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Family owned for over 4 decades, Barex has fiercely maintained his focus on incomparable premium quality haircare products, keeping the pace with market changes and trends. The essence of Italian craftsmanship has been infused in tireless work from 1967 until today, blending tradition with latest innovation. All the deepest energies, all the hardest investments, all the heartfelt passions are flooded in the creation of unbelievably performing haircare products, the most valuable allies for the artist’s creativity. 100% MADE IN ITALY
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Barex Italiana Seminar in Lithuania 11/2013
Seminario Barex Italiana in Lituania con il Direttore Artistico Giuseppe Scaramuzzo e i suoi tecnici. ************************************************************************************** Barex Italiana Seminar in Lithuania with Artistic Director Giuseppe Scaramuzzo and his Technical Team.
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Permesse by Barex Italiana, haircare line presentation (English)
From Barex Italiana's research laboratories comes a revolutionary, professional hair colour and treatment line based on certified organic vegetable peptides and certified organic ingredients. High technology and organic purity in a revolutionary line studied for the in-salon colour service coloured hair. In Permesse each product is formulated with the exclusive M4 Peptides complex, a totally natural advanced technology to deeply treat hair, during and after coloration. Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barexitalianasrl
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Barex Italiana Artistic Director - Giuseppe Scaramuzzo
Barex Italiana Artistic Director, Giuseppe Scaramuzzo. Atelier Scaramuzzo Salons in Rome, Gallarate, Cosenza, Corigliano Calabro, Rossano, Castrovillari.
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Barex Italiana - EXL FOR MEN (English)
Treatments work simultaneously on hair and scalp for results beyond every expectation. Programmes studied to act in synergy: SYSTEM (red): densifying treatments for thinning hair SYSTEM (green): purifying treatments for dandruff prone hair SPORT: frequent use treatments with detox effect STYLING: long lasting and anti-pollution action In the most remote corners of the earth we searched for ingredients extracted from plants capable of surviving in the most extreme environmental conditions. We selected plant stem cells that represent the most ground-breaking advance that modern science has ever known. Because today's man, that loves to defy his own limits, needs products with performances that excel. Follow us on Facebbok: https://www.facebook.com/barexitalianasrl
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Cosmoprof Bologna 2013 - Intervista Carlo Baiesi
Intervista a Carlo Baiesi durante il Cosmoprof 2013
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Barex Italiana - OLIOSETA Oro del Marocco Linea Argan & Lino
Uno straordinario video artistico basato sulla tecnica del sand animation per trasportarti in un mondo lontano ed esotico. La sabbia prende vita per mostrarti l'affascinante terra dell'Olio di Argan! Un ringraziamento speciale ai nostri partner Italcosmetica. ********************************************************************** An extraordinary video based on sand animation technique that carries you off to an exotic and far away land. The sand comes to life and the fascinating world of Argan Oil unfolds before you! A special thanks goes to our partner Italcosmetica.
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