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Kankers and Eds Footsie
A request from a friend, though I will remind you I am not a human feet channel
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Bunnicula's Massage Time
Bunnicula gets a nice massage (And sniffing) by his former minion, even Harold the dog gets some licks in at the end.
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Parker's Toxic Spurs
All the scenes of Parker from the episode "Penguin Who Loved Me" using his toxic spurs to weaken/knock out his enemies
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Dinosaur Train Feet Compilation 2
This took a long time to make had to go back and edit it because of a syncing error, but it's fixed now I couldn't find season 3 or 4 of the show anywhere so I had to only do season 1 and 2 which really limited my options because of my first having the majority of better scenes, but it's fine thanks to my remembering and hel0 from suggestions I was able to find enough for a compilation
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Daisy Duck Foot Massage
Poor Donald just wants to fish but Daisy want a his attention, after this even throwing his fish that he spent trying to catch back in the water because she hates fish
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Amazing World Of Gumball Feet Compilation
I been wanting to do compilations of my favorite shows, starting with amazing world of gumball I tried to get every scene but rules out pedal stomping since every episode had one and as well as Hector stomps, like I said waaay too many If I missed any please tell me and I might make a short second one of all I missed
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Foot Loops
My favorite ceral
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Dinosaur Train Feet Compilation
I spent literally 5 hours on this and i am exhausted, i hope you guys find it interesting at least, i know most of the episodes if you want to ask, and i tried to get most of the episodes in order of scenes that were featured in an episode, plus in order of characters like Buddy for instance also, i used a better compilation called mergeonline for the denver video, but for some reason it crashed and won't let me back in on any device, so, with a suggestion of what my friend uses for his youtube videos, im using that and its way more detailed, spent a good 20 minutes figuring it out and well here it is, its abit chopy and abrupted at scene changes, but i hope you guys enjoy it also give me ideas of any other compilations you want me to do of a show (and of course a few episodes you know of to get me started lol)
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Father Bear Feet
Little Bear interupts Father Bear relaxation, and climbs into the tube though he begins to play with Father Bears feet with a brush, then of a 4 headed monster as the two play happily together.
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Lady K the Mosquito Foot Massage
In the episode Joey the purple cockroach has fallen in love with lady k, and helps her get rid of another girl and now relaxes with her in-loved Joey massaging her feet, but Dee Dee and Marky don't like being abused by the two so they help Oggy get his girl back from her deep sleep, but Joey goes back for a night full of foot massaging but he is happy
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Family Toe Wrestling, Minus Gumball
Anais has been getting close to her dad and becoming dumb to the point they accidently shun gumball, as they play toe wrestling and play Madame President
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Tiny Toons All Stomps From Episode Squish
All of the stomps
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A Crow Gets Service For A "Hurt" Foot
Man and he is really teasing it too
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Don't I Have The Cutest Toes?
This is a compilation of everytime Hand and other toons use her line and show off their toes Wish there was more
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Skor's Relaxation
Skor is relaxing in his lair, waiting for skrap to come back with his peppermint scent foot lotion, but instead is the dino posse who have something to talk about weird actions of were dinos and they think Skor is behind it Thanks to my friend for cutting this out for me on his dvd, this show is hard to find
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Talking Tom and Friends Feet Compilation
This is a show I like, sure it's based off an outdated app but it is cute and kind of funny, even got Tom Kenny which is all the reason to watch this show on YouTube I tried to get every scene from memory of when their feet is shown sure there are tons of sole shots when they are sitting, but I tried to get every scene of their feet wiggling or being used in some way, not my best compilation but I'm happy with it Enjoy! :3
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Calling Docter Zak, Zak's Foot Scenes 1
Part 1 Zak gets a thorn in his foot and Cassie tried to pull it out
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Tiger The Cat Feet + Wiley Burps Toes
Here is a scene where Wiley Burps teachs Tiger to bark like a dpg, as we get a quick scene of him accidently having Wileys toes in his mouth before a long scene of his feet showing to the camera as he barks
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Harchi Paw Licked (reupload)
Harchi gets his paw licked by poppy in her sleep For some reason it was rejected for inappropriate content?
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I want my feet licked! --King Koopa, 1989
Ah such a masterpeice in the foot community, i mean such a great scene and so unexpected in the first episode of the show too, just who could picture King Koopa to get his feet licked? i sure didn't but this is the scene that i got my foot fetish
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King Ralph Needs A Massage Peasant!
Ralph takes over the cave as "king" while Grizz is forced to dance, Panda is forced to rub his feet, Poor Panda.
Views: 1468 ToeClawDan
Dragons Tickled
Sparky (orange dragon) and Squirt (blue dragon) are stuck and the only way out is to tickle their feet!
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Drill Sergent Gives Homer A Foot Rub As "Punishment"
This drill sargent really likes feet not sure of the simpsons but if you like this and want me to post more simpsons I can
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Monster's Wiggly Toes
honestly how does anyone fall for that, even when they are wiggling and moving lol
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Hectors Toejam is Best Cure
Gumball has been feeling scared after his grandma accidently kissed him on the lips so Darwin sets up a obstacle course to help Gumball forget making him jump off high platform into garbage, go under a slimy snail and crawl through smelly cheese exercising while sweating, but nothing works, but after a short time being in hectors smelly toejam, he finally forgets
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Jerry Foot Kiss
After Tom had been being rough on Jerry, he calls up his strong cousin and in no time at all made Tom know of what he can do, now giving some clothes to Jerry and giving him an instruction of just whistling now the happy mouse can get his feet kissed all day long!
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Giant Turtle Feet and Stomp Evil Puss
In an episode of puss in boors, after being freed by bracelets, the queen commands the turtle to get rid of the evil puss
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Rocksteady Socks
Honestly i dunno why they didn't keep this tactic, knowing Rocksteady can't even withstand his OWN stink
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Zak Uses His Toes To Pick Up Things
In this zak hurts his hand so when cassie's basket got stuck he used his toes even showing off he can scratch his head and pick up rocks with his toes too
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Pop Fizz Feet
Surprised pop fizz got this attention
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Cassie and Emmy Using Their Feet To Win
Cassie is smart, man I would love to go next, anywhere Cassie feet have been~
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Demanding Giant's Feet
Man this giant is impatient
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Shendu's Talon Day
The best day
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Regular Show Feet Scenes
I want to do more with regular show feet, but I cannot remember many episodes then the one I git, if anyone knows more (even if it's a close-up of pedal stomp) just let me know
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Little Bear and Emily Toe Wiggle
Emily and Little Bear are playing in the pond on a hot day
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Pesto and Bobby Breathplay and Trample
When Squit has the hiccups, his friends try to figure out ways to make them go away, after squit asks for help, Bobby grabs his beak with his foot as Pesto stomps away at his abdomen, obvisously could have told him to hold his breath while they push againest his stomach but i think they just wanted to play with squit, btw, this doesn't work.
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Martin, Felldoh and Brome Feet Thumping
As Grum and Rose are searching for the underground prison they are in, they decide to give help by thumping their feet againsst the wall, while making me hungry. Honestly I LOOOVE Redwall, I can't get enough of it.
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Patrick Licks Spongebob's Foot
A classic scene
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Scrat Trampled By Herd
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Pluto Sniffs Rabbit Feet
In an old classic cartoon, Pluto is trying to bring mail but an cold bunny keeps getting in his way, after chasing him the bunny hides in the blanket to be warm and Pluto is confused which paws are his
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This was an odd show I found on Netflix called MiniMighty Kids where kids who have problems like are crossed eyed, too tall, too small, nose is runny, big feet etc are picked on but in the end they become heroes and shut up the bullies In this episode Gaspard is made fun of, laughed at and even chased by his dog and neglected by his own sister because of his feet but when he got the courage to stand up to the bullies everyone loved him and he even gained a friend that can't smell his feet
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Vervain's Revenge
After grandite took his job, Veevain gets it back in an interesting way From Watership Down The Series
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Dino Foot In Human's Face
From monster ranch of a black dino interrogating a chef
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Shelia's Feet Finale
Whoops I missed one, but puss let her toes be free!
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Pinky's Pedicure
He sure does like to cut his nails, and show off his feet, even giving a cheeky splay to the camera at the end.
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Great Big Toes Up!
Love their scoring system
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Tyranitar Foot Thorn
In a test to find out who is the real professer oak between him and James disguised as him, James gets blast off by an angry tyranitar leaving the real professer to help calm down the tyranitar and take out his thorn which caused his being angry
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Bertha The Giant's Stinky Feet
Bertha takes down three huntsmen with just one big smelly foot, man its so bad, the animation has no stinklines, even the stinklines ran away from her smelly feet
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Mikey Named All 6 Of His Toes
I would love to meet face to face with them~
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Mr Whiskers Lucky Feet
Mr Whiskers decides to let everyone touch his "lucky" rabbit feet
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