information about a prison escape. Poor fox. It looks like it hurts. ^^; Normally, tickle torture in cartoons play funny or silly music, and the ticklee is laughing all goofily This cartoon kinda' puts a lil' more darker approach to tickle torture. ^^; Martin The Warrior and Redwall, it's stories and characters, DON'T belong to me.
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Popeye -  Bluto Foot Tickling
A funny lil tickle scene from a Popeye cartoon, which title escapes me for the moment. ^^; LOL In this..well..same as every Popeye cartoon. Olive Oyl and Popeye are minding their own business, Bluto tries to come in and sweep Olive off her feet, Bluto beats up Popeye, chases Olive, Popeye eats spinach and beats Bluto up. LOL But this time, Bluto is thrown into a nearby zoo, right into a hyena cage. The hyena starts laughing, and then Bluto starts laughing. How? See the vid and find out. ;P hehe Popeye and all it's characters belongs to it's respective owners. This is simply un-monetised entertainment. ^_^
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Sonic The Hedgehog: Pharaoh Tickled
Yet another cute cartoon tickling clip! From "The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog" Robotnic is trying to take over Egypt with a rare Chaos Emerald of Immortality! And only the Pharaoh knows where it is. Can he hold out? ^^; All of the Sonic the Hedgehog universes is copyright to their respective owners, not me.
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Martin The Warrior (Redwall) Fox Tickle Torture 2
Yet another scene with the ticklish fox from Martin The Warrior. Heck, it's the same episode, thanks to a person who commented on my first one. ;3 This time the poor fox is holding on for dear life, while two guards are tickling his armpits. Funny at first, then..if I'm guessing correctly..he falls to his death (which is not shown onscreen). Ouch. ^^;; Like I said on the first one, DEFINITELY a darker take on tickle torture! ^^; Martin The Warrior and Redwall DON'T belong to me, but to their respective owners.
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Speedy and Sylvester Tack Foot Pain
Yeah, another non-tickling vid. But it's still funny and worth watching! XD Poor Sylvester is trying to catch Speedy by adding tacks on the floor. Unfortunately for him, Speedy just sped through them with his super speed. And Sylvester gets a bad case of "Tacky Foot" ^^; LOL Sylvester and Speedy Gonzales belong to Warner Bros. They don't belong to me.
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Ed Edd and Eddy   Eddy Armpit Tickled
A very funny scene from Ed Edd and Eddy! Eddy is trying to reach the monkey bars like his two friends, but is too short to reach em'. Ed and Double D are more than happy to help him up..and give him a few tickles to boot! Ed Edd and Eddy don't belong to me They are the property of Cartoon Network!
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The Search For Catlantis Whale Tickling Scene
This cute and awesome tickling scene was from the Catillac Cats episode "The Search for Catlantis" Ahh..the memories. ;3 The Catillac Cats are not mine. They belong to Dic Entertainment
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Inspector Gadget: Brain Tickles A Shark
One of my favorite tickling scenes growing up! X3 From the episode "Gadget Meets The Clan" Penny warns Brain of a shark coming up from behind Inspector Gadget. So what does the trusty dog do? Dive underwater and tickle the heck out of the shark's tummy, of course! X3 Very cute scene if you ask me. ;3 And the shark has such a funny laugh! X3 Inspector Gadget and show are copyright to Dic Entertainment, not me!
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Dragon Tales Giant Tickle Scenes
The video basically describes it. ;3 It's a video of two tickling scenes from DragonTales, with their friend, The Giant! DragonTales and all it's characters are copyright to Sesame Street Workshop, not me!
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Authur - Nadine Tickle Tortured
A cute n' funny short tickling scene from one of the best animated shows ever, Arthur! D.W.'s imaginary friend, Nadine has dissappeared, and it's up to Arthur's dog, Pal, and his baby sister, Kate, to find her. During the search, Pal has an awful thought that the Tibbles may have kidnapped her and are "torturing" her to make her spill the beans on D.W.'s secrets. Arthur doesn't belong to be, but to Marc Brown and other respective owners. It's protected under fair use for non-monetised entertainment purposes.
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Bugs Bunny Dog Nose Tickle
A funny and cute tickle scene from the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Lumber Jack Bunny" A huge dog (If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was Charlie Dog) is chasing bugs, and corners him in a hole in the ground. Unfortunately for him, Bugs can get out of this ticklish situation..by giving this dog a feather to his nose! XP Bugs Bunny and Charlie Dog belong to Warner Bros., not me!
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Mr Ed's Ticklish Hooves
A very cute scene from Mr. Ed, in the episode "Ed and The Pussycat" (personally one of my favorite episodes, being a big cat lover and all) Wilbur bends down and begins to shine Ed's hooves, in which Ed begins giggling then laughing because it tickles! He even hints that he liked it when he tells Wilbur "Oh, just when we were having fun!" and "Remember, you still owe three more hooves" ;D Mr. Ed belongs to it's owner
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Monster Rancher -  Swayzo Uvula Tickle
Have to admit, not really a fan of anime. Especially for Pokemon-clones like this one here. ^^; lol But eh, watched the pilot on Fox Kids when it premired in Saturday morning over a decade ago. And I remembered this very funny tickle scene from the pilot episode. ;D Enjoy!
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Porky Tickles Hippo
This was a very funny clip I remember seeing a long time ago from an old Porky Pig Cartoon! XD I just love how the hippo's completely not ticklish, until Porky pokes him in his "one teeny weeny vulnerable spot"! XD Why I added the hyena.................he was funny.....enough said! ;D Porky and the rest don't belong to me, but belong to Warner Bros.
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Muppet Babies Kermit's Feet Tickled
One of my favorite cartoon tickling scenes ever! From the Muppet Babies episode "The Frog Who Knew Too Much" Kermit is trying to keep a secret from the rest of his friends (which is a surprise for the kids from Nanny) And at one point, Gonzo goes for the worst torture of them all....TICKLE TORTURE! O_o Will Kermit spill the beans?! O_o Loved Kermit's hysterical laughter! X3 Kermit, Gonzo and the rest of the Muppets are copyright to Jim Henson Studios
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Speedy Gonzales Smashes Daffy Duck's Foot
Another classic cartoon foot smashing scene for all you foot pain lovers out there! hahaha Daffy tries tricking some mice to go along with him and send them to some hungry cats. But Speedy Gonzales isn't having none of it! And at one point, takes a hammer and lays down some good ol' fashioned Mexican justice on Daffy's defenseless foot! LOL Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzales and all other Looney Tunes characters and film don't belong to me! This is simply un-monetised entertainment!
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Cute Fox Tickling
This was a very cute tickling clip I found while looking at some "Auggie Doggie and Doggie Daddy" cartoons. Gotta' love Hanna-Barberra! ;) It's adorable, it's innocent and a lota' fun to see! XD Hope you all enjoy it! Oh, and in case you wanted to know the episode, it's called "Foxhound Hounded Fox" A very cute episode. Characters and Episode are not mine! They're Hanna Barberra's.
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Inspector Gadget Tickled By A Pick-Pocket
Yet another funny tickling scene from Inspector Gadget! X3 From the episode, "The School Of Pickpockets" A rookie pick-pocket is trying to earn his way in the School For Pickpockets by proving himself as a master pick-pocket. Who else to bump into but Inspector Gadget? ^^; And what's worse is to give the poor Inspector an unexpected tickling! ^^; LOL Inspector Gadget is copyright to Dic Entertainment, not me!
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Babs Big Spooky Feet
What's that stomping through the woods?! O_o Is it One Eyed Jack?! Is it Jason Vorhees?! NO! It's Babs Bunny and her GINORMOUS bunny feets! XD LOL Couldn't resist putting this clip from Tiny Toons on! "OK! OK! So I have big feet! Sue me!" XD LOL Babs Bunny and Tiny Toons belong to Warner Bros.
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Andy Panda Foot Tickle
A cute tickle scene from a Andy Panda cartoon! Andy is trying to get rid of a very pesky weed. Unfortunately, he won't give up so easy! And what's weirder about this cartoon, is that the weed is still able to tickle Andy's foot with a feather...through his shoe! Guess Andy's feet are incredibly sensitive! XD Andy Panda belongs to his respective owner, and doesn't belong to me!
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Tom and Jerry: Tom's Feet Tickled
Finally, a clip from a Chuck Jones' Tom and Jerry cartoon that I've been looking for a long time! It's from the episode "Love Me. Love My Mouse" Poor Tom. Jerry just HAS to be the instigator, doesn't he?! XD Tom and Jerry DON'T belong to me!
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Tom and Jerry Poke Tickle Scene
One of the funniest tickling scenes in cartoon history! XD Tom and Jerry are trying to convince a young cat about the facts of life, namely, the facts about cats and mice. Tom of course says that mice and cats can't be friends. Jerry on the other hand says otherwise. And what better way to prove your point than with a little tickling! XD Tom and Jerry belong to their respective owners. They don't belong to me!
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P.J.  FunnyBunny - Weasle Tickle
A cute tickling scene from an ABC special way back in the 80s simply called "P.J. Funnybunny" PJ and his friends have been tormented by a couple o' weasel bullies throughout the episode, and in this scene, they try robbing the poor rabbit but flipping him upside down and shaking every valuable thing he has outa' him. ;3 Nothing that a little armpit tickling can't fix, which leaves one of the weasels laughing hysterically..at least for a little while. ^^; lol PJ Funnybunny doesn't belong to me, but to his creator and respective owners This clip is protected under fair use for entertainment purposes only!
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Babs Bunny: Don't I Have The Cutest Toes? 2
Well...I was wrong. Babs DID talk about her "cutest toes" in the episode "The Acme Bowl"! X3 Once again, Babs shows us her fabulous toes! And this time, even Buster is feelin' the heat! XD Babs and Buster Bunny and Tiny Toon Adventures are owned by Warner Bros.,not me!
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Bugs Bunny Foot Smashed By Gremlin
Though it might not be tickle related, it's a classic foot scene from a cartoon. ;P Poor Bugs gets his feet smashed with a wrech from a vengful lil gremlin! And just for fun, I added a Spanish language version in the same vid. ;P hehehe Bugs Bunny and all Looney Tunes characters don't belong to me. This is simply for un-monetised entertainment.
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Blab Tickles Hardy Har Hars Feet
The original video was pretty blah. Hardy Har Har wasn't the least bit ticklish. ^^; Moviemaker fixed that! XD Hope you all like it! Super Snoops, Blabber and Hardy Har Har the hyena are copyright to Hanna Barberra Productions. None of these characters. I did the editing on Movie Maker though.
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