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Bunnicula's Massage Time
Bunnicula gets a nice massage (And sniffing) by his former minion, even Harold the dog gets some licks in at the end.
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Kankers and Eds Footsie
A request from a friend, though I will remind you I am not a human feet channel
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Daisy Duck Foot Massage
Poor Donald just wants to fish but Daisy want a his attention, after this even throwing his fish that he spent trying to catch back in the water because she hates fish
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Family Toe Wrestling, Minus Gumball
Anais has been getting close to her dad and becoming dumb to the point they accidently shun gumball, as they play toe wrestling and play Madame President
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Foot Loops
My favorite ceral
Views: 225 ToeClawDan
Demanding Giant's Feet
Man this giant is impatient
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Father Bear Feet
Little Bear interupts Father Bear relaxation, and climbs into the tube though he begins to play with Father Bears feet with a brush, then of a 4 headed monster as the two play happily together.
Views: 186 ToeClawDan
Dragons Tickled
Sparky (orange dragon) and Squirt (blue dragon) are stuck and the only way out is to tickle their feet!
Views: 645 ToeClawDan
Calling Docter Zak, Zak's Foot Scenes 1
Part 1 Zak gets a thorn in his foot and Cassie tried to pull it out
Views: 196 ToeClawDan
Monster's Wiggly Toes
honestly how does anyone fall for that, even when they are wiggling and moving lol
Views: 329 ToeClawDan
Pesto and Bobby Breathplay and Trample
When Squit has the hiccups, his friends try to figure out ways to make them go away, after squit asks for help, Bobby grabs his beak with his foot as Pesto stomps away at his abdomen, obvisously could have told him to hold his breath while they push againest his stomach but i think they just wanted to play with squit, btw, this doesn't work.
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Zak Uses His Toes To Pick Up Things
In this zak hurts his hand so when cassie's basket got stuck he used his toes even showing off he can scratch his head and pick up rocks with his toes too
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Jerry Foot Kiss
After Tom had been being rough on Jerry, he calls up his strong cousin and in no time at all made Tom know of what he can do, now giving some clothes to Jerry and giving him an instruction of just whistling now the happy mouse can get his feet kissed all day long!
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King Ralph Needs A Massage Peasant!
Ralph takes over the cave as "king" while Grizz is forced to dance, Panda is forced to rub his feet, Poor Panda.
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Drill Sergent Gives Homer A Foot Rub As "Punishment"
This drill sargent really likes feet not sure of the simpsons but if you like this and want me to post more simpsons I can
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Pluto Silences Donald
After Donald Duck told Pluto to scram, he deserves this, trapped with a dog foot
Views: 154 ToeClawDan
Mr Whiskers Lucky Feet
Mr Whiskers decides to let everyone touch his "lucky" rabbit feet
Views: 358 ToeClawDan
Shendu's Talon Day
The best day
Views: 405 ToeClawDan
Pop Fizz Feet
Surprised pop fizz got this attention
Views: 486 ToeClawDan
A Crow Gets Service For A "Hurt" Foot
Man and he is really teasing it too
Views: 285 ToeClawDan
Dino Foot In Human's Face
From monster ranch of a black dino interrogating a chef
Views: 509 ToeClawDan
Gumball's Toe Triggers A Women
Talk about an overreaction jeez!
Views: 203 ToeClawDan
I want my feet licked! --King Koopa, 1989
Ah such a masterpeice in the foot community, i mean such a great scene and so unexpected in the first episode of the show too, just who could picture King Koopa to get his feet licked? i sure didn't but this is the scene that i got my foot fetish
Views: 618 ToeClawDan
Zazu Feet
Zazu wakes up, stretching his toes before realizing today is his day off which he had been looking forward too all year
Views: 204 ToeClawDan
Max's Wiggly Toes (and Ruby Foot)
Ruby helping Max fix his boots as he had them on the wrong foot but man is that bunny a tease wiggling those toes, as even Ruby shows off her foot abit too at the end
Views: 77 ToeClawDan
Tersh The Croc Is Getting A Foot Rub!
after a bet happens between Minou (The Porcupine) and Delash(the light green croc) with the winner recieving a foot rub in a kite fight, delash though cheated by buying an already made kite and trying to make them fail at making a successful kite, which he always gets away with until he gets into trouble, promising he'd do anything if they helped him, so after they did his younger brother Tersh who has been telling him the entire time not to cheat and even ran for miles to get help, deserves some relaxation and what better way then to get a foot massage? :3 (long story i know, hate writing descriptions for reasons of something happening, lol)
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Bertha The Giant's Stinky Feet
Bertha takes down three huntsmen with just one big smelly foot, man its so bad, the animation has no stinklines, even the stinklines ran away from her smelly feet
Views: 1331 ToeClawDan
Vervain's Revenge
After grandite took his job, Veevain gets it back in an interesting way From Watership Down The Series
Views: 466 ToeClawDan
Bev Bighead's Smelly Feet
The smell is so powerful it launched him into the fan
Views: 712 ToeClawDan
Pinky's Pedicure
He sure does like to cut his nails, and show off his feet, even giving a cheeky splay to the camera at the end.
Views: 162 ToeClawDan
Rocksteady Socks
Honestly i dunno why they didn't keep this tactic, knowing Rocksteady can't even withstand his OWN stink
Views: 211 ToeClawDan
The Smell Of Death
Interesting, but how can Spongebob smell it through a helmet....and water?
Views: 275 ToeClawDan
Top Cat Foot Kissing
Top Cat poses as a fake health inspector, after making the owner worried that he was going to "close down" his shop, he tries to beg for it by putting him in a comfy seat, filing his nails, even kissing his dirty feet, before Top cat tells him to bribe him with money Literally was just browsing and found this in some movie called Top Cat Begins, i dunno lol
Views: 473 ToeClawDan
Lumpus Foot Trips Slinkman
What a devious man costing slinkman his dream!
Views: 91 ToeClawDan
Heart Kicks The Sh*t Out of Gonza and Dinos
After Heart tried to let Myself go without him, tricking him in a sad scene where they have a race and if Umasou won he would stay but as they begin running Heart slowly stopped watching the desperate child run off as he thinks this is better so he won't be put in danger, or so he thought until he heard him crying out for his dad (aka Heart] when heart came he was tore seeing a hurt Umasou in Gonza's mouth (still alive) which Heart went crazy and begun to kick the crud out of the three, saving Umasou as Gonza not only lost his tail to Heart when he was bullying him as a kid but now his teeth Never mess with Heart's kid
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Ord and Cassie Feet
Cassie and Ord check their feet thinking they might have squish Max and Emmy who are tiny
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Arthur, Buster and The Brain Feet In a Tent
Nothing boring about giving the camera a nice last shot, even that firefly wanted Busters feet at the end
Views: 492 ToeClawDan
Rocko's Smelly Bowling Shoes
Man who wore these last, ew!
Views: 265 ToeClawDan
Bunnicula Lucky Rabbits Foot
Poor Chester gets bad luck while Bunnicula gets great lick thanks to his rabbit feet, winning in a game of checkers
Views: 926 ToeClawDan
Woodpecker Pedicure
Views: 231 ToeClawDan
Sludge The Dragon Pedicure
Spike giving his "Father" a claw pedicure on the throne room map
Views: 412 ToeClawDan
Turbo Gives A Foot Massage
Turbo adopted an frog due to him thinking he is endangered but due to the toad annoying them by ruining their house, they tell him to leave but when he is about to an giant amp falls onto him and he is injured, as Turbo is left to take care of him and he gives him a bell to ring whenever he needs anything His first order is this, Turbo with no hands and forced to hold his breath, giving him a foot rub, poor Turbo
Views: 1584 ToeClawDan
Dukey Smells A Blueberry's Foot
And Dukey loved it~
Views: 172 ToeClawDan
Cassie and Emmy Using Their Feet To Win
Cassie is smart, man I would love to go next, anywhere Cassie feet have been~
Views: 315 ToeClawDan
Wakko Warner Foot Bone
During a song about body bones, Wakko demonstrates his bone of his foot which I think is an excuse to show off his cute paws
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Spike Sniffs Ducky's Feet
not completely but it does look like it when he pulls his nose close to her dangling feet hehe, which if they are wondering, Chomper, Ducky and Spike are playing Hide and Sniff where Spike is blindfolded (or mudded) and has to find Ducky only using his snout and his snout ends up leading to Ducky's cute feet as she dangles them hehe.
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Kootie Pie Koopa's Feet
Her feet shown for the first and only time
Views: 158 ToeClawDan
Gabu Paw
Gabu rubbing his hurt paw as he and another person unaware of being a goat-Mei are waiting for it to clear, good thing for the dark and gabu's cold or he would have eaten Mai
Views: 250 ToeClawDan
Buster Bunny Feet
And they say Babs feet are big
Views: 339 ToeClawDan
Bertha The Giant's Stinky Feet 2
Bertha had picked up the two huntsemen she knocked out and brought them over by her toes making sure they stay out for awhile.
Views: 907 ToeClawDan

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