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Intel demos Haswell vs Broadwell at IDF 2013, shows lower power consumption, higher performance
http://www.tweaktown.com - As usual, Intel gave us a glimpse at its upcoming Broadwell and 14nm process. Specifically, the chip making giant pitted Haswell versus Broadwell in Cinebench and showed that the Broadwell system consumed less power. While they didn't specifically call attention to it, you can clearly see that the Broadwell system is completing the benchmark quicker than the Haswell system, though it's not too much faster.
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Early look at the NZXT Phantom computer case
http://www.tweaktown.com COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - Earlier on today we stopped by NZXT's booth at the Grand Hyatt to get a look at some of its upcoming products that will end up going on sale later this year. NZXT showed us a range of different products, but the big one for designer and co-founder Johnny this year is the upcoming Phantom computer case that he kindly introduced to us. It's a white case made out of plastic with some attractive curves and some good design with some new concepts ideas that we haven't seen in the part. With what we have seen from the likes of Ikonik, BitFenix, Corsair and now NZXT, consumers are going to have some really brilliant choices on the case market in a short time. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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SilverStone Temjin TJ11 case production model hands-on
http://www.tweaktown.com Today we spent some time with Tony Ou from SilverStone Technology at their Taipei based headquarters where we got some quality time with a production and shipping version of the recently released Temjin TJ11 case. If our numbers are correct, this is the eighth case in the Temjin series of cases. The first Temjin case, the TJ05, was first developed back in 2005, and since then each new revision over the years has improved by developing new ideas and additions. Kept are the most popular features from previous models and they are added to the latest version. And that makes perfect logical sense to me. The TJ11 was recently showcased at CES in Las Vegas by the crew at SilverStone, but the version you may have already seen covered there was of a early and non-finished sample. In the video above you get a look at the mighty all aluminum 21kg gross weighted monster in all its glory. Thanks goes out to Tony for his time this afternoon for introducing their latest product to TweakTown readers. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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DiRT 2 DirectX 11 tech demonstration video
http://www.tweaktown.com Codemasters all excited by the demonstration of its upcoming car racing game DiRT 2 during the recently finished Windows 7 launch event in NYC, sent us over a tech video off the game for us all to see. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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3D Printing Tips and Tricks - How to make ABS Juice to help your 3D prints better stick
http://www.tweaktown.com - Charles walks us through his method of making a batch of ABS Juice which promotes less warping and better print adhesion to the printing surface.
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Close-up look at GIGABYTE's Intel Z77 Ivy Bridge motherboards
http://www.tweaktown.com Earlier on today we visited the GIGABYTE headquarters here in Taipei where we got some exclusive hands-on time with its range of upcoming Intel Z77 "Ivy Bridge" Socket 1155 motherboards. These are the boards that will support the upcoming third and fourth generation Intel Core processors that are due to come onto the market sometime in April as far as we know at this stage of the game. We also know that the performance of these said processors is really impressive and the power consumption numbers are great, too. We cannot go into too many details about this platform at this stage, but what we can do is give you a look at what GIGABYTE has planned for the platform with a look at four of its upcoming Z77 boards which we went hands-on with today. We'll start off with the big daddy which is the G1.Sniper 3, this is a board designer for gamers as well as overclockers and represents as the highest end Z77 board from GIGABYTE at this stage. It comes with an improved cooling setup with oversized heatsinks and a more minimalistic cooler design - rather than a big gun shaped heatsink at the south end of the board, there is just a small golden skull with a knife held in its mouth. The board has support for three-way SLI and four-way CrossFireX thanks to the inclusion of a PLX bridge chip which provides extra PCI Express lanes. It has some other good features including Creative Core3D quad-core audio processor onboard sound with a shielded setup to reduce electrical interference, dual gigabit LAN (one Intel and one Qualcomm Killer Game Networking), Lucid Virtu MVP, mSATA and plenty of USB 3.0 support which now comes curtsey natively via the Z77 chipset from Intel. Next up we move down to the Z77X-UD5H which is similar in many ways to the G1.Sniper 3, except of course being a cheaper model, it has some features taken off. For one it doesn't include the additional PLX bridge which means the board only gets two-way SLI and CrossFire support. This board still features the oversized heatsinks, ...
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Deliding Intel Skylake CPU
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NVIDIA previews technology being used by The Witcher 3, makes fur and hair look realistic
NVIDIA demos its PhysX features at E3 2013. This Fur technology is being used in The Witcher 3
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Consumer vs. Enterprise SSD Performance - Chris Ramseyer and Paul Alcorn discuss
http://www.tweaktown.com The demarcation between consumer and enterprise SSDs is becoming a blurry line in some cases. The cloud computing market is growing quickly, and SSDs afford performance advantages in both performance and power consumption metrics. It is predicted that the Internet, and the servers powering it, consume 1.5% of the global power output. Read more at http://www.tweaktown.com/articles/5392/consumer-vs-enterprise-ssd-performance-analysis/index.html
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MSI Big Bang Fuzion mobo demo with GTX 260 and HD 4890
http://www.tweaktown.com CES 2010 - We caught up with MSI this afternoon at its suite here at CES where they were showing off its much spoken about Big Bang Fuzion motherboard that uses the Lucid Hydra chip to create some pretty special video card options. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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GIGABYTE A75M-UD2H with upcoming AMD APU breaks IGP world record
http://www.tweaktown.com Earlier on today here in Taipei we managed to cross paths with upcoming hardware from AMD and GIGABYTE. It is a good look at the hard work AMD has put into it Fusion APU technology and what GIGABYTE has done to seat it. Specifically we met the upcoming GA-A75M-UD2H micro-ATX motherboard from GIGABYTE, which is based on the AMD A75 chipset with support for AMD Llano APU processors, using the FM1 socket configuration. You may have seen this type of configuration before, but not like how you are going to see in the video above. We managed to overclock the AMD CPU from its default clock speed of 2.9GHz all the way up to 3.6GHz (150 x 24) using an FSB of 150MHz. In turn this also overclocked the DX11 Radeon HD GPU within the AMD APU from a core clock speed of 600MHz to 900MHz. This is really impressive and we even saw Crysis 2 running at 720p at around 40 - 45 frames per second and from a system without a video card (strange to look at, actually), that is rather good. As you can see in the video above, we managed a 3DMark Vantage performance score of 6281, which is a world record for IGP. This new hardware setup from AMD and GIGABYTE will more than likely be on sale next week and for sure in popular stores next month.
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TRENDnet talks about new battery-powered 3G/4G travel router
http://www.tweaktown.com CES 2010 We just got done covering the latest TRENDnet home router, but now we move onto the mobile side where these folks are offering up a brand new TEW-655BR3G battery-powered 3G/4G travel router. The device is designed to accept many different USB 3G or 4G modems from various different service providers and share that mobile connection while you are on the go. What is nifty about this product is that it comes with a removable battery that provides a connection for around 1.5 hours. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Adaptec MaxIQ SSD Caching demo at IDF Beijing 2011
http://www.tweaktown.com We all love the idea of using an SSD to replace our hard drives but there are just situations where it's just too expensive, like say in a server. Let's imagine that we can speed up our servers and make our hard drives seem as fast as if we'd replace them all with SSDs. Let's take a look at a hybrid array of HDDs and SSDs specifically the demo we saw put on by Adaptec MaxIQ at IDF Beijing 2011. The increased speed and performance are achieved by automatic storage acceleration, which is facilitated using MaxIQ SSD Caching. The storage controller is in a unique position to monitor storage traffic and make decisions regarding "hot" data areas that can be copied to SSDs, automatically and dramatically increasing the speed of any system. Analysis of traffic patterns is made and copies frequently-read "hot" data are made to the SSD cache pool. This automatically increases performance without adding any management issues. The data in the SSD cache pool is simply a copy of the hot data residing on the HDD, eliminating many of the data migration concerns that get involved in placement algorithms. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Exclusive hands-on with Corsair's AX1200i digitally power controlled PSU
http://www.tweaktown.com Computex 2012 - Yesterday we visited the Corsair suite for an early looking at its new products and one of the biggest new items from the company is its AX1200i power supply. Many of you would be aware of the popular and impressive AX1200 power supply, but let's introduce the brand new AX1200i PSU. It is a 80 Plus Platinum rated power supply, but the big story here is it is Corsair's first consumer fully digitally controlled power supply that features a DSP (Digital Signal Processor). That means it's able to work in conjunction with Corsair Link 2 software that allows you to do all sorts of cool things thanks to the new full digital nature of the PSU. You can some really cool things such as monitor the real-time power in and power out of your PSU along with measure the efficiency percentage. You can even go as far as measuring the power consumption on the PCI-E power (as well as the 12v rail, SATA, main and so on) to get a fairly good idea of what your video card is using. You can also set Over Current Protection individually. Corsair also claims at the AX1200i features very impressive tight power regulation which we cannot wait to check out in our full review when we get a unit in from Corsair. As if that were not enough, you can also set the fan profile depending on the type of performance / quiet factor that you are looking to achieve with your system. The other new thing with the AX1200i is that this PSU will run at around 400 - 500 watts with the PSU running completely silently. That is, the PSU will not start to spin up to cool down the PSU until it hits over roughly 500 watts. Corsair says that you will be able to buy the AX1200i around late July or early August. We don't have any pricing details at this stage. All we know is that we want one, now.
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Detailed preview of ASRock X79 Overclock King Motherboards
http://www.tweaktown.com Today is the big day for Intel and its new Sandy Bridge-E processors and X79 Express chipset platform. The NDA just came off moments ago and now we can give you the full run-down on the ASRock X79 Overclock King Series of motherboards based off the new platform. Last week we met up with Chris Lee, Director of Marketing, at the ASRock HQ here in Taipei where he gave us a full introduction to its first batch of X79 motherboards. ASRock is launching with five X79 boards right now including the Extreme3, Extreme4-M (Micro-ATX), Extreme4, Extreme7 and the Extreme9. We spent most of our time in the video above focused on the top-dog, the ASRock X79 Extreme9. This board is packed out with loads of good features including eight DDR3 DIMM slots for quad-channel memory support, five PCI-E x16 slots, active fan cooling for the X79 chipset, loads of SATA-III ports and full digital VRM power management with 18 phases of power for RAM (2) and CPU (16). One of the big additions with the Extreme9 is the bundle inclusion of the ASRock Game Blaster which is a PCI-E x1 add-on audio and LAN card which uses the quad-core Creative SoundCore 3D audio processing chip for greatly improved gaming audio support over usual onboard audio usually found on most motherboards. It comes with audio support for things like THX TruStudio Pro which provides THX TruStudio Pro Crystalizer, EAX and more. It also packs in another gigabit LAN port for functions such as dual LAN support. On the software side of things, as usual, ASRock with each launch comes out with something new. This time it is ASRock XFast RAM and it makes good use of all the additional RAM support that some users will be piling onto their X79 motherboards. As some of you will know, Windows 32-bit only supports up to 4GB of RAM, so to make use of all that extra unused RAM that some users will have that are not running a 64-bit version of Windows, XFast RAM takes care of that. You can assign a RAM disk at a capacity of your choice using your system RAM ...
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Antec shows LanBoy Air, Dark Fleet and ISK 100 cases at Computex 2010
http://www.tweaktown.com COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - Antec had a big range of new products on display at the show including cases, power supplies and accessories. In our second Antec video, we get an introduction of the full line of new cases being displayed including the LanBoy Air, Dark Fleet and ISK 100. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Exclusive preview of the GIGABYTE EX-58 EXTREME2 motherboard
http://www.tweaktown.com Late last week we gave you an exclusive look at GIGABYTEs upcoming P55A motherboards. We promised this week we would also give you a look at the upcoming GIGABYTE EX-58 EXTREME2 motherboard. As with the refreshed P55A motherboards, the EX-58 EXTREME2 motherboard carries the same 333 theme. The triple three theme means that SATA3, USB3 and triple power USB has been added to the new version of the popular EXTREME motherboard for the high-end Core i7 processors. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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ASRock Z77 Extreme6 Ivy Bridge motherboard unboxing
http://www.tweaktown.com Earlier on today I did an unboxing video of the brand new and upcoming ASRock Z77 Extreme6 motherboard. This new board based on Intel's Z77 Express Ivy Bridge chipset is due out soon and comes with plenty of features packed in such as ASRock XFast 555 technology (XFast LAN, XFast USB, XFast RAM), Lucid VirtuMVP, Intel Smart Response, Intel Smart Connect and much more. Again ASRock told us to say that this board support 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Core processors and not "Ivy Bridge" processors, but at this stage of the game we're going to say Ivy Bridge, because we all know what we are talking about here. ASRock's Z77 Extreme6 motherboard features a stylish and attractive gold and black color scheme which looks really great. The PCB is black and gold comes into the theme by way of the gold touches on the coolers as well as the Japanese golden caps. The board includes three PCI Express x16 slots for up to three-way SLI and CrossFireX support. ASRock does claim that the board can support Quad SLI, which it can, but only by way of using two dual-GPU video cards such as the GeForce GTX 590. There are a total of four DDR3 DIMM slots which provides dual-channel memory performance all the way up to DDR3-2800 with the aid of overclocking, so you should be able to expect some good memory performance which is something ASRock has focused on for a while now. There also a mSATA connector squeezed inside between PCI Express x16 slots one and two along with a passive cooling solution, which looks like it should do a good job of keeping temperatures under control whilst overclocking. But ASRock, why did you include an FDD floppy drive connector at the bottom of the board? We're sure there is a good reason, we'd just like to know why. When was the last time you used a floppy disk drive? Shane is going to put this board through its paces soon and you can expect our full review once the NDA expires a little later on in the future.
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GTC 2010 - Quadro 6000 and RTT DeltaGen show real-time Porsche rendering
http://www.tweaktown.com Next up we ran into an NVIDIA product manager chap from the Quadro Professional Business Graphics line who gave us an introduction to one of its demo systems showcasing very impressive real-time rendering of a Porsche. Combined with a system running an NVIDIA Quadro 6000 workstation video card, software from RTT called DeltaGen and multi-touch screen technology from PQ Labs, we were shown a demo which is used by car designers in the industry to create their new and upcoming models that we know and love. In this demo we see a real-time rendering of a Porsche vehicle and in the software as you can see you are able to adjust certain aspects of the scene, such as the color paint job of the car. In turn you can see how those changes affect other aspects of the scene such as shadows in what looks to be a very realistic manner. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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BitFenix go large with the new ATLAS chassis
http://www.tweaktown.com - BitFenix have some amazing cases, but what they were showing off at Computex was nothing short of awesome - the new ATLAS case.
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Crucial joins the RAM cooler crowd with Ballistix fan
http://www.tweaktown.com Memory coolers are far from new, but it is good to see the folks at Crucial and Lexar joining the party. A little later on the company intends to launch the Ballistix cooler, which features two 60mm cooling fans that produce around 20 CFM and we can vouch for the comment in the video that the cooler is quiet. More details in the video below, hit play! Distributed by Tubemogul.
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INWIN Factory Tour - How to make up to one million cases per month
http://www.tweaktown.com Late last week we were invited to the INWIN HQ and factory in Taiwan to see how they make cases.
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BitFenix Spectre Pro cooling fans exclusive preview
http://www.tweaktown.com We shot this video a little while ago now, but today BitFenix is releasing its new range of Spectre Pro and Spectre Pro LED cooling fans. You may well be familiar with the Spectre series of cooling fans from BitFenix, but today they up the stakes with the "Pro" series which improve over the old series with better performance and looks in mind. There is a whole bunch of fans including 12cm, 14cm, 20cm and 23cm and they come in a range of colors including black (non-LED), white, blue and red. Watch the video as David from BitFenix explains the new fans in detail.
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Lian Li Factory Tour - What goes into making an Aluminum Chassis
http://www.tweaktown.com Today I drove around 30 minutes north of Taipei to a small town in Keelung County which is the home of Lian Li. It was nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a bit in this quieter part of the country, but I knew things were about to heat up once we entered where we were headed. You've no doubt heard of them before. They've been around since the year I was born in 1983 producing some of the most high quality and highest rated computer cases that we've seen. Lian Li's fame comes from its experience in working with aluminum and being able to mold and shape the material that it depends on in some spectacular looking case designs. Lian Li got its start back in my birth year as previously mentioned by producing blank PCI panels that go into the back of your case to prevent dust from getting inside your computer. Back in the day, there was no uniform standard for PCI panels. Lian Li told us there were literally hundreds of different panels and if a company wanted a blank PCI panel for its system, the company to go to for the job was Lian Li as they had all the templates and production facility ready to go. Fast forward all these years and Lian Li has stepped way up from merely producing blank PCI panels to some of the best quality and most attractive looking computer cases on the market. All of the experience Lian Li gained throughout the years with its trademark aluminum material has got them to the point that they are at now...
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ASUS Upcoming Product - ROG Connect allows on-the-fly OC
http://www.tweaktown.com ASUS Upcoming Product from Taipei. The exciting part of this preview was not so much the motherboard itself, but one of the key selling point features that it includes. You may or may not have heard about it, but ROG (Republic of Gamers) Connect is an interesting inclusion to the Extreme model that allows overclocking and BIOS adjustments on-the-fly from another system. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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ASUS Upcoming Product - O!Play Air HDP-R3 HD Media Player
http://www.tweaktown.com ASUS Upcoming Product from Taipei. The Air HDP-R3 does a fairly good job at doing that by adding in 802.11n wireless directly to the device as well as putting in a handy card reader. ASUS also spent considerable time tweaking the user interface of the device with some new thumbnail views and direction tips and so on. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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LSI's Steve Johnson Show 12Gb/s SAS Expander for Sharable DAS Solution
http://www.tweaktown.com LSI AIS - Steve Johnson shows LSI's new 12Gb/s SAS expander technology.
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NVIDIA shows us GF100 Fermi video card at Digital Experience
http://www.tweaktown.com During Digital Experience today here in Sin City we caught up with Nick Stam, technical marketing director, who was kind enough to give us a look at an exclusive press only viewing of the upcoming Fermi video card. Digital Experience was much more interesting for a site like ours compared to CES Unveiled. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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ASUS Upcoming Product - Radeon HD 5850 Voltage Tweak OC
http://www.tweaktown.com ASUS Upcoming Product from Taipei. Our third item of viewing during our visit to ASUS was their upcoming ATI Radeon HD 5850 Voltage Tweak video card. Using the ASUS Smart Doctor video card overclocking software, we saw just how far an ASUS Radeon HD 5850 Voltage Tweak can be overclocked by making adjustments to how much juice the GPU is getting. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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GeIL Taipei Factory Tour - We almost broke an IC Testing Machine
http://www.tweaktown.com Today we were invited to GeIL's Taipei factory to get an up close and personal tour of its facilities for testing and producing its RAM modules.
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VIA introduces amazing $49 APC Android computer, we go hands-on
http://www.tweaktown.com Earlier on today we were invited down to the VIA headquarters where we met up with marketing director Richard Brown who introduced us to its new APC computer system. The APC computer is a $49 Android system based on the brand new Neo-ITX form factor which measures in at roughly half the size of standard Mini-ITX based motherboards. It features an 800MHz ARM SOC with 512MB of DRAM and 2GB of onboard flash memory for storage. A modified version of Google Android 2.3 uses up most of that 2GB of flash storage, but there are external storage options. On the back I/O is a SD slot and of course you could hook in an external USB 2.0 drive. VIA spent a lot of time customizing Android to enable keyboard and mouse support which natively it does not support. The system also comes with the modified apps such as a YouTube player, Angry Birds, a file manager, web browser and more. However, the VIA APC is not designed to be about local storage. It is designed to stream your content from the cloud and does so at an amazing price and within a very tiny footprint. The APC will fit in normal Mini-ITX cases with room to spare for something like a 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch hard drive. On the I/O panel you get VGA output, HDMI output, four USB 2.0 ports, gigabit LAN and audio out and microphone in. There is not much on the motherboard / computer itself. There is just the few chips required to power the system along with a four pin fan header if you wish to add a cooling fan to the system, but it does not require it and enables a completely silent system. One of the other amazing aspects of this system is that at load it only consumes 13.5 watts of power and hardly anything at idle coming in at just 4 watts. The system will ship with just a small 15 watt external power supply. VIA expects to start shipping the APC, "a bicycle for your mind", towards the end of June or sometime in July for just $49. The other big news is that VIA will be selling the APC directly on www.apc.io. Pre-orders will begin very soon.
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A look at the BitFenix Shinobi Window and Shinobi cases
http://www.tweaktown.com Earlier on today I stopped by the BitFenix headquarters here in Taipei and spoke with product manager David about the Taiwanese company's new range of mid-range computer cases that are due to go on sale midway through April in the United States and Europe. Shinobi is the name and there are two versions: the standard Shinobi coming in at $59 USD and the Shinobi Window coming in at $69 USD. You would be mistaken in thinking that the only difference between the two is that one has a side window and the other one doesn't. While that is partly true, the window version is actually more expensive since it also includes a well designed tool-free design for the hard drives and optical drives. These cases are made of a nice soft rubbery material that is easy on the eye and feels great. The design is simple with no fancy lights or anything like that, but still manages to maintain a good level of style. Internally most of the important chassis design points can be ticked off with good color coding, impressive cable management, a CPU cut out for easily changing coolers without the need of having to remove the motherboard and more. In the video above David gives us a good introduction to both cases. As you may know, BitFenix is the new kid on the block when it comes to cases and this is their first entry into the mid-range market after the launch of their high-end Colossus and upper mid-range Survivor cases last year. They are attacking this $50 - $70 USD case market rather aggressively and in my opinion they should do well with both these new cases which I saw today. We'll have a review up online probably around the same time as they launch next month. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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TweakTown sit down with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan discussing Edge gaming tablet
http://www.tweaktown.com Yesterday during the Taipei Game Show we were given the opportunity to sit down with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan and talk about the upcoming Edge gaming tablet. Min has recently returned from the United States where his company saw the successful announcement of Razer Edge, formerly codenamed Project Fiona, first unveiled at CES 2012) at CES in Las Vegas, a product which the Singaporean hopes will find a home in gamers houses in the US "in the next couple of weeks". Gamers in other countries around the world will need to wait a little longer as Razer staggers its launch for this product in order to keep up with demand. The Razer Edge will sell as two models including the base model and the Pro model. The base model that will sell for $999 ships with Core i5 CPU, GEFORCE GT640 GPU, 4GB RAM and a 64GB SSD. The Pro model will sell for $1299 and it ships with a faster Core i7 CPU, GEFORCE 640MLE GPU, 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD. It's a rather unique product in that it's not just a tablet, but with the add-ons it can become a portable console, a home console that can be connected to your TV for a larger gaming experience, and for productivity, it can be turned into a PC with the docking keyboard.
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Thermaltake Armor A30 unique sized small case fits full-size video cards
http://www.tweaktown.com COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - Again we are back with Ramsom from Thermaltake and this time he showed us another of their highlight products at this year's show and it is the Armor A30. Stated as being crafted for battle, the A30 is a rather unique sized case that should end up being very suitable for gamers on the move. Inside you can fit two standard desktop size hard drives as well as two 2.5-inch drives such as SSDs. What is even better is that for such a compact and good looking case, it even is even able to support full size video cards such as the ATI Radeon 5970. The sample we saw was only a very early mock-up that was handmade to display during the show, but still Ramsom tells us development is going really well and it should hit the market in around three months for around 130 USD. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Deanzo overclocks GIGABYTE X58A-UD9 and Intel Core i7-980X with LN2 to 6.1GHz
http://www.tweaktown.com Today we look at the new flagship motherboard from GIGABYTE, the GA-X58A-UD9. We want to see what limits it will push a Gulftown CPU to when frozen at minus 150 degrees celcius. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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MSI X99A GODLIKE Gaming Motherboard Overview
http://www.tweaktown.com - Steve walks us through the awesome MSI X99A GODLIKE Gaming motherboard, which has some really cool LED effects that you can control from your smartphone.
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Thermaltake Iron Man case mod of the Armor Revo kicks butt
http://www.tweaktown.com Computex 2012 - This is not the first time I've been impressed by case mods on display at Thermaltake booths at trade shows around the world. However, I think today, I was the most impressed by what I saw. I guess being a big fan of Iron Man helps. Out at the Computex Nangang hall Thermaltake were showing off a highly modified Armor Revo Snow Edition by a gentleman called Ron Lee Christianson. The amount of dedication and detail that has gone into the Iron Man Mod is just amazing. What I want to do right now is suggest that you hit the play button on the video and take a close look for yourself.
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Thecus N4800 NAS supports HDMI HD 1080p output, time to throw away your HTPC?
http://www.tweaktown.com Earlier this week we attended a Thecus lunch here in Taipei where we were served up an exclusive look at its upcoming N4800 NAS. You can think of the N4800 as a refresher of the N4200 PRO NAS which did very well for Thecus this year. It has been upgraded with a faster Intel Atom processor that includes with it a faster GPU as well as chipset and USB 3.0. Vincent from Thecus was kind enough to go on video as you can see above where he also introduced us to the dual bay N2800 NAS. Both new NAS as we've mentioned come with HDMI output which is able to output HD video at 1080p as well as allow you to use the NAS admin interface and other NAS applications directly on your television. Thecus are also busy working on a new firmware which also adds in some really cool new features as well as apparently a vastly improved GUI. That should be coming out soon and the two above NAS devices should be coming out around the end of January.
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Popcorn Hour C-200 HD Media Player Video Review
http://www.tweaktown.com We take a look at Popcorn Hour's latest HD media player or 'Networked Media Tank', the C-200, and find out that it is by far the best we have tested. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Exclusive: GIGABYTE demo On/Off Charge for Apple products
http://www.tweaktown.com Earlier today we were invited down to the GIGABYTE Technology headquarters here in Taipei where we were given an exclusive demonstration of its new "On/Off Charge" technology for the Apple iPod and other Apple products such as the iPhone and iPod. GIGABYTE quietly launched a software driver a little while ago that allowed its motherboards to charge Apple products via USB even when your computer was turned off. Now the Taiwanese motherboard heavyweight steps things up some more with its new On/Off Charge tech. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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A-DATA SH93 Waterproof and Shock Resistant HDD Video Review
http://www.tweaktown.com A-DATA sent us over its SH93 320GB yellow waterproof and shock resistant portable HDD for video review and its durability impresses. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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InWin's new H-Frame mini is a work of art
http://www.tweaktown.com - InWin had quite an array of impressive chassis' at Computex 2014, with the H-Frame Mini being a stand out for sure.
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Toshiba NB550D AMD Fusion Netbook w/ Harman Kardon Speakers Review
http://www.tweaktown.com The Toshiba NB550D is a strong netbook choice for multimedia with its AMD C-50 Fusion chipset and integrated Harman Kardon Speakers. Distributed by Tubemogul. You can read the full review here: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/3901/toshiba_nb550d_amd_fusion_netbook_w_harman_kardon_speakers_review/index.html
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ASUS Z77 Intel Ivy Bridge boards get full hands-on
http://www.tweaktown.com Intel Z77 coverage keeps on rolling in and this time we give you a look at three upcoming ASUS boards based on the upcoming Ivy Bridge chipset. Once again we were told not to say "Ivy Bridge" by ASUS, but surely by now you all know exactly what we are working with here, so we just decided to say it. As you can see in the video above, ASUS has many bases covered with a full line-up of Z77 boards that support the third generation Core processors based on a 28nm architecture including ones for those who want it all, those who are into gaming (for small systems) and those who are interesting in impressive cooling performance. We'll start off with the Sabertooth Z77 which is built for consumer workstation level performance. The big thing with this board is that it includes Thermal Armor which is an original ASUS invention to bring a new way to cool your motherboard. The cooling assembly is split into two cooling zones with one covering the northern part of the board and the other the southern part of the board. Two fans are included in the package with are optional to be installed - meaning, the board doesn't really active fan cooling, but if you add the fans in, ASUS measured up to a 10 degree Celsius drop in temperature on some areas of the board. There are also several drilled holes on the board which allow for improved air ventilation over previous generation Thermal Armor designs to help cool some of the back areas of the board. Additionally this time around the Thermal Armor has included plastic covers for the PCI Express expansion slots as well as memory DIMM slots to help protect the slots from dust and so on. It's also appealing to the eye to cover up more of the board to go with the Thermal Armor cover cooling assembly theme. Then we move onto the Maximus V Gene (the Formula will come onto the market about one month after the Gene) which is part of the Republic of Gamers (ROG) series of course catered right to gamers who want to build a small yet powerful system based on ...
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Storage Visions 2014: Everspin Technology walks us through MRAM
http://www.tweaktown.com Storage Visions 2014 Everspin sits down to with TweakTown at Storage Visions 2014 to discuss the future of MRAM.
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MSI's Z77A-GD80 Ivy Bridge mobo includes Thunderbolt connectivity, we go hands-on
http://www.tweaktown.com It's been a fairly busy day for the TweakTown Taipei team with a visit to GEIL and then we headed on over to MSI who were nearby. We were shown a few products during our meeting, but the one that stood out to us the most was their upcoming Z77A-GD80 motherboard. This board supports the upcoming Intel Ivy Bridge processors which if you have been reading TweakTown this past week, you know quite a bit about now. What's probably the most interesting feature of this motherboard is that it comes with a Thunderbolt connector. It's the first time we've seen a Z77 board with Thunderbolt onboard and that's pretty impressive. We have heard rumours around Taipei of more boards including Thunderbolt, but at this stage of the game, MSI is out in front in this department. The chip onboard to provide the Thunderbolt supported is made by Intel, we're not exactly sure what chip it is, but it's labeled with W138TA17, if that means anything to you. It doesn't have any form of cooling (even passive), so we would assume that the chip doesn't get that hot to warrant it. We really look forward to checking out Thunderbolt performance on this motherboard especially comparing it against the numbers we get from USB 3.0, SATA 3.0 and eSATA. Stay tuned for that in the weeks ahead!
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ASUS Mars II dual GTX 580 running Crysis II at 3240 x 1920 - you want!
http://www.tweaktown.com COMPUTEX Taipei 2011 - We'll keep this one short and sweet, you really just need to watch the video below. ASUS had a very wicked setup at their Computex booth displaying the power of its amazing Mars II video card which runs two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 chips on one card. Anyone for Crysis II at 3240 x 1920? Wow!
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Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) TV SPOT #2
http://www.tweaktown.com From Valve: The second Left 4 Dead 2 television commercial begins airing across North America this week, and throughout Europe early next week. The spot, created by Valve, features the song "Electric Worry" by the band Clutch. For more information, please visit www.l4d.com Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Full look at ASRock's range of Z77 Ivy Bridge motherboards
http://www.tweaktown.com Earlier on today we visited the ASRock headquarters here in Taipei where we were introduced to their range of Intel Z77 Express Ivy Bridge based motherboards. You know, the ones we have been covering lately over the past couple of days - with more coming! ASRock literally had a large room filled with Ivy Bridge based motherboards with not just Z77 based products, but also H77, Q77, B75 and so on - the whole shebang. In our video above we have focused just on the boards our audience will be most interested in and knowing you guys, that is the more high-end boards in the new line-up from ASRock. We are going to let the video above do the talking, but as an introduction to it we got a look at ASRock's gaming boards including the Fatal1ty Z77 Performance, Professional and Professional-M. What's probably most interesting for us is that the Professional-M is the first Micro-ATX based board from ASRock to get the Fatal1ty treatment. We can't wait to test it. Moving down the line of motherboard we run into the high-end Z77 Extreme series including the Extreme9, Extreme6 and Extreme4 and some others which cut down features as we go down the load and that obviously reduces the cost of the board for the consumer. Two other boards we got a look at including the Micro-ATX based Z77 Extreme4-M as well as the Mini-ITX based Z77E-ITX. We love these small motherboards as nowadays you can build rather impressive gaming machines in a really small case. We finish up with the Extreme9 which was hooked up to a power supply to show off its coolness. ASRock has gone to big efforts with the Extreme9 by adding in LEDs on the cooling heatsinks - the board looks great. But it's not just all about looks though, ASRock has also included an additional PCI Express 3.0 bridge which gives the board support for quad-SLI support with each PCI-E slot running at 8x electronically. If you are running two-way SLI, the slots will run at x16 electronically. We almost cut Chris from ASRock off in the video before he got a chance to introduce us to its new ASRock WI-SB Box which will be bundled with the ASRock Z77 Extreme9 board. In the past ASRock has bundled a front-panel USB 3.0 box with its board to bring USB 3.0 to the front of cases which don't have it. This time around the box has been souped up to not only provided two USB 3.0 front-panel ports, but it also brings the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas (included adapter comes installed on the board) to the front of the case and in ASRock testing they found that by moving this setup to the front of your case, wireless radio communications are improved hence providing better throughput and signal performance. We have a whole range of ASRock Z77 boards in our labs right now with more on the way. We'll be posting the first of our ASRock Z77 reviews soon - stay tuned for them!
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Quanta Snapdragon MSM860 Android Honeycomb tablet hands-on
http://www.tweaktown.com COMPUTEX Taipei 2011 - Yesterday Nicole Scott stopped by the Qualcomm press conference and got a look at the what mobile devices the company is bringing out based on its Snapdragon chips. First up Nicole got a hands-on with a prototype Quanta 10-inch tablet that is uses the MSM860 processor from Qualcomm. It comes installed with Android Honeycomb and Nicole was really impressed with the screen and she even compared it to Apple iPhone screens, she said the "this is a really great screen, the blacks are black and the colors are so vibrant". As you can see from the video above, the device also has no issues at all either playing back very smooth and impressive looking HD video.
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